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Yale-Tulane ESF-8 Special Report - Moore OK Tornado - 24 May 2013
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Yale-Tulane ESF-8 Special Report - Moore OK Tornado - 24 May 2013


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In light of the EF-5 Tornado that impacted the towns of Moore, Newcastle, and southern portions of Oklahoma City, the Yale-Tulane ESF #8 Planning and Response Program has produced this special …

In light of the EF-5 Tornado that impacted the towns of Moore, Newcastle, and southern portions of Oklahoma City, the Yale-Tulane ESF #8 Planning and Response Program has produced this special report.

The Yale-Tulane ESF #8 Program is a multi-disciplinary, multi-center, graduate-level, program designed to produce ESF #8 planners and responders with standardized skill sets that are consistent with evolving public policy, technologies, and best practices. The group that produced this summary and analysis of the current are graduate students from Yale and Tulane Universities as well as alumni.

Joining us with this report are graduate students and alumni from Boston University’s Healthcare Emergency Management Program.

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  • 2. BACKGROUNDWHERE: MOORE OKLAHOMA AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES• START LOCATION: Newcastle/Grady County, OK• END LOCATION : Moore OK/Cleveland County, OKWHEN: 20 MAY 2013• START TIME: 2:45 PM CDT• END TIME: 3:35 PM CDTWHAT: On Monday, 20 May 2013, beginning at 2:45 PM CDT forapproximately 50 minutes, an EF-5 Tornado impacted the towns of Moore,Newcastle, and southern portions of Oklahoma City, causing widespreaddestruction.• RATING: EF-5• PEAK WINDS: 200-210 MPH• PATH LENGTH: 17 Miles• PATH WIDTH: 1.3 Miles• DURATION: Approximately 50 minutes on the groundINJURED: 377 people were injured. The injuries include 148 individuals whosustained cuts or pierces, 85 individuals who were struck by objects, and fourindividuals who were struck by vehicles and/or other large objects.DEAD: 24 people were killed by the storm. Ten of the fatalities werechildren.DECLARATIONS:• Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency for Oklahoma• On 20 May 2013, President Obama issued a major disaster declarationfor the State of Oklahoma, and offered federal aid to those impacted inthe following counties: Cleveland, Lincoln, McClain, Oklahoma, andPottawatomie, with funding for hazard mitigation measures availablestatewide.
  • 5. Besides the EF 5 Tornado thatstruck between Newcastle andMoore there were at least 7tornadoes that occurred in thearea on May 19 and 20,including two violenttornadoes: an EF5 that struckNewcastle, southwestOklahoma City and Moore, andan EF4 from east Norman toShawnee.Other tornadoes include an EF3tornado from northwest ofLuther to Carney to west ofTryon, an EF2 tornado west ofPrague, an EF1 tornado inEdmond, an EF1 tornadonortheast of Prague, and a briefEF0 tornado southwest ofArcadia.There was also a tornado in theMarlow and Bray area that theintensity is yet to bedetermined. Investigation alsocontinues on a few othertornado reports received fromSunday and Monday.TORNADOES IN OKLAHOMA 19 -20 MAY 2013SOURCE: NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE WEATHER FORECAST OFFICE, NORMAN OK
  • 6. SITUATIONDAMAGES:• The Oklahoma Insurance Department reports that preliminaryestimate suggests that damages could amount to $2 billion.• Plaza Towers Elementary School and Briarwood Elementary Schooltook direct hits• Moore Medical Center, sustained direct hit• Approximately 2400 homes have been damaged or destroyed• The Federal Emergency Management Agency is assisting OEM in theprocess of assessing damage to structures. The assessment is ongoing dueto the wide scope of damage sustained in the affected area.SCHOOLS: Classes at Moore Public Schools have been canceled for theremainder of the school year. Graduations will continue as plannedSHELTERS: An estimated 377 individuals are in American Red Crossshelters. The following shelters remain open:• St. Andrews United Methodist Church - 2727 SW 119, Oklahoma City• Moore Community Center - 201 S Howard, Moore• Shawnee High School Athletic Center - 1001 N Kennedy, Shawnee• St. Gregory’s University - 1900 W MacArthur St., Shawnee• The University of Oklahoma Housing & Food Services is open for thosedisplaced by the tornadoes. For more information, please call 405-325-2511.CITY OF MOORE: Officials report they have enoughresponders on scene at this time, and ask that additionalresources and volunteers please stay away from the affectedarea unless specifically requested.SOUCRE:TRAF FAX ROAD CONDITIONS 1300 HRS CST 2013OSDH 22 MAY 2013OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SITUATION UPDATE 6TRANSPORTATION:• OK Dept. of Transportation is asking Motorists to AVOID I-35 throughMoore• Heavy traffic in the area has been greatly hindering clean-upoperations and ongoing emergency response. All I-35 off-ramps inMoore are now open .• Law enforcement crews are still restricting access to neighborhoodswith only essential personnel and homeowners allowed access.• ROAD CLOSURES as of noon, 23 MAY 2013:-Santa Fe between 4th & 19th-SE 4th between Eastern Ave. & Wyndemere-19th between Santa Fe & May-Telephone Rd. between 4th & 19th- Broadway between 4th & 19th (for OG&E workPOWER (AS OF 23 MAY 2:15 PM CDT): 7,378• MOORE: 6,281• NORMAN: 115• OKC – NORTH 273• MANNSVILLE: 530NATURAL GAS: 2358 customers without gas service. Still responding to gasleaks with people onsite.WATER: City Of Moore Assures Residents Water is Safe - More info at HAVE TRANSITIONED FROM RESPONSE TO RECOVERYSearch and rescue efforts in Moore, Oklahoma City, Shawnee andCarney are complete. Recovery operations are ongoing. All missingpersons have been accounted for at this time.PRIORITIES: HOUSING/ DECRIS REMOVAL
  • 7. SITUATIONSITUATIONFOOD SAFETY:• The Cleveland County Health Department reports numerous foodvendors have set up in the Moore area to offer free food or food forpurchase for residents, volunteers and officials working the areas ofdevastation, however, they are finding multiple food safetyhazards.• A check of several vendors found no hand wash, water, screening,overhead protection, or basic food safety requirements.• Health Official are asking vendors to check with the Norman branchof the Cleveland County Health Department at 250 12th Ave N.E. inNorman, phone 321-4048, for the process necessary to assure theycan proceed with their operationsPETS AND LIVESTOCK• Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry isworking collaboratively with USDA-APHIS Veterinary Servicesto continue to provide support for pet and livestock ownersaffected by the storm• ODAFF established a pet triage center at the Home Depot inMoore.OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SITUATION UPDATE 6LEGISLATION:The Oklahoma Legislature passed a bill transferring $45 millionfrom the state’s Rainy Day Fund to the Emergency Fund. Thefunds will be administered by the Oklahoma Office of EmergencyManagement and used to reimburse local governments for reliefefforts related to natural disasters, including the May 19 and May20 tornadoes.Money from the fund will match 12.5 percent of federal dollarsspent to reimburse counties, cities, and towns for infrastructuredamages that occur under a presidential disaster declarationDONATIONS: Similar to issues that arose in Joplin Missouri after theirtornado, Oklahoma is being overwhelmed with donated items andcannot manage the logistics of sorting, storing and distributingdonated items.The city of Moore respectfully asks people to stop sendingunsolicited goods and make their donations monetary.GOVERNOR FALLIN APPLAUDS LEGISLATURE FOR PASSING EMERGENCY RELIEF MEASUREDEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ADDRESSESNEEDS IN WAKE OF TORNADOEVEN IN A NATURAL DISASTER, FOOD SAFETY MUST BE ASSUREDSOURCES:
  • 8. HEALTH AND MEDICALIndividuals who want to volunteer to help with disaster reliefshould register on the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps(OKMRC) website at is designed to bring together different healthcare-related organizations and members of the community, includingphysicians, nurses, public health workers, and other medicalprofessionals. In addition, volunteers without a background inmedical training are needed.INJURED: The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH)reports that local hospitals have treated 377 individuals for injuriesas a result of this week’s storms.HOSPITALS: Moore Hospital was damaged by the tornado Monday.Thirteen patients were transported to other area hospitals.TETANUS SHOTS:• The Oklahoma City/County Health Department, Cleveland CountyHealth Department, Pottawatomie County Health Department andLincoln County Health Department continue to provide vaccinationsto volunteers and recovery workers• To date, over 700 tetanus vaccinations have been given toresponders, volunteers and tornado victims by local healthdepartments. This includes 149 vaccinations in Lincoln County, 250vaccinations in Cleveland County, 216 vaccination in PottawatomieCounty, and approximately 90 vaccinations in Oklahoma County.OKLAHOMA MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS:Local health departments are coordinating efforts with the OklahomaMedical Reserve Corps (OKMRC) to supplement staffing for variousefforts. Over 1,000 new volunteers have signed up with the OKMRCsince Monday.PUBLIC HEALTH: Local health departments are also working to assessshelters, provide resource information to victims, and inspect foodvendors to ensure public health and safety.EMERGENCY AID STATIONS IN MOORE(ACTIVE BETWEEN 10 AM AND 6 PM)• Warren Theater/Lowes Parking lot, Moore• Wal-Mart Market 4th & Eastern, Moore• Target Parking Lot SE 19th, MooreOKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SITUATION UPDATE 6SOURCES:RED CROSS
  • 9. HEALTH AND MEDICALMENTAL HEALTH• The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and SubstanceAbuse Services (ODMHSAS) has established an emergencyresponse center within the tornado disaster zone in Moore atthe Cleveland County Health Department, 424 S Eastern Ave. inMoore.• ODMHSAS is also coordinating volunteer efforts and providingmandatory training for behavioral health professionals wishingto assist with services for those in need.• ODMHSAS is also offering services through the Disaster DistressHelpline, 1 (800) 985-5990. The helpline can provide immediatecounseling to anyone who needs help dealing emotionally withthe aftermath of the storms.The Cleveland County Health Department has deployed mentalhealth strike teams to shelters, and the Pottawatomie CountyHealth Department has coordinated nurses to support AmericanRed Cross shelters.Licensed mental health professionals,certified case managers or certifiedrecovery support specialists who wouldlike to assist victims should call (405) 522-3908. To be admitted into the disasterzone, volunteers must have receivedtraining and hold a valid identificationbadge. Badges will be issued by theODMHSAS at the completion of training.• The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is encouragingSoonerCare (Oklahoma Medicaid) members to call theSoonerCare Helpline if they need assistance with their medicalbenefits following the recent tornadoes.• Assistance is available to replace lost or destroyed medication,durable medical equipment, medical ID cards, etc.• The Helpline can also assist members with transportationneeds to medical appointments.• SoonerCare members whose providers lost their office site tothe storms may also contact the Helpline for assistance infinding another provider.• The SoonerCare Helpline is available Monday through Friday,from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1-800-987-7767.EYE TRIAGE CLINICThe Dean McGee Eye Institute will offer an eye triage clinic toemergency responders and those impacted by the storm at theCentral Command Center located at:Moore Community Center301 S. Howard Avenue (SW 4th and I-35).The Dean McGee Eye Institute eye triage clinic will be open May24 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.OKLAHOMA MEDICAIDOKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SITUATION UPDATE 6SOURCES:STORM RECOVERYSOONERCARE HELPLINE AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS AFFECTED BY RECENT STORMS
  • 10. BLOODOKLAHOMA BLOOD INSTITUTEDonors to the Oklahoma Blood Institute provide the blood needed bypatients in all metro-Oklahoma City hospitals and 140 others acrossthe state.Presently, the states blood supply is adequate to meet the needs ofpatients in all hospitals caring for victims of the Moore tornado.Since there is no substitute for blood, the supply constantly needs tobe replenished. Anyone 16 years or older and in good health cangenerally donate blood.Those with O-negative and Rh-negative blood types are mostneeded.Locations of donor centers and mobile blood drives can be found, 10 casinos in the Oklahoma City metro area will hostblood drives later this week:• Riverwind Casino: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday• Lucky Star Casino, Concho: 1 to 6 p.m. Thursday• Sugar Creek Casino: 1 to 6 p.m. Thursday• FireLake Bowling Center: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday• Grand Casino: 1 to 6 p.m. Friday• Lucky Star Casino, Clinton: 1 to 6 p.m. Friday• Remington Park Racetrack & Casino: Noon to 5 p.m. Friday• Kickapoo Casino: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday• Newcastle Casino: Noon to 5 p.m. SaturdaySOURCE: OK STRONGThe Oklahoma Blood Institute is asking people to make anappointment after June 24 to donate. In turn, they will make a$10 donation in your name to the disaster relief fund.
  • 11. VETERINARY SERVICESThe Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry(ODAFF) is working collaboratively with USDA-APHIS VeterinaryServices to provide support for pet and livestock owners affectedby the storm.FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:Blayne Arthur, 405-401-3718 or blayne.arthur@ag.ok.govCOUNTY ANIMAL RESPONSE TEAMS• County Animal Response Teams were initiated by theOklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, theOklahoma State Department of Health and Oklahoma MedicalReserve Corps.• ODAFF works with CARTs across the state to be prepared tocare, rescue, shelter and reunify pets and livestock in times ofdisaster.LIVE STOCK ISSUES:• ODAFF staff is working to address livestock-related issues.• Environmental field inspectors as well as other ODAFF andUSDA staff are documenting carcass location and disposal forOrr Family Farms and others in need.TRIAGE CENTER• ODAFF established a pet triage center at the Home Depot inMoore. The center is being operated by ODAFF veterinariansand staff as well as volunteer veterinarians.• Animals found in the affected area are brought into the triagecenter where they are documented, given an identifyingnumber, examined by a veterinarian, photographed and thentransported to one of four cooperating local shelters.The photographs of the incoming animals are posted onFacebook to the McClain County Animal Response Team pageand to Owners are encouraged to visitthe triage center to report their missing pets and to visit theonline pages to determine if their pet has been located.SOUCE: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ADDRESSES NEEDS IN WAKE OF TORNADO 23 MAY 2013
  • 12. FATALITIESNAME SEX AGE CAUSE OF DEATHTERRI LONG FEMALE 49 multiple blunt force injuriesMEGAN FUTRELL FEMALE 29 blunt force trauma of head and torsoCASE FUTRELL FEMALE 4 MO blunt force trauma of headSHANNON QUICK FEMALE 40 multiple injuriesSYDNEE VARGYAS FEMALE 7 MO blunt force trauma of headKARRINA VARGYAS FEMALE 4 multiple blunt force injuriesJENNY NEELY FEMALE 38 blunt force trauma of chestANTONIA CANDELARIA FEMALE 9 mechanical asphyxiaKYLE DAVIS MALE 8 blunt force traumaJANAE HORNSBY FEMALE 9 asphyxiaSYDNEY ANGLE FEMALE 9 mechanical asphyxiaEMILY CONATZER FEMALE 9 mechanical asphyxiaNICOLAS MCCABE MALE 9 mechanical asphyxiaCHRISTOPHER LEGG MALE 9 mechanical asphyxiaCINDY PLUMLEY FEMALE 45 multiple blunt force traumaDEANNA WARD FEMALE 70 blunt force trauma of torsoRICK JONES MALE 54 Head trauma, blunt forceWILLIAM SASS MALE 63 Multiple blunt force injuriesGINA STROMSKI FEMALE 51 Multiple blunt force traumaTEWAUNAROBINSON FEMALE 45 Multiple blunt force traumaRANDY SMITH MALE 39 Multiple blunt force traumaLESLIE JOHNSON MALE 46 Multiple blunt force traumaHEMANT BHONDE MALE 65 Multiple blunt force traumaRICHARD BROWN MALE 41 Multiple injuriesSOURCES:,0,5534430.story
  • 13. FOODKITCHEN LOCATIONS AND FEEDING SITESRED CROSS: On May 24 , 2013, the Red Cross be providing mobilefeeding distribution through Cleveland and Pottawatomie County.SOUCRE:FEED THE CHILDRENFeed The Children has established five locations in Oklahoma City toaccept donations that will aid victims of the Moore tornado.• Feed The Children McCormick Distribution Center, 29 N. McCormick• First Baptist Church, 1201 N. Robinson• KOCO-TV, 1300 East Britton Road• Faith Tabernacle Church, I-40 and Portland,• TLC Garden Center, 105 West Memorial RoadItems that will be accepted at these locations are diapers, canned goods,non-perishable food and snack items, water and sports drinks.Cash donations to help with relief efforts can also be made by phone at800-627-4556, online at, or by texting“DISASTER” to 80888.SALVATION ARMY• Twelve Salvation Army Disaster Canteens (mobile kitchens) fromvarious locations in Arkansas and Oklahoma are roaming in theShawnee and Moore devastation areas.• This assistance will continue for the foreseeable future as TheSalvation Army is committed to supporting the residents of thiscommunity as they return to their homes and begin rebuilding theirlives.CLEVELAND COUNTYFirst Baptist Church of Moore301 NE 27th streetMoore, OK 73106POTTAWATOMIE COUNTYShawnee Exposition Center1700 W IndependenceShawnee, OK
  • 14. RECOMMENDATION FOR FOOD SAFETY:• Protect food from flying debris and insects by using screensin any open food areas.• Thaw frozen food properly prior to cooking, and cool foodrapidly prior to storage.• Cook all food thoroughly, serve at correct temperature, andavoid cross-contamination.• Use clean utensils to handle cooked foods.• Wash your hands, dishes and utensils used for preparingand serving food, with water from a safe source.• The OSDH reminds food handlers to utilize good hygienepractices, wear gloves, and minimize food holding times.FOOD SAFETY• Processes must be in place to ensure that products and servicesdo not inadvertently harm or put at risk the very people who areimpacted by the tornado or those assisting the families or thoseinvolved in clean-up efforts.• One such area of concern is the availability of free food or foodfor sale for residents, responders and relief workers in thestorm-damaged areas.• The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) notes thatwhile the availability of these food options is helpful for workersand residents, it is important to remember that even in a naturaldisaster, food served to the public must be safe.• Foodborne illnesses such as E. coli, salmonella, and hepatitis Acaused by improper food preparation and handling practices canbe serious threats to rescue workers and shelter residents. A fewsimple precautions can ensure everyone’s safety at this criticaltime.• The OSDH recommends food vendors serve items that do notrequire refrigeration and can be eaten withoutheating. Packaged, shelf-stable, ready-to-eat foods are the bestoption when safe refrigeration and cooking are a problem.The OSDH said environmental specialists from local county health departmentsare on site in the storm-damaged areas to ensure food products offered to thepublic are safe.SOURCE: OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (OSDH)
  • 15. FEDERAL RESPONSEDISASTER SURVIVOR ASSISTANCE TEAMS:• Five Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams are deployed to conductAssess, Inform, and Report (AIR) Missions, a tool to help federal,state, local, tribal and territorial partners gather detailedinformation on the affected areas during the critical first hours, daysand weeks after a disaster strikes.• DSATs will address immediate and emerging needs of disastersurvivors including: on-site registration, applicant status checks, on-the-spot needs assessments, and access to partners offeringsurvivor services.NATIONAL RESPONSE COORDINATION CENTER has deactivatedFEMA’S REGION VI RESPONSE COORDINATION CENTER (RRCC) locatedin Denton, Texas is activated at Level II,PRELIMINARY DAMAGE ASSESSMENT TEAMS: Preliminarydamage assessment teams, comprised of representatives from thestate, FEMA and the Small Business Administration, is completed.ESF and LNO’s• LNOs & ESFs 2,8,9,13 & DOD are demobilizing; activities beingtransferred to JFO• ESFs & LNOs will maintain contact with state counterpartsSEARCH AND RESCUE: US&R teams demobilized on 23 May 2013(TX TF-1, NE TF-1 & TN TF-1) MO TF-1 demobilized (5/22)• 1,708 structures searched to date• Red Incident Support Team (IST) to demobilize 5/24INCIDENT MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE TEAMS:National IMAT-White is deployed to to the state emergencyoperations center in Oklahoma City to coordinate with state andlocal officials in support of recovery operations.Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4117-DR-OK was approved on 20MAY 2013FCO: Sandy Coachman is the Federal Coordinating Officer forfederal recovery operations in the affected area.MOBILE EMERGENCY RESPONSE SUPPORT: Element from 4Mobile Emergency Response Support Teams are in Oklahoma toprovide self-sustaining telecommunications, logistics, andoperations support elements, to assist in the immediate responseneeds and additional teams are being deployed.MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE VEHICLES8 Mobile Communications Office Vehicles have deployed to OK.USACE SME’s onsite providing technical support for power &debris removalSOURCE: FEMA BLOG – 21 MAY 201320130523FEMA DAILY OPS BRIEFING_830.PDFIOF/JFOThe FEMA’s Initial Operating Facility is established in Oklahoma City.The Joint Field Office is expected to be operational by May 28 atCrossroads Mall in Oklahoma CityFEDERAL STATING AREA :Will Rogers Airport
  • 16. MOBILE COMMAND CENTERS AND CHARGING STATIONSVERIZON MOBILE COMMAND CENTER FORPUBLIC SAFETY OFFICIALS• Home Depot Parking lot - 650 SW 19thstreetThis will provide tablets, emergencyphones, charging stations, Internetaccess to any public official helpingthis effortVERIZON MOBILE SUPPORT UNIT FORCITIZENS OF MOORE• WalMart Parking Lot at 501 SW 19th streetEmergency phones, tablets,chargers, internet access for allcitizens of MooreAT&T CHARGING STATIONS• AT&T has deployed multiple charging stations to central Oklahoma.Charging stations are equipped with universal charging capability. Locationsfor these charging stations are:• AT&T Store, 2670 S. Service Road, Moore, OK• AT&T’s Mobile Sales Store, 301 S. Howard (Moore Community Center)• Walmart, 501 Southwest 19th Street, Moore, OK• Best Buy, 1409 W. 1-240 Service Road, Oklahoma City, OK• Target, 770 SW 19th St., Moore, OK• Best Buy, 2700 S. Service Road, Moore, OK• Neighborhood Market, 640 SE 4th St., Moore, OKAT&T SUPPORT FOR CITIZENS OF MOORE• AT&T provides multiple WiFi hotspots at public locations – free service forAT&T Customers. WiFi hotspot locatorhere:• AT&T is waiving voice, data and text overage charges through June 30 forcustomers in the affected areas, and those customers may be eligible forspecial accessory and handset discounts. AT&T wireless customers in theaffected area who have questions about their service can visit our localstores or call 1-800-331-0500.• AT&T is offering free Remote Call Forwarding to wireline customers who aredisplaced from their homes. Customers who have questions about U-Verseor home phone service can call 1-800-288-2020.• AT&T SUPPORT FOR PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICIALSAn Emergency Communication Vehicle (ECV) has been deployed to providewireless Internet coverage (WiFi) for emergency responders at the State ofOklahoma Emergency Management command site.VERIZON WIRELESS CHARGING STATIONS: Verizon Wireless is deploying multiplecharging stations to central Oklahoma. Charging stations are equipped withemergency phones, Internet access, laptop computers and chargingcapability. Locations for these charging stations are:• Red Cross Shelter located at 201 S Howard in Moore, OK• Home Depot parking lot in Moore, OK – SW 19th and Telephone Road• Shawnee High School – 1001 North Kennedy in Shawnee, OKMOBILE COMMAND CENTER FOR PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICIALS• Rock Assembly of God Church 12500 Penn Avenue, MooreThis will be for public safety officials and will have emergency phones,charging stations, Internet access, water, and tablets.MOBILE SUPPORT UNIT FOR CITIZENS OF MOORE• Best Buy :2700 S. Service Road, MooreThis will be for residents of Moore and will have charging stations,emergency phones, Internet access, bottled waterSOURCE: MOBILE COMMAND CENTERS AND CHARGING STATIONS
  • 17. DONATION INFORMATIONOKSTRONG DISASTER RELIEF FUNDGovernor Mary Fallin, in coordination with the United Way of CentralOklahoma, has established the OKStrong Disaster Relief Fund to assist with thelong-term medical, emotional and educational needs of victims of the May 20tornado in Moore and the May 19 tornado near Shawnee.Donations for the long-term needs can be made by calling (405) 236-8441 ordonating online at OF SERVICES AND MATERIALSDonation of services or materials from businesses (not cash donations), thoseshould be directed to Keli Cain with the Oklahoma Dept. of EmergencyManagement at Keli Cain 405-521-2481RED CROSSThe Oklahoma Red Cross is asking people to donate by texting Red Cross to90999 which will be a $10 donationSALVATION ARMYThe Salvation Army Arkansas-Oklahoma Division has dispatched disasterresponse teams. Donations can be made to:The Salvation Army Disaster Relief, P.O. Box 12600, Oklahoma City, OK73157. Designate Oklahoma Tornado Relief on all checks. Donate byphone: (800) 725-2769Donate online: FOOD BANK OF OKLAHOMAThe Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, in partnership with Oklahoma VoluntaryOrganizations Active in Disaster, is asking that the public support all rescue,recovery and disaster relief efforts with donations of cash to your favoriteresponding charity. DONATIONS OF ITEMS SUCH AS CLOTHING AND SUPPLIESARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.Financial donations will allow disaster relief agencies to purchase whateveritems are deemed necessary without resulting in the additional burden ofsecuring warehouse space and volunteers to work donated product. To make atax deductible donation to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, go or call 604-7111 or text FOOD to 32333 to give $10to relief efforts.OKLAHOMA BAPTIST DISASTER RELIEFWith Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief teams already responding to severeweather from Sunday in several locations, including Shawnee, Edmond and LittleAxe, Oklahoma Baptists are assisting with recovery efforts from the tornado thathit Moore. Those interested in helping can make a tax-deductible donation tothe BGCOs Disaster Relief ministry, by visiting or calling942-3800. All money go toward disaster relief and helping victims. For photos,information and updates, visit the Oklahoma Baptists blog WAY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMAUnited Way of Central Oklahoma has activated its disaster relief fund, soindividuals may give specifically to the May tornadoes relief and recovery efforts.Fund dollars will be distributed without administrative fees to United WayPartner Agencies working on the tornado relief efforts.To donate, go to or by mail to United Way of CentralOklahoma, P.O. Box 837, Oklahoma City, OK 73101 with notation for MayTornado Relief. For more information, please contact Karla Bradshaw at (405)235-3534.TULSA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION: Tulsa Community Foundation, thenations largest community foundation, has established the Moore &Shawnee Tornado Relief Fund. This fund has received a lead gift of $100,000from George Kaiser Family Foundation. Contributions to the Moore &Shawnee Tornado Relief Fund can be made securely online Donations can also be mailed to TCF offices at: 7030 SYale, Suite 600, Tulsa, OK, 74136
  • 18. DROP OFF LOCATIONSALL EDMOND HIGH SCHOOLSEdmond Memorial: ClothingEdmond North: Bottled WaterEdmond Santa Fe: Canned FoodCRAWFORD FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE IN EDMONDPlease call 340-2333OU EQUIPTMENT180 West Brooks in Norman – accepting suppliesMEMORIAL ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST2221 East Memorial Road in Edmond(405)478-0166NET CHURCH OF OKLAHOMA CITYDonations at our location until 12 noon.Location: 2200 N Bryant, Oklahoma City(405) 427-5600NEW DIRECTION MINISTRIES10109 N. Western Avenue(405)242-4692CHOCTAW ROAD BAPTIST CHURCHCollecting water, diapers, toiletries, snack foods, workgloves, Gatorade, sunscreen, baby wipes, handsanitizer, ibuprofen. PLEASE NO CLOTHING.Between 8:15 am and 4:15 pm Tuesday andWednesday.14971 East Reno, Choctaw(405)-390-9002MUSTANG BREWING COMPANY HEADQUARTERSOpen 5/21 at 7:00 a.m.Several thousand square feet of warehouse spaceopened up. Will get it to those who need it.520 North Meridian Avenue, Oklahoma CityLUCKY STAR CASINO, EVENT TENTA trailer is set up for donations from 7:00am till3:00pm Tuesday and Wednesday (Event Tent onthe West Side of the Casino). A cashier will beavailable for monetary donations. Necessaryitems, water, Gatorade, non perishable foods,diapers, formula and wipes, hand sanitizer,gloves, trash bags, rakes, shovels, flashlight andbatteries, suntan lotion, pre packed snacks. Noclothes, bedding or household items at this time,as Red Cross has no storage or distribution centerset up for these items at this time. Will beneeded in the very near future though.EL Reno, Oklahoma(405)-422-6500FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH NICOMA PARKDonation and drop-off locationJUICE BLENDZ1200 West Covell Road in Edmond(405-285-0133)THE GATE CHURCHAccepting: Water, Sunscreen, Baby Items,Toiletries, Gloves, etc.7700 North Council Road in Oklahoma City(405)-728-7700JOURNEY CHURCHI-35 & Tecumseh in NormanCULVER ELECTRICFilling trailers with water, diapers, wipes,formula, gloves, hand tools, sunscreen, Gatorade,and all needed items on the Salvation Army andRed Cross list. 1823 West 20th in Elk CityZIMMER RADIO GROUPHave a truck/trailer located in their parking lot acceptingdonations.When one truck fills up, it will be sent and bring in another oneto fill.Location: 2702 East 32nd Street in Joplin, Missouri (417)-624-102550 PENN PLACEClear Channel station in 50 Penn Place will accept donations atthe west entrance.N.W. 50th and Penn West entranceCALVARY TEMPLE CHURCHOpen from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.Accepting donations at 1801 S. Kelly in EdmondINTEGRITY PROMOWill accept most anything for families to rebuild and rescueworker relief.1105 S Fretz Ave. in EdmondSCIENCE MUSEUM OKLAHOMAAccepting Work gloves, Gatorade, Bottled water, Canned goods,Diapers, Baby wipes, Baby Formula.Donation times 9-5 Tuesday – Friday, 9-6 Saturday2100 NE 52nd Street in Oklahoma CityROSE STATE COLLEGE IN MIDWEST CITYPhi Theta Kappa chapter will be accepting donations for Moorebetween 9am to noon in the student center.Needed: Bottled water, Gatorade, Wipes, Diapers, Babyformula, Hand towels, Individually wrapped snacks, Workgloves, NO clothing please.
  • 19. DROP OFF LOCATIONSFUSION FITNESS AND YOGAIf street parking in unavailable then access the alley behindPawn Plus off of Porter.We will be able to unload items directly from your vehicle intothe building.Located at 323 E Main St. in Norman(405) 650-8023INDULGE EVENT CENTERCollecting everything to help families directly affected; Hygiene,Tampons, Clothes, Toys.Will pick up and take to any desired donation location not justours . Located at 3116 North Portland Avenue in Oklahoma City(405)215-9444CRICKET WIRELESS10:00 am to 7:00pm for the remainder of the week.My team will gratefully accept whatever you can give. 4553 NW 23rd Street in Oklahoma CitySERENDIPITYPartnering with the Salvation Army by collecting donations ofwater bottles, Gatorade, wipes, individually wrapped snacks,hand sanitizer, diapers, baby formula, hand towels, work gloves,and sunscreen.13813 North May in Oklahoma CitySTAY AT HOME MOMSSeveral stay at home moms collecting whatever you want tobring we will be dropping it off at KFOR721 South 6th Street in Chickasha(405)222-8022WATONGA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENEAccepting non-perishables, blankets, toothpaste, etc.Today-Wednesday at 9:00 amEast Highway 33 in WatongaHOW SWEET IT ISAccepting necessary items listed from Red Cross: Gatorade, nonperishable foods, diapers, water, formula and wipes, handsanitizer, gloves, trash bags, rakes, shovels, flashlight andbatteries. Please No clothes, bedding or household items at thistime.420 E Grant Street in Pauls Valley(405)238-1522