How to Make Your University Application Impressive


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Consuming the majority of a high school student’s time and mental capacity nearing the end of his/her final year is the university application process. Every student wants to be accepted by their dream university and thus must make their application stand out. It is important that students do a bit of preparation and create proper guidelines for their activity and expectations before, during, and after the application process. This will help alleviate stress and increase the chances for university acceptance.

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Beijing) provides our students with a well-rounded, global education, as well as a University Guidance Programme, to help students plan and prepare for a successful university experience.

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  • How to Make Your University Application Impressive

    1. 1. How to Make Your UniversityApplication Impressive With YCIS Beijing
    2. 2. Academics Research What You Want  Top 3 universities you want to attend  Degrees they offer  Specific requirements that the school and the degree have
    3. 3. Extracurricular Get involved in a club that is related to your future goals Start your own association or organisation Play on sports team and show your dedication Help around the Community Get a job that shows your passion in the degree you are applying for Show dedication and enthusiasm, whether you are volunteering or working
    4. 4. Basic Tips! Fill out your application honestly and passionately Finish early if possible, as it shows enthusiasm and motivation
    5. 5. YCIS Guidance Programme Ensures students begin the application consideration process early Provides the students with a Guidance Counsellor who is in charged with helping foster students’ skills, abilities, and interests The Counsellor will help the students complete and ensure an impressive application is created
    6. 6. Things Needed: GPA (US and Canada) Exam scores or predicted results  (SAT, ACT, UCAS Tariff Points, A Levels, International Baccalaureate Personal Statement Basic Subject Completion Resume English Proficiency Exam Art Portfolio Specific Subject Completion Possibly Needed:
    7. 7. Quality Universities Focus on: Leadership Community Service Personal Growth YCIS curriculum includes character formulation to promote these qualities
    8. 8. EA Programme Standard Timetable Early- Action (EA) Programme
    9. 9. Waiting? Make sure that you have sent your official transcripts and reports Keep track of the university’s Important events and dates Interview might be necessary before acceptance
    10. 10. Accepted? Make sure the acceptance is official Usually mailed to your home address You might need to respond to acceptance with a clear… YES or NO Get everything prepared for your new adventure Visa application, housing arrangements, transportation etc.