YCIS Beijing Introduction


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Introductory presentation about Yew Chung International School of Beijing.
Find out more at http://www.ycis-bj.com/

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YCIS Beijing Introduction

  1. 1. Global Education 
 Yew Chung International School (YCIS)
  2. 2. Our History
  3. 3. Stages of Development 1970 – 1980 Dr. Betty Chan Po-king A pioneer in education reform 1932 – 1970 Madame Tsang Chor-hang A dedicated educator and devoted Christian 1980 – 1990s Through-train International Education Early Childhood/ Primary/ Secondary 2nd Generation 1st Generation
  4. 4. 1990s – present Yew Chung International Schools : Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Qingdao, Silicon Valley Stages of Development
  5. 5. Purpose of education: To help students acquire knowledge + To build good moral character To build a stronger country Yew Chung ‒ 1st Generation
  6. 6. Purpose of education: To prepare students to lead a quality life + To make positive contribution to society and the world To build a better world Yew Chung ‒ 2nd Generation
  7. 7. The best education program Yew Chung – 2nd Generation Integrates the strengths of both Eastern & Western educational systems
  8. 8. Global Education in YCIS
  9. 9. Globalized world in the 21st century Flooding Trade Poverty Global Warming Air Pollution SARS Conflicts AIDS Financial Tsunami Energy Crisis
  10. 10. TO TACKLE! TO CARE! TO TAKE ACTION! Wars AIDS Human trafficking Pollution Global infectious diseases Deforestation Global warmingDrug abuseWater depletion Global Mindedness
  11. 11. Globalized world in the 21st century We are competing with everyone from everywhere for everything in our world TO COMPETE!
  12. 12. Our world is changing! 
 How about Education? Everyone acknowledges that the world has changed, that we have moved into a global society. Traditional societies and cultures are mixing and transforming as rejuvenated civilizations clash. A paradigm shift is occurring as we re- structure thinking and re-programme lifestyles from local to global. Local economies are now part of the fabric of a global economy. Educating students to become global citizens of this vastly changed 21st century is now the major focus of educators everywhere.
  13. 13. Traditional Education vs Education in an International Context vs Global Education Yew Chung’s Vision of the 21st Century
  14. 14. Global Education Global Education is about : Transforming students to become global thinking individuals through content and process of education
  15. 15. Global Education in YCIS Prepare students for the globalized world
  16. 16. Global Education in YCIS Global Education Fully rounded & balanced Education Character Formation Responsible Global Citizens
  17. 17. Global Education in YCIS Commonalities in YCISs   Co-principals management   Co-teaching model   Diversity of Eastern & Western culture   Bilingual in English and Chinese   Research based Chinese curriculum   Multi-cultural learning environment   Fully rounded & balanced education   World Classroom   Character Formation programme   Appreciative & caring community Benefits for students in YCISs   Global minded, Global thinking   English and Chinese Language fluency   Character formation based on integration of Eastern & Western values   Active learner   Competitiveness   Responsible global citizen   Internationally recognised certificates & diplomas   University placement around the world
  18. 18. Co- Teaching Model Co- Principals Management Ideologies Values Styles of living English Language and Culture Chinese Language and Culture Global Education – in practice
  19. 19. Global Education – in practice Co-teaching class with Chinese & Western teachers
  20. 20. Global Education – in practice CAS Trip in Tanzania World Classroom Community Service - Visit children with Down's Syndrome Cultural exchange with local students in Mexico World Classroom - Egypt Students participate in Harvard Model United Nations World Classroom – Germany