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Cambridge IGCSE is the world's most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. The IGCSE exams are internationally recognised as a marker of academic excellence by both universities and employers. It's important for parents, teachers and students to build a plan of action as they prepare for the IGCSEs. YCIS Shanghai has created a system where their team is well equipped to support and aid students as they move forward to achieve greatness. These are some of the tips that our educators typically promote:
1) Feedback - It's important to receive feedback on completed work, to know what can be improved upon. Additionally students should seek extra help if necessary.
2) Guidance - Seek it out and listen to their advice
3) Positivity - Stay positive and enthusiastic
4) Patience - Practicing and reviewing takes time, so be patient with your abilities
5) Test Taking - Focus on the test when you receive it and remember this specific points

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  • IGCSE Exam Preparation Tips

    1. 1. Tips on How to Prepare for the IGCSE Exams With YCIS Shanghai
    2. 2. IGSCE Exams In an effort to gain internationally recognised high school credentials, many students in the UK are sitting for IGSCE exams, a dramatic departure from the recent past when students in the UK were prohibited from taking said exams. - JAMES, CHAPMAN, Rise of the IGCSE: Hundreds of state schools go for Gove's tough new exam 2012 2010 State schools in the UK teaching and preparing students for the IGCSE exams
    3. 3. Outlining A Plan of Action ♦ Attaining IGCSE qualifications can help to open the doors to higher education and eventually of the world’s best universities. ♦ While there are no shortcuts to attaining high grades in the IGCSE exams, there are some ways of developing your plan of study and preparing for the exams that can make life significantly easier (and less stressful) for parents and students alike. Hard work & dedication Feedback Guides Positivity Patience Tips for taking the exams
    4. 4. • As students learn how to solve problems, Parents should encourage they can incorporate that knowledge into students to seek extra help other academic areas. from instructors or tutors on • With a more thorough and complete difficult work. knowledge base, students can achieve better grades. "Young Girl Reading Book" by Stoonn Practicing should involve and properly making use of constantly improving one’s • Receivingis vital for continued success, as is feedback approach to the task, even if constantly practicing a task or studying a it means doing the task subject. fewer times. "Stressed Out Primary Girl Child Holding Her Head" by stockimages Tip #1 Feedback
    5. 5. Tip #2 Guides "Mother And Son Reading Book" by Naypong How do you ensure that students’ choices align with their skills and passion? Many young students won’t have a strong idea about which subjects they like best or are most adept at studying. Students—in consultation with family and school guidance personnel— should carefully consider what exams and subjects they wish to take in order to achieve the best outcomes. YCIS Shanghai provides students with relevant guides for a plethora of academic subjects and topics, and challenges students throughout the term to think creatively, analyse deeply and study passionately.
    6. 6. Tip #3 Positivity Adopting and maintaining a confident attitude about students’ capabilities is an essential part of helping students to stay positive. Students should be encouraged to be social, treating classmates as friends instead of competition.
    7. 7. Tip #4 Patience Help your students/children to understand and appreciate the process of growth. "Child" by africa Not everything worthwhie and of importance will take place right away. "Rome's Colosseum" by Jon Whiles It takes us a lot of study time, dedication and effort to improve our skills. Rome wasn't built in ONE day!
    8. 8. Look through the exam paper quickly before Draw diagrams in pencil answering any as you might want to questions – this way you make changes later. will see what kind of questions are on the paper and you won’t get a big shock. Remember to check that you are giving the correct units in an answer to a calculation. "Toy Figure Holding A Green Tick" by Grant Cochrane Tips for Taking the Exams