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    Cdd4 Cdd4 Presentation Transcript

    • How would you advertise your business to the community? Write 5 points to explain how you think the ideas / concepts will be successful. Explain how another company selling a similar commodity markets their product. Our company puts to the first method on the advertisement through the Internet. Another method is advertised to the community by CM. The first succeeds so that our company may build a lot of multiple stores centering on Aizu Wakamatsu. The second sticks the region and takes the guest in local. The third can offer the commodity to the person in the whole country by using the mail order. Please advertise the fourth to the player who is using the commodity of our shop. A profitable day every month is installed at the end and the guest has familiarity. When others sell similar commodity to us, others will lower the price more than we and sell it. Because we do not want to be defeated at others, too we also lower the price.
    • What is the job of the human resources division in a company? How will you set up such a division in your company? Write down 5 questions that you will ask a potential employee in your company during a interview. The job of the human resources division in a company is a term used to describe the individuals who comprise the workforce of an organization, although it is also applied in labor economics to, for example, business sectors or even whole nations. Human resources is also the name of the function within an organization c harged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies creating to the management of individual.Corporations, reflecting the adoption of a more quantitative as well as strategic approach to workforce management, demanded by corporate management and the greater competitiveness for limited and highly skilled workers.
    • How will you divide the responsibility of running the company amongst your group partners? In our company, I perform officer allotment as follows. Chairman of the Board of Directors - President - Executive Vice President - An executive director - A director - An inspector - An operating officer - A part-time job. This is the organization form of our company.
    • Clearly write down the 5 different ways you will treat your potential customer with after-sales service. If something goes wrong with the product after it is sold, how will you provide customer service. Provide an example of how something might go wrong with the product. The user support for the customer is long term for free guarantee, do regular check service to suppress the breakdown of our company's product for example pitching machine etc. It presents 1000 yen's every the accounting 10000 yen worth of a gift certificate. It is possible to apply for various premiums by saving the point. It presents the pair ticket of the professional baseball to ten members every month. There is especially no problem because it repairs free of charge though there is a possibility of breaking down early according to use. I think that I can prevent it before some problems occur because I question in the shop.
    • How will you study the local market and what your competitors are doing? What will be some of the methods and approaches that you will consider? It actually goes to the shop what service is done in other sports shops. It makes an effort to bring it close to service in which it sends out questionnaires in the shop and the effective guest requests the opinion and the demand. The advertisement of the shop is examined, and it searches the Internet and the shop is examined. The home-page of the same shop is inspected, and what kind of shop it is, important for the guest asking whether you want to come again. Our company bears trust from the customer in mind, and I want to think, and to bear the shop-making loved best in mind the first.