Yale Tulane ESF 8 MOC Report - Hurricane Sandy (6 NOV 2012)


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Yale Tulane ESF 8 MOC Report - Hurricane Sandy (6 NOV 2012)

  1. 1. YALE/TULANE ESF-8 PLANNING AND RESPONSE PROGRAM SPECIAL REPORT STATE LINKS HURRICANE SANDY FEDERAL LINKSConnecticut FEDERAL GOVERNMENTCT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection 7 NOV - FORECASTTwitter | Facebook FEMAHurricane Sandy Preparations Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Blog CURRENT SITUATIONNew Jersey Ready. GovNew Jersey Office of Emergency Management WEATHER HHSTwitter | Facebook | Public Health Emergency – ASPR FEDERAL ACTIVITIES Twitter | FacebookNew York StateNew York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency CDCServices RED CROSS Twitter | FacebookTwitter| Facebook | You TubeNWS Office NYC DODHurricane Sandy News and Information CONNECTICUT NORTHCOM Twitter | Facebook New York City New York City Office of Emergency Preparedness NEW JERSEY ARMY NORTH Twitter| Facebook | You Tube Twitter | Facebook NWS Office NYC NEW YORK National Weather ServicePennsylvania National Hurricane Center NOAA All Hazard WatchPennsylvania Emergency Management Agency NEW YORK CITY NOAA Environmental Visual LaboratoryRhode Island TRAVELRhode Island Emergency Management Agency MOLD FAA Flight DelaysTwitter | Facebook AMTRAK Service AlertsHurricane Sandy Preparations FOOD SAFETY ORGANIZATION American Red Cross A strong coastal nor’easter will threaten the region in the 7-8 November timeframe. DEATH TOLL IN THE US REMAINS AT 113 AS OF 2300 HRS EST Evacuation have already begun in • New York – 48 6 NOV 2012 anticipation of the storm. • New Jersey - 24 • Pennsylvania – 14 • Maryland – 11 • West Virginia – 7 • Connecticut – 4 NEW YORK CITY • North Carolina – 2 • Virginia – 2 • New Hampshire - 1The focus of this report will be primarily on the Tri-State area (NJ, NY, CT)
  2. 2. FORECAST – WEDNESDAY – 7 NOV 2012 COASTAL STORM WILL LIKELY IMPACT AREAS DAMAGED BY SANDY WAVE HEIGHT WIND WIND GUST PRECIPITATION• A strong coastal nor’easter will threaten the region in the 7-8 November timeframe.• Storm force wind gusts (55-65 mph) are likely during this storm.• Moderate coastal flooding is likely during this storm, major coastal flooding is still a slight possibility; the high tides of most concern are the ones around midday Wednesday, 7 November and the following high tide Wednesday night.• There will be moderate to severe beach erosion during this event.• This nor’easter will have greater impact than usual because of the serious impacts from Coastal Storm Sandy.• There is a threat of wintry precipitation over the region. http://graphical.weather.gov/sectors/northeastWeek.php?expandweek=ON#tabs
  3. 3. NEW JERSEY Mandatory Evacuation for Parts of Brick Township SITUATION STATUS # 23.6 NEW JERSEY STATE EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER November 6, 2012The Brick Township Office of Emergency Management is monitoring a Nor’ Easter thathas the potential to strongly impact our town with high winds, storm surge and flooding.The Brick Township Office of Emergency Management has issued a MandatoryEvacuation for all residents that reside in the low lying waterfront areas of town that areprone to flooding and/or storm surge by Tuesday November 6, 2012 at 6:00 P.M. These areas include but are not limited to; • Midstreams neighborhood East of Jordan Rd. • Area of Island Dr. in Cedarcroft • North & South Dr. (Metedeconk) • Princeton Ave. East of Beaver Dam Rd. • Cedarbridge Manor East of Lions Lane • Vanada Woods • Eagle Pass • Sandy Point • Tilton Rd • Cranberry Cove • Swan Point Park including Beaton and Gale Rd. • Baywood East of Pilot Dr. and Mandolay Dr. • Cherry Quay South of Tiller Lane • Sailors Quay off of Pleasant Dr., North Pier and South Sailors Quay • Waterfront Property in Mallard Point • Seaview Dr. & Seaview Ave in Seaview Village • Shore Acres • Seawood Harbor • Waterfront Property in Bay HarborResidents whose homes that do not fall into the Mandatory area that have beendamaged and/or affected from Hurricane Sandy are strongly encouraged to evacuate.Residents are encouraged to seek shelter with friends and/or family who are in a safelocation. For those residents that require transportation to a shelter, you can contact thecall center at
  4. 4. CURRENT SITUATION NOREASTER TARGETS EAST COAST EVACUATIONOver a week ago, Hurricane Sandy hit the mid Atlantic area with brutalwinds and a record storm surge. This same region is mobilizing once NEW YORKagain, this time for a northeaster that threatened to deliver more of the • Hundreds of nursing home residents in New York Citys storm-batteredsame, though in smaller amounts, along with wet snow. Rockaways section are being evacuated ahead of a storm expected to bring more bad weather to the region. State and city health officials saidThe noreaster passes offshore of the Mid-Atlantic and New England Tuesday that three nursing homes and an adult care center in thethrough Thursday. coastal community were being emptied of residents and staff. • Strong winds, beach erosion, storm surge, shoreline flooding and rough surf occur along the coast. • More than 620 people live in the four facilities. None of those nursing • Sustained winds of 25 to 45 mph with gusts over 60 mph are homes had been evacuated for Hurricane Sandy. Wednesdays forecast along the coast. noreaster isnt expected to be nearly as bad, but health officials say the • Storm surge of 1 to 4 feet is possible with the highest likely homes are already running on emergency generators. They are worried occurring around New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and about first responders in the neighborhood being stretched too thin. northern New Jersey. • The damage caused by Sandy has severely weakened or wiped out NEW JERSEY the natural coastal barriers, so even this modest storm surge is • Authorities in Brick Township, N.J. have issued a mandatory evacuation likely to cause flooding along the shore. order for everyone who lives in the low-lying, waterfront areas of the • Another potential impact along the coast is snow with up to 3 town due to the predicted noreaster inches of accumulation possible from Delaware to southeast New York. POWER POWER: As of 2:00 pm EST November 6, there are 930,783 customers without power in the Looking ahead to the winter storm forecasted to hit the East Coast Wednesday evening, FEMA is urging residents to be safe as cold weather temperatures affected States. 7,580,468 customers have been restored out of the 8,511,251 threaten areas impacted by the Hurricane Sandy. The risk of fires increases combined total peak outages 21 States affected. Restoration estimates and efforts with the use of supplemental heating, such as space heaters and any fuel- by electric utilities are reported below. burning appliances in the home, including furnaces and fireplaces, are a potential carbon monoxide source. Ensure both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working and if using a generator keep it as far away from your home as possible – away from doors, windows or vents that could allow deadly carbon monoxide into the home.
  5. 5. NWS - FACEBOOK
  8. 8. FEMA REGION STATUS & RESPONSE PERSONNEL ON GROUND FEMA HEADQUARTERS RESPONSE • NWC at Watch/Steady State • NRCC activated to Level I (24/7) with all ESFs and all LNOs ▲ 5,142 (+308) (includes personnel en route) FEMA Personnel deployed in support of Sandy NATIONAL IMATs – IMAT-Blue deployed to NYC, Brooklyn (Region II) – IMAT-Red deployed to Trenton, New JerseyEN ROUTE (PENDING CHECK-IN) (Region II) – IMAT-White deployed to Trenton, New Jersey (Region II) • FEMA HQ IMAT deployed to NYC OEM • Urban Search & Rescue: – Red & White Incident Support Teams (Herndon, VA) – Federal Search & Rescue Coordination Group (Herndon, VA) FEMA DAILY BRIEF 6 NOV 2012
  9. 9. FEDERAL ACTIVITIES• U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has begun opening Business Recovery • Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will waive low- Centers in impacted areas of New Jersey and New York ( one office is in income housing tax credit rules that prohibit owners of low-income housing Manahawkin, NJ, an the other is in Brooklyn, NY ). These Centers provide one-on- from providing housing to survivors of Hurricane Sandy who do not qualify as one help to business owners seeking disaster assistance. Businesses and non- low-income. The action will expand the availability of housing for disaster profit organizations may be eligible to borrow up to $2 million to repair or victims and their families. Also, in response to shortages of clear diesel fuel replace damaged or destroyed real estate, machinery and equipment, inventory, caused by Hurricane Sandy, the IRS will not impose a tax penalty when dyed and other business assets. diesel fuel is sold for use or used on the highway. This relief applies beginning Oct. 30, 2012 in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and will remain in• U.S. Coast Guard’s continuing efforts are focused on removing all restrictions on effect through Nov. 20, 2012. Recently IRS announced it is granting taxpayers vessel movement in the Port of New York and New Jersey, as well as its and tax preparers affected by Hurricane Sandy until Nov. 7 to file returns and associated waterways, approaches, and anchorages, and to facilitate the delivery accompanying payments normally due on October 31. of fuel and other critical commodities. • Department of Transportations Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is• Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is meeting FEMA’s requirement for 200,000 working with FEMA and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to gallons of fuel per day and is increasing current fuel stores through the purchase secure as many as 350 buses which will be used across New Jersey to help of 12 million gallons of gasoline, and 12 million gallons of diesel. DLA is also filling commuters connect to or reach Manhattan and the surrounding area. The a 300,000 gallon FEMA order for points of distribution in Egg Harbor, West buses will be used to supplement NJ Transit commuter rail and PATH rail lines Orange, and Freehold, NJ; and 200,000 gallons to support three New York/New where service is not yet restored. Some of the buses are expected to be in Jersey airfields. Meanwhile, a DLA vendor has 440,000 gallons of fuel available place for Mondays commute and more will be added throughout the week. with 160,000 gallons en route and 100,000 gallons of gasoline on order for Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ. • Department of Energy (DOE) has loaned the Department of Defense ultra-low sulfur diesel from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve. The Defense• U.S. Department of Labor announced that National Emergency Grant funds will Logistics Agency (DLA) will begin drawing down stocks from the heating oil be awarded to both New Jersey and New York to assist with cleanup and reserve terminal in Groton, Connecticut. The fuel, which will be distributed to recovery efforts. More than $15.5 million will be available to the New Jersey state, local and federal responders in the New Jersey York and New York area, Department of Labor and Workforce Development to assist with the restoration will be used to provide additional supplies to ensure continued response and of public lands and infrastructure while also providing temporary work to those in recovery efforts. This includes fuel for emergency equipment and buildings, need of employment. More than $27.7 million will be available to the New York including electrical generators, water pumps, GSA buildings, trucks and other Department of Labor to assist with the restoration of public lands and vehicles. Also, DOE continues to work closely with FEMA, and in support of infrastructure. state, tribal, and local officials as the electric industry engages in power restoration efforts. Daily Situation Reports that detail the storms impacts and• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has exercised its authority under the restoration activities being taken by the energy sector are available the Clean Air Act to temporarily waive federal clean diesel fuel requirements in at www.doe.gov. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and in and around New York City to allow the use of home heating oil in highway vehicles, nonroad vehicles, and nonroad equipment designated by the States of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York for emergency response. These waivers were granted by EPA in coordination with the Department of Energy (DOE). The federal waivers will help ensure an adequate supply of fuel for emergency response in the impacted areas of New SOURCES: Jersey, New York City, and Pennsylvania. FEMA Release Number: HQ-12-137- 4 NOV 2012
  10. 10. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has declared a FEDERAL MEDICAL STATION public health emergency for the entirety of New Jersey (on Nov. 1st ) and New At the request of the State of New Jersey, HHS yesterday established a Federal York state (on Oct. 31st). Medical Station to serve as a medical shelter in Middlesex, New Jersey. This More than 1,000 HHS personnel are deployed to provide public health and Federal Medical Station was one of seven deployed to the area to be available if medical assistance to New York and New Jersey in Hurricane Sandy response needed in New Jersey or New York. Medical teams from the U.S. Public Health and recovery efforts. Service Commissioned Corps and the National Disaster Medical System are providing medical caring for residents at the FMS. An HHS Incident Response Coordination Team in New York and New Jersey continues to provide command-and-control to HHS teams requested in that MENTAL HEALTH: Two HHS teams of mental health experts are integrated with state. the HHS medical teams and available to support community mental health ASPR Regional Emergency Coordinators and liaisons from the Administration needs. . for Children and Families remain deployed to the Regional Response AMBULANCES: Four liaisons and two pharmacists remain deployed to New Coordination Centers. Regional Emergency Coordinators also are serving as York to support 350 ambulances made available through the FEMA national liaisons for FEMA incident management assistance teams. ambulance contract. MEDICARE/MEDICAID: Following the Secretary’s declarations of public health DMAT emergencies in New York and New Jersey, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has begun approving waivers under 1135 of the Social • Fifteen Disaster Medical Assistance Teams from the National Disaster Security Act for healthcare providers in NY and NJ, as well as 5 individual Medical System with caches of medical supplies and two teams of U.S. waivers. Additional waiver requests have been received and are pending. The Public Health Service commissioned corps officers are deployed to New CMS New York office remains closed with non-essential employees on York and New Jersey. Administrative Leave due to building damage and power outages. • Eleven DMATs and a team of Public Health Service Commissioned Corps www.cms.gov. team are providing care in medical shelters and augmenting hospital staff ACF: in the New York at the state’s and city’s request. • A team of specialists from the Administration for Children and Families is • Four Disaster Medical Assistance Teams a team of Public Health Service supporting child care and Head Start recovery efforts in New York and New Commissioned Corps team are providing medical care in shelters in New Jersey. Jersey at the state’s request. • The HHS medical teams are drawn from across the country, including Rhode Island, Washington State, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. Additional teams are available if needed in New York or New Jersey.HHS - PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY
  13. 13. DOD OPERATIONS • The Department of Defense (DoD) remains committed to its support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response to Hurricane Sandy. As the Northeastern storm moves through the New York and New Jersey areas, DoD will continue to provide support to federal, state and local recovery operations while ensuring it is postured to conduct new response operations as a result of the oncoming storm. • The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) has delivered 208 power restoration vehicles and 354 technical personnel on 56 missions from California, Arizona, and Washington to Stewart ANGB, N.Y., McGuire AFB, N.J., and JFK International Airport, N.Y. An additional three flights are scheduled for Nov. 6 from locations in California and Nevada to JFK International Airport, N.Y. • The 401st, 410th, and 431st Quartermaster Teams, from Lock Haven, Pa., Jacksonville, Fla., and Kinston, N.C., respectively, have reported to Joint Base Lance Cpl. Thomas Gibson, a ground radio repairmen with the 26th Marine Dix/McGuire/Lakehurst, N.J. for allocation to the affected areas. The Expeditionary Unit and a native of Norton, Ohio, dumps trash into a pile in Staten 401stQuartermaster Team is on assignment in Long Beach, N.Y. Island, N.Y., Nov. 4. The 26th MEU is able to provide generators, fuel, clean water, and helicopter lift capabilities to aid in disaster relief efforts. The 26th MEU is currently conducting pre-deployment training, preparing for their departure in 2013. As an • The 172nd Preventive Health Team (Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.), the expeditionary crisis response force operating from the sea, the MEU is a Marine Air- 227th Preventive Health Team (Ft. Bragg, N.C.), and the 43rd Veterinary Team Ground Task Force capable of conducting amphibious operations, crisis response, and (from Ft. Hood, Texas) are now at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and limited contingency operations. prepared to deploy.US NORTHCOM – 3 NOV 2012 DOD – No 870-12, 3 NOV 12
  14. 14. NATIONAL GUARD THE NATIONAL GUARD is working at the local, state, and Federal level to assist FEMA in their response to hurricane Sandy. Approximately 7,400 National Guard forces are supporting the governors of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. These forces continue to provide critical assistance to local first-responders and FEMA with damage assessments, route clearance, power generation, fuel distribution, debris reduction and removal, search and rescue, delivery of essential equipment and supplies, support at evacuation shelters/first responder bed- down locations, and the employment of unique engineering capabilities. More than 700 additional Army National Guard Soldiers from throughout the East Coast and Midwest are arriving in New York City to assist with relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The Soldiers, sent as part of an Emergency Management Assistance Compact request, will largely be taking on commodity distribution missions throughout the New York City and Long Island areas. EMAC, a mutual aid agreement between states, provides the ability to call and utilize assets from any National Guard unit in the country. Among the Sgt. Stephen Vergilio, left, shares contact numbers with Spc. Tiffany DiSanzo, both Soldiers: 120 from the Delaware National Guard, who arrived Nov. 4. with the New Jersey Army National Guard, prior to going house-to-house to check if any Long Beach Islanders have remained in their homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Oct. 31, 2012. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen) CT NATIONAL GUARD Connecticut National Guard personnel are conducting route clearance, high NEW YORK NATIONAL GUARD (NYNG): wheel transport, aviation, power generation, staging area support and security • 3,364 NYNG personnel are on state active duty, supporting relief missions as part of recovery efforts. efforts. The NYNG continues supporting power restoration, traffic control, debris removal, , traffic control, wellness checks, and NEW JERSEY NATIONAL GUARD (NJNG): food/water distribution. • 2,092 NJNG personnel are on state active duty, supporting relief efforts. • The NYNG is conducting 20 point of distribution missions: 258,000 • NJNG personnel are conducting debris clearance/removal, high water vehicle meals, 431, 984 bottles of water and 21,000 blankets distributed as of 5 operations, shelter support, food and water and fuel distribution, power NOV 2012. generation, and presence patrols. • The NYNG is the designated water and petroleum distribution agent for • The NJNG is still conducting aerial support missions including FEMA damage all supported state agencies. assessments. • There are five military police companies conducting presence patrols, • The New Jersey National Guard (NJNG) is assisting New Jersey State Police traffic control points, and augmentation of local law enforcement and Fire Department with rescues, security, and evacuations. agencies.DOD - No. 877-12, 6 NOV 12 • More than 800 NYNG personnel 200 vehicles arrived at Floyd Bennett Field, N.Y., 5 NOV.
  15. 15. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY (DLA) DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY (DLA): – In total, more than two million meals have been delivered to FEMA facilities in West Virginia, New York and New Jersey. Another five million• DLA is using its normal business funds and processes to purchase goods and are in production. 500,000 meals are in transit to Lakehurst, N.J., and services in support of disaster relief. 500,000 meals in transit to Floyd Bennett Field, NY.• Once the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) activates or places – DLA delivered 1,000 cots/1,000 blankets to Fort Hamilton, N.Y., for the an order for fuel delivery, FEMA assumes control of contract assets after assets National Guard. 3,000 cots were delivered to McGuire, N.J., for National are deployed to FEMA designated locations. Guard personnel in the area. 140,000 blankets were delivered to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL), N.J.• FEMA works with state emergency coordinators, who direct assets to the best locations. Once assets are with the states, the states determine how it’s used – 107 pumps (1,500 gallons per minute and up) delivered to JBMDL, 3 NOV 2012 and where it goes. – Five submersible pumps moved to Craven Point in support of Navy• DLA personnel are also on site to assist with logistics and fuel issues. The Salvage. contractor has the capability to delivery bulk product into existing tanks as well as refueling first responder vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, etc.) and fleet – 51 Generators (500-2000KW) are at or in transit to Lakehurst, N.J. vehicles.• DLA received commitments from various suppliers to provide up to 24 million gallons of fuel. – As of 5 NOV , DLA has supplied 253,000 gallons of gasoline and 157,000 gallons of diesel fuel to FEMA distribution centers within New York and New Jersey. – DLA is executing the purchase of 12 million gallons of gasoline, 12 million gallons of diesel. 260 fuel trucks are on contract to support of fuel distribution. – New York locations to distribute first responder fuel changed from armories to five commercial gas stations. New Jersey locations are still operating at five National Guard armories. – DLA working with the National Guard Bureau (NGB) to use more than 50 heavy expanded mobility tactical truck refuelers at first responder fueling. More than 430,000 gallons have been delivered in four days. – DOD - No. 874 -12, November 05, 2012
  16. 16. NAVY/MARINE FORCES CONSTRUCTION BATTALIONSUSS WASP • Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 202, embarked aboard San Antonio and• Wasp is supplying aircraft to aid in the mission with a total of 18 Carter Hall, is providing two 15 kilowatt generators and three 250 gallons per helicopters aboard: minute (gpm) pumps. Additionally, they are providing small boat and command – two SH-60s and control support to the U.S. Coast Guard. – four MH-53Es – six CH-53Es • Navy Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 is providing a convoy of 23 vehicles – six UH-1Ns and and 90 Seabees prepared to assist. Their equipment includes five 60 kilowatt, five – one MH-53 30 kilowatt and three 15 kilowatt generators and six 725 gpm pumps along with one 1,000 gpm pump.• Several of these helos have departed for Joint Base McGuire-Dix- Lakehurst (JB MDL) for tasking. • NMCB 5 is providing 110 Seabees to JB MDL for tasking.• Wasp also sent a team of damage controlmen and hull technicians DEWATERING to help repair the damaged Hoboken Ferry Terminal. • FEMA issued a mission assignment to the Department of Defense requesting "high- volume water pumps (350 gpm and greater) with qualified teams to support theUSS San Antonio operation and maintenance of the equipment."• San Antonio has four MH-60S and a landing utility craft (LCU) capable of transporting cargo, vehicles and personnel from ship to • In support of FEMA, the Secretary of Defense has authorized the Navy to provide shore. 30 high-volume pumps, 125 Sailors and 30 civilian technicians to support dewatering efforts. So far, 18 Sailors from Mobile Diving and Salvage Units haveUSS CARTER arrived, with an additional 110 Sailors and 30 pumps from NMCB 5 to arrive Nov. 5Carter Hall also has an LCU capable of transporting cargo, vehicles andpersonnel from ship to shore. This LCU ferried supplies and personnelashore to Sandy Hook, N.J., Nov. 4. U.S. Navy Seabee works to repair pierUSS KANAWHA facilities in Hoboken, N.J. The U.S.• Kanawha, a Henry J. Kaiser-class fleet replenishment oiler, got Navy has positioned forces in the area underway Nov. 2 and will operate in the open waters east of to assist U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) in support of FEMA and recovery operations. This logistics ship will ensure that Navy and local civil authorities following the Marine Corps forces are self-sustained with food and fuel. destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. (U.S. Marine Corps photo byNOTE: Both San Antonio and Carter Hall are capable of providing command Cpl. Bryan Nygaard)and control; underwater infrastructure repair capabilities; riverine searchand damage assessment; and underwater port survey. US Navy Provides Disaster Relief In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy
  17. 17. US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is prepared and ready to respond to natural TEMPORARY EMERGENCY POWER and man-made disasters. When disasters occur, it is not just a local USACE • USACE is aggressively supporting the Emergency Temporary Power mission in district or office that responds. Personnel and other resources are mobilized New York and New Jersey. We are ready to provide emergency power with more across the country to carry out our response missions. The command is part of than 335 generators staged at forward locations in order to provide capacity the federal government’s unified national response to disasters and beyond states’ capabilities. emergencies and is the designated lead for ESF #3, public works and • The USACE has teams deployed to strategic locations in NY, NJ, PA and WV, and engineering-related support. USACE conducts its emergency response activities has resources in place to haul, install, operate and maintain generators at critical under two basic authorities – the Flood Control and Coastal Emergency Act, and facilities. when mission assigned by FEMA under the Stafford Disaster and Emergency • Nearly 300 critical power assessments have been completed. Sixty-seven Assistance Act. generators have been installed in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Thirty more are expected to be installed by tomorrow. USACE received a prioritized list TOP PRIORITIES : of requirements from local officials and is immediately acting on these requests.  Support immediate emergency response priorities • Emergency generators have been installed at three gas stations: we are moving  Sustain lives with critical commodities, temporary emergency power generators to 10 other gas stations in NY and NJ. and other needs • We have power experts at the Hoboken High Rise Complex and the Kinder Morgan Petroleum Terminal and are moving generators to the sites.  Initiate recovery efforts by assessing and restoring critical • USACE has deployed Temporary Emergency Power assets - Planning and infrastructure. Response Teams, the 249th Engineer Battalion, Emergency Command and Control Vehicles/Deployable Tactical Operating Systems (ECCV/DTOS), Mobile Command CURRENT OPERATIONS (AS OF 5 NOVEMBER) Vehicle (MCV) to provide support to areas impacted by post-tropical storm • USACE has more than 600 people engaged to support the response mission, Sandy. and has more than 50 FEMA Mission Assignments exceeding a total of $134 million. DE-WATERING • USACE debris teams are in ports, waterways and coastal areas in NJ and NY • USACE has concentrated effort at 11 critical locations in NY as determined by clearing debris along the Atlantic seaboard. local officials. These 11 sites are: Battery Underpass/West St Underpass, Brooklyn • Other Planning Response teams are also assisting with debris management, Battery Tunnel, Queens Midtown Tunnel, Rockaway Wastewater Treatment commodities distribution, infrastructure assessment, temporary roofing, Plant, Passaic Valley Sewage, South Ferry Station, Jersey City PATH train station, critical public facilities, water planning, and temporary housing. World Trade Center site, 14 St Tunnel, 53 St Tunnel, Montague Street Tunnel. • USACE is supporting States’ and FEMA Regions I, II and III operations centers to Pumping is underway at all locations at a rate of 116,000 gallons of water per organize response efforts. More than 25 Team Leaders or Assistant Team minute (At this rate it would take about 6 minutes to empty an Olympic-sized Leaders have been alerted and/or deployed to provide public works and swimming pool.) engineering expertise to include damage modeling, storm surge modeling, and • Pumping is complete at 4 locations: the 53 St Tunnel, South Ferry Station, Queens coastal preparations. Midtown Tunnel, and the Battery Underpass. • USACE is establishing a Recovery Field Office in New Jersey. • We are moving pumps to these additional locations: the Manhattan Steam Plant • USACE assigned a liaison to the Department of Energy and to the National Tunnel, Amtrak Substation (NJ), and the Metro Avenue Bridge (NY). Guard Bureau to coordinate any combined response actions. • USACE has shipped 12 eight-inch pumps and 13 six-inch pumps from New Orleans in order to support our De-watering Mission Assignment from FEMA. A team is coordinating with the Navy to determine availability and capacity of other largeUSACE – 5 NOV 2012 pumps. Placement of the pumps is underway.
  18. 18. AMERICAN RED CROSSThe entire Red Cross fleet of 320 response vehicles has been activated to MEALS AND KITCHENSdistribute hot meals, water, snacks and relief supplies. In order to help peoplefind out where they can get these items, the Red Cross has a team of people • Deployed 12 mobile kitchens capable of making 198,000 meals a day andtracking the location of its emergency vehicles around the clock and shipped more than 852,000 ready-to-eat meals to the area.communicating those locations athttp://newsroom.redcross.org • Almost 215,000 meals have been served so far. Activated more than two-More than 5,350 Red Cross workers from all over the country are supporting thirds of the entire Red Cross fleet of response vehicles, which are beginningshelters, providing food and water at fixed sites, and driving through to distribute meals, water, snacks and relief supplies in neighborhoods.neighborhoods to distribute meals and supplies. Sixty trailers of relief suppliessuch as personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, rakes, shovels, tarps, dust SUPPLIESmasks and work gloves arrived in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania andConnecticut. • Mobilized 60 trailers loaded with relief supplies such as personal hygiene items, clean-up kits, rakes, shovels, tarps, dust masks and work gloves.The American Red Cross mobilized hundreds of disaster workers, readyingshelters and coordinating efforts with community partners in potentially HEALTH SERVICES AND REFERALSaffected states. To find an open Red Cross shelter, download the Red CrossHurricane app or visit www.redcross.org/find-help/shelter. • Deployed specialized workers who have already provided more than 5,000 health services and emotional support contacts to people affected by Sandy.In New York and New Jersey, where residents felt Sandy’s biggest impact theRed Cross is providing aid and comfort to thousands and has large relief • The Mexican Red Cross is also helping. Ten delegates are supportingoperations underway in Shelters and feeding sites are open and emergency American Red Cross health services activities in New York, focusing onvehicles are distributing food, water and relief supplies in these states. providing health care and first aid services and referrals for clients in Red Cross shelters and emergency aid stations.SHELTERS• The large Red Cross operation in New Jersey and New York continues to build as more kitchens, fixed feeding sites and emergency aid locations are set up and response vehicles start making rounds in neighborhoods. So far, more than 275,000 meals and snacks have been provided in those two states alone. ARC – 4 NOV 2012 FEMA Daily Brief – 5 NOV 12
  19. 19. CONNECTICUT CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Twitter | Facebook WEATHER• Storm watch remains in effect from Wednesday morning through late Wednesday night for for Long Island Sound East Of New Haven Ct/port Jefferson Ny & Storm Watch for Long Island Sound West Of New Haven Ct/port Jefferson Ny• In Long Island Sound,New York Harbor, Peconic and Gardiners Bays, South Shore Bays from Jones Inlet through Shinnecock Bay, winds are expected to be 35 to 45 mph with gusts up to 70 mph. TRANSIT SITUATION POWER OUTAGES • Metro-North rail service has returned to• The United Illuminating Company (UI) reported this morning normal on the New Haven Line, with the (November 6) that there are more than 2,000 homes along the exception of the New Canaan branch, shoreline that cannot get power due to damage. where, because of extensive damage, buses will be running until further notice.• Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P), a Northeast Utilities (NU) See full details/updates here company, reported yesterday (November 5) that they have substantially completed the restoration of their customers and are • Amtrack Northeast Corridor Service Restoration Plan for Tuesday working to restore the remaining three percent of customers in Novermer 6th and Wednesday November 7th their service territory.• Employees from every NU operating company, NSTAR, Yankee Gas, SHELTERS Public Service of New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts • FEMA has 5 Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) in Bridgeport, Electric Company, have come to assist in the restoration effort. Greenwich, Groton, New Haven and Old Saybrook. Here are the specific locations .• OUTAGE MAP • For shelters and DRCs location
  20. 20. CONNECTICUT Public Drinking Water Systems Under Boil Water Advisory There are currently 65 public drinking water systems under boil water advisory serving a total of 5,364 residents (0.15% of the total state population): • Foxridge Apartments-well 1, Barkhamsted • Mountview Apartments, Montville • Wallens Hill Apartments, Barkhamsted • St. Thomas More School-the Cove, Montville • Foxridge Apartments-well 2, Barkhamsted • Interlaken Water Company, New Fairfield • Cedarbrook Owners, Inc., Brookfield • Candle Hill Mhp (South), New Milford • Whisconier Village Association, Inc., Brookfield • Lillinonah Park Estates Homeowners Assn, New Milford • Woodcreek Village Condominium Assn, Inc, Brookfield • Candle Hill Mhp (North), New Milford • 39 Hop Brook Rd - Apt Complex, Brookfield • Meadowbrook Terrace Mobile Home Park, Newtown • Denlar Apartments, Chester • Cedarhurst Association, Newtown • Evergreen Trailer Park - System #1, Clinton • Mile Creek Apartments, Old Lyme • Evergreen Trailer Park - System #2, Clinton • Lyme Regis, Inc., Old Lyme • Evergreen Trailer Park - System #3, Clinton • Miami Beach Water Company, Old Lyme • Aqua Vista Assoc, Inc - Upper System, Danbury • Arnio Drive Llc, Plainfield • Aqua Vista Assoc, Inc - Lower System, Danbury • Brookview Water Company, Ridgefield • Ridgewood Hills Association, System #1, Deep River • Salem Manor Condominiums, System #1, Salem • Ridgewood Hills Association, System #2, Deep River • Salem Manor Condominiums, System #2, Salem • Ridgewood Hills Association, System #3, Deep River • Woodhaven Apartments, Willington • Ridgewood Hills Association, System #4, Deep River • Walden Apartments, Willington • Heritage Cove Condominiums, Essex • North Willington Village Condo Assoc., Willington • Rogers Mobile Home Park, Groton • Quonnipaug Hills - Main System, Guilford To disinfect water, use ONE of the following methods: • Quonnipaug Hills - Section I, Guilford • Ash Water Company, Llc, Ledyard 1. Boil at a rolling boil for one minute. Make sure water is clear of floating pieces before • Round Hill Llc - Well# 1, Lisbon boiling; OR, • Round Hill Llc - Well# 2, Lisbon 2. Add 8 drops of liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of clear water or 16 drops per gallon for • White Oak Condominiums, Mansfield cloudy water. Do NOT use bleach that has perfumes or ingredients other than sodium • Knollwood Acres Apartments, Mansfield hypochlorite as it may be toxic; OR, • Woods Edge Apartments, Llc, Mansfield 3. Add water purification tablets according to directions on the package. • Renwood Condominiums, Mansfield • Laurel Hill Water Association, Marlborough Mix completely and let water stand 30 minutes before using. • Oakridge Gardens, Llc, Montville How Do I Boil My Water? (in English, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese)LIST OF PUBLIC DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS UNDER BOIL WATER ADVISORY Hurricane Sandy: Health Information
  21. 21. NEW JERSEY New Jersey Office of Emergency Management WEATHER UPDATE Twitter Facebook FEMA Region 2 For Tuesday Nov. 7th: high near 47, low near 34• The overall State of Emergency for NJ is still in effect, with NJ ROIC and NJOEM A strong coastal nor’easter will threaten the region in the Nov. 7-8th timeframe. currently at operational Level 4. All 21 counties are still included for Public and Strong force wind gusts (55-65 mph) and moderate coastal flooding are likely during Individual Assistance in areas determined to have been adversely affected by the this storm. Major coastal flooding is possible, with the high tides around midday event declared a major disaster by POTUS on October 30, 2012 (NJEOC) Wed. being of the most concern. There is a threat of wintry precipitation in northwest NJ and the Poconos.• In support of an aggressive power restoration effort, the President has approved For the most current updates visit weather.gov/phi a 100 percent cost share for ten days, starting October 31, for emergency work performed by state, tribal and local governments to restore emergency power and transportation assistance required to perform this emergency work, including direct federal assistance for New Jersey. (FEMA)• The Secretary of Health and Human Service has declared New Jersey a Public Health Emergency exists and has existed since October 26, 2012 in the State of New Jersey. (HHS) IMPACTDEATH TOLL: 28POWER OUTAGES: 566,043 TRANSIT UPDATE – County by county summary here – Google Crisis Map detailing NJ Power Outages NJ TRANSIT and infrastructure has been severely – For Updated Utility Restoration Plans, click here: PSEG, JCP&L (Counties, impacted by the Hurricane, and residents are Towns), ACE and RECO encouraged to travel outside of morning and afternoon peak periods to avoid delays and crowdingPUBLIC HEALTH IMPACT AND RESPONSE:• The Department of Health today is making public health experts available • RAIL AND LIGHT RAIL SERVICE, CLICK HERE through the states 2-1-1 system to answer questions about food and water • BUS AND ACCESS LINK SERVICE, CLICK HERE safety and mold removal due to the affects of Hurricane Sandy • EMERGENCY SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE TO• To reach health experts, call 2-1-1 or 1-866-234-0964. Public Health officials will FERRIES/MANHATTAN, CLICK HERE be available to take calls 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 5 pm on • NJ TRANSIT BUS ROUTES THAT PARALLEL NJ weekends. The 2-1-1 human services hotline is open 24/7. (nj.com) TRANSIT RAIL STATIONS, CLICK HERE • NJ TRANSIT BUS ROUTES BY TOWN, CLICK HERE SHELTERS61 Shelters open throughout all 21 NJ counties Click here for most current information on transit, power, fuel, and public health notices.
  22. 22. WATER SYSTEMS SUBJECT TO A BOIL WATER ADVISORY (NOVEMBER 5, 2012)Middlesex County (1)• Middlesex Water Company - Carteret, Edison, Highland Park, Metuchen, South Amboy, South Plainfield, and all sections of Woodbridge. Over the next few hours, customers can expect to see significant drops in water pressure and loss of water service. Customers are encouraged to store a minimum of 3 gallons of tap water for each person, each day in addition to supplies of bottled water they may have secured as part of their storm preparations.Ocean County (4)• Fountainhead Parks – Jackson Township, Ocean County• Long Beach Township Water Department - Brant Beach, Long Beach Township• Ship Bottom Water Department - Ship Bottom Borough• Stafford Township MUA - Cedar Bonnett Island, Stafford Township, Ocean CountyPassaic County (1)• Reflection Lakes Garden Apartment Complex, West MilfordWATER SYSTEM NOTICES HEALTHWIC: Clients having trouble due to vendors being closed and WIC agenciesclosed as a result of the hurricane, canvisit www.nj211.org or www.endhungernj.com for an updated lists of foodpantries and soup kitchens. GETTING HELP AND ADVICE ABOUT RECOVERY Click here for links on assistance for the following organizations: • NJOEM Public Assistance Program’s Page • FEMA Hurricane Sandy Recovery Page • Department of Health and Senior Services • Center for Disease Control on Safety Cleanup, Mold Issues and Protecting from Mold • DHS’ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services’ Office of Disaster and Terrorism • Tips for Flood Victims: How to Avoid Disaster Related Scams • NJ Department of Transportation • NJ 211
  23. 23. NEW JERSEY – ENERGY PETROLEUMOVERVIEW AND RECENT TIMELINE: ELECTRICITY • A total of 57 terminals in the path of Hurricane Sandy have reported on their status in the aftermath of the storm. As of 1:00 pm today (November 6), reports• In New Jersey, 537,089, 14% of current customers remain without power. Most indicate that 48 terminals are open and 9 terminals are shut. of the outages are concentrated in Bergen and Passaic Counties • Power was restored to the Linden, NJ petroleum power pipeline operated by• PSE&G has restored power to all refineries, 84 percent of the gas stations, and 88 Colonial. It is currently operational. percent of the schools in their service territory. • 12 counties in NJ will have gas rationing in effect from noon on November 3rd until the Governor declares the end of the State of EmergencyELECTRICAL • The Hess Refinery, which processes gas oils that are used in petroleum gas still• The State of New Jersey released power restoration plans from Public Service remains non-operational Electric and Gas, Jersey Central Power and Light, Atlantic City Electric, and Orange • On November 3rd , the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in consultation & Rockland. The updated restoration plans can be found in the “Information with the US Department of Energy, issued an emergency wavier of the Sources” section at: reformulated gasoline (RFG) that is in effect until November 20th http://www.state.nj.us/nj/home/features/spotlight/hurricane_sandy.shtml • On November 2nd, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Non• Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) reported this morning (November 6) that Action Assurance) permitting the loading and unloading of fuel at defined locations they hope to have 90 percent of customers restored by tomorrow morning in New Jersey and New York without the use of a vapor recovery device or vapor (November 7). They expect to restore service to most customers by Friday combustion device that is effective through November 17th (November 9), but stated that the majority of customers would be restored • Additionally, for those in New Jersey, the Department of Energy and EPA also issued an emergency waiver in effect through November 13th for the Ultra Low before then. PSE&G stated that they have one substation left out of service (in Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel specifications for mobile non-road diesel engine Bayonne) and hope to have it back in service today (November 6).• Orange and Rockland (O&R), serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania estimates to have all of the customers affected by Sandy back in service by Saturday (November 10), a day earlier than previously estimated.• Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) reported today (November 6) that the majority of customers are expected to be restored by tomorrow (November 7). Customers in the hardest-hit areas can expect to be restored throughout the following week. Most of the customers who remain without power live in Morris, Monmouth and Ocean counties. A significant number of customers will not be able to receive service until damaged roads, infrastructure and homes are rebuilt.• Atlantic City Electric (ACE) stated yesterday (November 5) that they are working to restore the remaining less than 1 percent of their customers and expected all who are able to accept power to be restored by early this morning (November 6).OIL SPILLThe NY and NJ Port are open to all vessels except for Arthur Kill south of the GoethalsBridge. The USCG said on Nov 5th that vessels must go at slow speeds in this area inorder to prevent disrupting the oil spill clean up of the Motiva terminal in New SOURCES:Jersey. As of 1:00 pm today (November 6) restrictions on the Arthur Kill remain in http://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/docs/2012_SitRep17_Sandy_11052012_300PM.pdf http://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/docs/2012_SitRep18_Sandy_11062012_1000AM_v_1.pdfplace. http://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/docs/2012_SitRep19_Sandy_11062012_300PM.pdf
  24. 24. NEW YORK NY Division Homeland Security & Emergency Services ROCKLAND COUNTY: Twitter / Facebook Rockland County Information - (Information found under Latest News - Hurricane Sandy Information)Gov. Cuomo Friday afternoon, 10/26 declared a state of emergency for all 62 counties inadvance of Hurricane Sandy in anticipation of severe weather impacting New York. – Two-hundred (200) food service establishments (FSEs)were visited. Ten (10) FSEs with private water supplies are under BWOs. IMPACT Three (3) FSEs are still not open due to power loss. – Piermont water supply booster is on backup generator power. New• DEATH TOLL: 48 Hempstead well field is on backup generator power. Piermont/Upper Grandview is on a Boil Water Order.• MAJOR DISASTER DECLARATION:THE following counties under PA-B include – Two (2) shelters are providing warmth, power, food and cots. direct federal assistance: Bronx County, Kings County, Nassau County, New – Four (4) sewage treatment plants are still operating on emergency York County, Queens County, Richmond County , Rockland County, power. Sixty-four (64) systems are operational. Forty-one (41) Westchester County and Suffolk County. systems are on generator power. Seven (7) systems are on boil water orders. 9 systems are still in question.• HEALTHCARE CENTERS: As of 1300 November 5, 2012 there are 88 health care facilities remaining on generator power: 4 hospitals, 59 nursing homes and 25 Adult Care Facilities (ACFs.)DRINKING WATER ADVISORIES FOLLOWING HURRICANE SANDY DO NOT DRINKBOIL WATER NOTICES: See Link PHARMACIES THAT ARE OPEN AND DELIVERING See Link NOTE: We will look at Bronx County, Kings County, Nassau County, New York County, Queens County, and Richmond County in future reports.
  25. 25. NEW YORKSUFFOLK COUNTY WESTCHESTER COUNTY: The countys Emergency Operations Center remains• WARMING CENTERS: Warming Centers will provide residents without fully mobilized to deal with the storm expected Wednesday and Thursday. electricity a chance to get warm, charge electronic devices, get some food. Westchester County Information• SHELTERS: New County Shelter at St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue • FATALITIES: There were three storm-related fatalities in the county, two Huntington Town Providing Shelter at YMCA. Click here to learn more. in North Salem and one on the Sprain Brook Parkway. There are numerous smaller water suppliers on generators• SUFFOLK COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT UPDATES SCDHS advises residents NOT to include household hazardous waste (pesticides, • POWER: As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, Con Ed reports 47,353 customers without oil, paint, solvents etc.) with regular trash items. Further instructions regarding power in Westchester. Con Ed estimates full restoration by Sunday, proper disposal and collection of household hazardous waste will be November 11. NYSEG reports 6,416 in Westchester. NYSEG expects full forthcoming. restoration by midnight Wednesday, Nov. 7. – Water Quality - The Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) • PUBLIC HEALTH: has received reports of fuel spills and potential sewage releases in areas that o 229 food establishments are without power and 19 food continue to be affected by standing floodwater, including Lindenhurst, establishments are on generator power Mastic and several other low-lying areas of the County that have been o The Westchester County Department of Health is advising people flooded by Sandy. Residents are advised to avoid contact with residual who use the Hudson River waters for recreational purposes, namely floodwaters. Standing flood water can be a source of diseases such as swimmers, boaters, kayakers and windsurfers to avoid direct contact tetanus. Ensure tetanus immunization is up to date. Exposure to fuel can lead to respiratory problems (inhalation) and to skin conditions (direct with the water until further notice contact.) • SEWAGE: Yonkers Sewage Treatment Plant is on by-pass and remains – Reports of fuel discharge, such as visible floating products, sightings of the only station on by-pass in Westchester County. The pumps have detached tanks, or significant persistent odor, should be provided to NYSDEC been dewatered and are in the process of being rebuilt. at 1(800) 457- 7362. NYSDEC will manage fuel problems through their Spills Program. – Food In general, foods that have come into contact with floodwaters are NOT safe to eat, and areas that have been subjected to flooding should be decontaminated prior to reoccupation.
  26. 26. NEW YORK - ENERGY OVERVIEW AND RECENT TIMELINE: ELECTRICITY • Orange and Rockland (O&R), serving New Jersey, New York, and • New York currently has the second greatest number of individuals without Pennsylvania estimates to have 90% of the customers affected by Sandy power. As of 3:00 pm EST on November 6th, there were a total of 348,985, 4% back in service by Saturday (November 10), a day earlier than previously of the customers . estimated. NEXT STEPS: ELECTRICAL PETROLEUM GAS • On November 5th, Consolidated Edison (ConEd) announced that all • On 5 November the Energy Information Administration (EIA) customers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Westchester will updated its report on the Retail Motor Gasoline Supply in the have power restored by midnight November 11 New York City Metropolitan Area. EIA estimated, based on an emergency survey of gasoline availability, that 24 percent of • Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) expects 90 percent of their customers to gas stations in the New York Metropolitan area do not have be restored by Wednesday (November 7). The company stated that gasoline available for sale. This is a decrease from the 27 restoration for customers in Brookville, St. James, and Port Jefferson may be a percent which EIA estimated did not have gasoline available for week or more beyond the 7th. In addition to setting up portable generation to sale on November 4. The full results and the methodology can start to bring power to the main roads, traffic lights, and some housing be found at: complexes, LIPA has deployed restoration crews to begin construction to build http://www.eia.gov/special/disruptions/hurricane/sandy/gasoli a bypass system to get transmission to the Rockaway Beach substation. Once ne_updates.cfm power is distributed to the substation in the Rockaway area, crews will begin to energize the distribution system. Additionally, work continues to repair all • As of 2pm EDT on Nov 5th, 20 of 22 impacted petroleum other substations on the peninsula which suffered extreme flood damage terminals were open in New York from the storm. In the interim, mobile substations are temporarily being brought in and sited. LIPA On November 4th, LIPA estimated that there are up • On November 2nd, the US Department of Energy was planning to 100,000 customers from the most severely flooded areas on Long Island to loan Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) from the Northeast whose homes and businesses currently may be unable to receive power. Home Heating Oil Reserve to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Two million gallons from a heating oil reserve in CT will • Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) has teamed with National Grid in a task be distributed to responders in New York and New Jersey force that is working to restore power in New York City. The team has been engaged in plans with the New York City Housing Authority, New York Police OTHER CONCERNS: Department, Fire Department of New York, and Office of Emergency • Forecasts show that the Northeast is supposed to be hit by a Management (OEM) to develop a plan of action to determine the most Nor’Easter at some point during the middle of this week, which effective approach to energize homes and businesses that are able to receive may undo some of the recovery work and further impact those power. The team today (November 6) is prioritizing the restoration of the affected by Hurricane Sandy Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. • Shortage of petroleum gas • According to the NY Times on November 1st, 60 percent of gasSOURCES: Long lines, some fights, and even reports of price gouging havehttp://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/docs/2012_SitRep17_Sandy_11052012_300PM.pdfhttp://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/docs/2012_SitRep18_Sandy_11062012_1000AM_v_1.pdf been reported as a result of this fuel shortagehttp://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/docs/2012_SitRep19_Sandy_11062012_300PM.pdf
  27. 27. NEW YORK CITY IMPACT POWER OUTAGES• DEATH TOLL: 41 in New York City• POWER OUTAGES: Approximately 440,000 (at end of day Nov. 1) RESPONSEPUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY DECLARED WEDNESDAY (10/31)• Army Corps of Engineers have been pumping water out of the subways.• State-requested waiver approved for temporary health care facilities. *Outage numbers as 6 NOV 2012, 8:59 PM EST• Ambulance contract with FEMA utilized (FEMA). Click here for an updated map of outages in the NYC service area.FOOD AND WATER DISTRIBUTION SITES• 1 million meals and 1 million bottles of water to New Yorkers TRANSIT SITUATION• Increase in National Guard personnel in NYC to 2,800 for distribution ( BUSES: Bus service will run on a near normal SUBWAY• Click here to view updated distribution site locations. schedule. Expect delays and crowding. Current status.. Most service restored. Latest list [pdf]. Latest map [pdf].SHELTERS TRAINS BRIDGES AND TUNNELS• The city’ is consolidating down to 15 shelters • PATH service resumed between Journal Square and • Bridges Into Manhattan All• Click here for the Google Map of shelters in NYC. 33rd Street on Tuesday. bridges into Manhattan are now open.GAS SHORTAGE • AMTRAK - Modified service to and from New York• NY1 Reports many drivers are having trouble finding gas or open stations. City and points south has resumed.. • Brooklyn Battery Tunnel – Closed• Senator Schumer announced the port has reopened for fuel ships. • Long Island Rail Road - On Tuesday, there will be a • Holland Tunnel - Open for buses. HOSPITALS modified schedule on all branches except the Long Beach branch. (Map: PDF) Metro-North Limited • Lincoln Tunnel - Open.BETH ISRAEL MEDICAL CENTER On backup power, with two new generators standing service. Regular service on the Hudson, Harlem andby as of Thursday (11/1) • Queens Midtown Tunnel - Closed. New Haven lines returns Saturday• Only functioning hospital in lower Manhattan • Rockaways Bridges - The Cross • NJ Transit Rail Some or all service restored onEVACUATED Bay Bridge and the Marine Northeast Corridor, Raritan Valley, Main/Port Jervis, Parkway Bridge are mostly open.• NYU Langone Medical Center: Waiting for full power restoration Atlantic City lines. All others suspended. Free buses• Manhattan VA from Metropark. Latest update. AIRPORTS • J.F.K. Open• New York Downtown • La Guardia Open Bellevue • Newark-Liberty Open• Coney IslandHOSPITALS ACCEPTING PATIENTSMount Sinai Hospital, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Luke’s Hospital,New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and Long Island Jewish Hospital.The Boston Herald; NY1.com; PressConnects | Daily News View the latest transit service information
  29. 29. NYC - POWER FAILURES AS OF 1400 HRS, 6 NOV 12 - NYT
  30. 30. NYC - WASTE TREATMENTNYC has activated its Flash Flood Emergency Plan in anticipation of the storm that willhit the are a7-8 NOV 2012. Five of New York’s 14OVERVIEW OF THE PLAN wastewater treatment plants are in the lowest-The Flash Flood Emergency Plan describes a coordinated response to flash floods in lying areas of the city,New York City. The plan contains detailed procedures to minimize a flood’s effects on within the mandatoryNew Yorkers and their property. evacuation zone. When the plants get filled toPLAN OBJECTIVES: capacity or flooded, – Reinforcing weather monitoring protocols among City agencies to increase sewage and stormwater situational awareness mix and bypass the plant, – Targeting stormwater infrastructure for maintenance in recurring flood flowing directly into New locations York’s waterways — and now, into flooded streets – Monitoring flood-prone locations during intense rain to target maintenance, and buildings. Source: emergency response, and recovery NYTimes – Providing recovery assistance to affected populations following a flash floodCURRENT SITUATION: STATEN ISLAND: ROCKAWAYS: Using two excavators and a front-end loader, Sewer infrastructure was inundated with sand crews have removed over 500 cubic yards of and debris and crews are working to clear the • The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) crews are cleaning debris that had accumulated in Jefferson Creek lines to allow for proper drainage. A vactor truck catch basins and flushing sewer lines of debris that was washed into the and was impeding natural drainage. Repairs has been cleaning sewer lines block by block and have also been completed to a tide gate which is at Beach 122nd Street and Newport Avenue system during Hurricane Sandy. Crews are also working to prepare keeps seawater from entering the Creek. today. Crews are working with the Department wastewater treatment plants an additional flow of stormwater from the Crews are moving block by block and have of Sanitation to clear debris from streets and storm, and are focusing on low-lying and coastal areas throughout the cleaned over 100 catch basins and flushed inspect water and sewer infrastructure. A sewer lines. A vactor truck is cleaning the large survey of the coastline found that five sewer five boroughs. sewer line that feeds the Oakwood Beach outfall locations were blocked with debris from Treatment Plant on the south shore to Hurricane Sandy. The debris is being removed • Ten of the City’s 14 in-city wastewater treatment plants and more than optimize capacity and mitigate back-ups. today to mitigate sewer back-ups. Crews have An additional vactor truck is cleaning the repaired 11 fire hydrants that were knocked off 40 of the City’s 96 sanitary pumping stations were damaged during sewer line on Midland Avenue from Moreland their moorings and dug out five that were buried Hurricane Sandy. DEP crews and contractors have worked around the Avenue to Father Capodano Boulevard. Crews in sand. All remaining hydrants in the Rockaways continue to clean sewer lines on Hylan have been inspected. clock so that all pumping stations and treatment plants are now Boulevard, focusing on the Jefferson Avenue operational and are handling all of the city’s wastewater. More than 99% area that suffered heavy flooding during Hurricane Sandy. Crews are also cleaning JAMAICA ESTATES: of the wastewater is receiving full secondary treatment and all plants 12 DEP crews are assisting Con Ed by removing catch basins on Father Capodano Boulevard have been restored to their pre-Hurricane Sandy wet weather capacity. from Seaview Avenue to Midland Avenue downed trees and limbs that have pulled down Work will continue to prepare the plants for the expected additional flow power lines. Yesterday, 30 trees were removed BROOKLYN: from a four block stretch of this neighborhood. of stormwater and sandbags are being placed around the plants to Two vactor trucks are cleaning sewer lines in protect critical electrical equipment from a storm surge Seagate today. Crews are inspecting and cleaning catch basins in Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay,Sources: NYC.GOV | DEP Gerritsen Beach and Manhattan Beach.
  31. 31. MOLD AND ALLERGENS• Homes flooded for at least 48 hours are likely to experience mold growth• These wet materials can also serve as a breeding ground for other microorganisms like viruses and bacteria• Mold growth can cause respiratory symptoms in everyone including: – Stuffy nose, congestion – Irritated eyes or skin – Wheezing, coughing, breathing problems – Sinus infections – Sore throat – Flu-like aches and pains – Fatigue• Persons with asthma, allergies, or other breathing conditions like lung disease and those immunocompromised are more The CT DPH recommends these steps to prevent mold growth: sensitive to mold growth. • Quickly remove standing water and porous materials that – They may experience trouble breath or shortness of have been wet for at least 48 hours breath • Ventilate the home to get rid of excess moisture and reduce – Those with lung disease are in danger of developing humidity lung infections – Use fans, dehumidifiers, air conditioners• Mold can be detected by sight (discoloration) or a musty smell – Open doors and windows• The faster you act to prevent it, the more of your home you • Clean mold from hard surfaces by scrubbing with diluted may be able to salvage detergent—wear a mask when doing so • Porous items that cannot be cleaned and dried should be thrown out (boxes, insulation, carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture, sheet rock) Call 211 For Help and Information • Continue to check for mold growth or moisture in the home. • For large areas of mold growth– consider calling a professionalSources: CBS News, Huffington Post, WebMD
  32. 32. FOOD SAFETY FOOD SAFETY TIPS Following a power loss, the CDC notes that cities generally see a • The refrigerator keeps foods at a proper temperature for 4 hours sharp increase in foodborne illnesses among residents • Those without power may end up eating spoiled food that they when the door remains closed. • A full freezer keeps food safe for up to 48 hours, 24 hours if only had no way of preserving by refrigeration. half full • Additionally, food that came into contact with flood waters may • If power is out for more than 4 hours, throw away meats, eggs, harbor bacteria and other pathogens that can make people sick. dairy products, and cut fruits and vegetables from the fridge, • Food that has been tainted by bacteria cannot be detected by they are no longer safe because the food may have become too sight, smell, or taste. warm and foodborne bacteria can grow! • Cooking food will not make it safe to eat! • Freezer food may safely be refrozen if the temperature does not go above 40˚F or the food still contains ice crystals. “When in doubt, throw it out!” • Any food that was in contact with flood waters should be thrown out! • Metal cans and retort pouches can salvaged if: – You remove labels which may harbor dirt and bacteria – Wash the can or pouches with soap and hot water that is safe for drinking – Sanitize them by placing them in boiling water or a solution of 1tbs of liquid chlorine bleach for 15 minutes • Countertops, pots, pans, dishes, and utensils that came into contact with flood waters are also dangerous, even after trying as bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens may remain on their surface – Be sure to clean these with soap and hot water and sanitize by boiling in hot water or with a chlorine bleach solutionMen dispose of shopping carts full of food damaged by Hurricane Sandy at theFairway supermarket in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn in New York, on October31, 2012. The food was contaminated by flood waters that rose to approximatelyfour feet in the store during the storm. Source: The Atlantic Sources: USDA, Think Progress, CT DPH