Webinar: "Let's Get Mobile: Changing Your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery
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Webinar: "Let's Get Mobile: Changing Your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery






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  • I work at an IT development shop, Compuware, and am beginning research on innovative ways to compile, store, deliver, and measure software documentation development.

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  • do you have any recommendations for researching mobile -enabled learning? Thanks

    Jeremy Eckhous
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    Webinar: "Let's Get Mobile: Changing Your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery Webinar: "Let's Get Mobile: Changing Your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery Presentation Transcript

    • Let’s Get Mobile: Changing yourConcept of Mobile Content Designand Delivery PRESENTED BY: Stacey Harris, VP Research Brandon Hall Group Mark Hellinger, President and CEO, Xyleme
    • About Brandon Hall GroupA preeminent research based advisory and analyst firm. Covering topicareas that provide strategic insights for executives and practitionersthat are responsible for learning, talent, growth and business resultswithin their organizations. Our focus is on ensuring continuousbusiness performance.• Established in 1992• Nearly 200,000 subscribers• Over 10,000 clients globally• Industry’s top rated blog
    • Presenters Stacey Harris Mark HellingerVP Research & Advisory Services President and CEO Brandon Hall Group Xyleme @StaceyHarrisHR @mhellinger @Bhallgroup @XylemeLearning
    • Thank You to Our Sponsors!
    • How to Ask QuestionsDuring SessionType your questions into the question box.AfterwardFor more information, please contact us at:Email: success@brandonhall.comWebsite: www.brandonhall.comPhone: (561) 306-3576All participants will receive a copy of the Slide Deck and Session Recording within 24 hours of the event.
    • Agenda Let’s Get Mobile: Changing your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery• Why is Current M-Learning Not Working Today?• Implications of Social Learning in a Consumer Driven Market• Implications of Device Specific Design, in a Consumer Driven Market• In Action, see Bravais and Pastiche address the questions• Implications of Content Management, in a Consumer Driven Market• Test Drive - Access Brandon Hall Group paper, “Mobile Learning, The Tipping Point” and Brandon Hall Group Survey from your mobile device.
    • Poll Question 1 How do You Currently Offer M-Learning?1. We’ve made our e-Learning available in an m-Learning environment2. We’ve designed m-learning content specifically for m-learning delivery3. We’ve purchased m-Learning content off the shelf or outsourced4. All the Above5. Other If you marked Other, please provide a Comment in the QA Box
    • Are M-Learning Projects Failing? % of Training Delivered in M-Learning % of Training Delivered in M-Performance M-Learning M-Performance% of Training Delivered in M-Learning Training Delivered in M-LearningM-Learning % of Training Delivered in M-Performance M-Performance Delivered in M-Performance Leaders Access Learning on Mobile Individual Contributors Access Learning on Mobile More than 60% of the time – 17% More an 60% of the time – 12% Less than 60% of the time – 33% Less than 60% of the time – 35% No percentage – 50% No percentage – 51%BHG, Prelim Relationship Centered Learning Survey 2012, N =366
    • Transition from the Information age to ?Transition from Ag Fueled Economy To Industrial Economy Transition from Industrial to Information Age
    • How Far Does The Learning Organization Need to Go….to Meet These ChallengesBHG Learning Trends Webinar 2012, N =171
    • Learning Progression
    • Learning Function ConcernsBHG Learning Trends Webinar 2012, N =171
    • What is a Learning Ecosystem? Why does it matter?Ecosystem Definition:Complexity of living and non-livingorganisms, their physical environment, and Learning Ecosystemall their interrelationships in a particular unitof space. Living Elements • Learners Britannica 2011 • Subject Matter Experts • Facilitators/Instructors • Coaches & Mentors • Performance appraisers Non-Living • Learning Technology Elements • Content • Work or Goals • Learning Access Points/Environment • Learning Requirements Supporting • With each living Relationships/ element Connections • With each non-living element
    • Relationship-Centered Learning What we know today….• Creates a self-sustaining learning ecosystem• Provides the learner with an environment• Takes into consideration how all of these factors relate to each other: – Performance Outcomes – Learner needs and expectations – Work – Learning - Social Environments – Context of content and Information• Weighs these factors evenly, and puts the learner in control
    • Consumer Driven Learning Experience Learner Requirements Learning Mobile Design ConsiderationsEasy to use - intuitive Mirror native environment UI’s Lists, layers, and big buttonsLearning experience fits to delivery Responsive Web Designmode Application versus HTML5 "Human Interface Guidelines"Content is accessible no matter what Multiple Application Formatsdevice I’m using Location web accessible (to URL or non URL)Content is accessible in any location or Cloud Storage Accessiblework environment Online and offline access optionsEasy to find and Easy to share Cataloging and Searching capabilities Forward, e-mail, tweet, etc.Easy to comment, make notes, add to… Cloud Saving Capabilities (Notes, social feedback, comment tools)Engaging in art, modern conventions, Colors, Textures, Patterns, Shadowsand style Configurable visuals versus simplicity
    • Implications of Social Learning in a Consumer Driven World
    • Social Learning Myths• Social platforms do not = Social Learning• Informal Learning does not = Social Learning• If you build it – they will neither come - nor participate…• Social learning is not a fad nor a cure for everything ..… It has value and a purpose
    • What is Social Learning?Definition:Social Learning is a form of learning in which the learner acquires information, skills, and knowledge from interactions with both formal and informal members of a set group The learning is affected by the act of learning in a group environment, and the actual learning becomes greater than the sum of individual learning parts.
    • Combining Social Learning & Social Living http://www.digitalbuzzblog.c om
    • Implications of Device SpecificDesign, in a Consumer Driven World
    • Poll Question 2 Has your organization made mobile tablets available for employees?1. No, we haven’t discussed them2. No, but we’ve discussed them extensively3. Yes, for sales or field professionals only4. Yes, but for another specific employee group5. Yes, for everyone in the company If you marked Yes, but for another specific employee group – please comment on that group in the Q&A box.
    • Mobile Tablet Trends Mobile Market share wars, creating realistic pricing 2011 Tablets sales ranged from 70 to 60 million. Estimated 2012 Tablet Market Shares Estimated 2012 Tablet Market ShareEstimated 2012 Tablet Market Shares 2012 Market Market SharesEstimated 2012 TabletTabletShare By 2015 the market for yearly shipped tablets will be at 287.2 million IHS iSuppli.com
    • Mobile Phone TrendsAn estimated 491.4 million Smartphones were sold worldwide in 2011, IDC
    • M-Learning Still Viewed as a Field ActivityBHG Meeting Mobile Need Webinar Dec 2011, N =189
    • Poll Question 3 Are Tablet and Mobile Phone Learning Treated differently?1. Yes, our content is designed differently for the tablet versus phone environment all the time.2. Sometimes, our tablet content is designed differently for the tablet versus phone environment.3. No, our mobile content is designed the same whether it will be viewed on a tablet or phone.4. We do not currently offer mobile learning. If you mark none of the above, please comment on your learning audience in the
    • Consumer Driven Expectations Computer PC Mobile Tablet Mobile Phone Optimized for screen Optimize for 9 to 5 inch Optimize for 3 to 4.5 inch resolutions screens screens Optimized for mouse Optimized for finger swish Optimized for finger swish (long) (short)Optimized for audio with Optimized for both audio Optimized for both audio head-phones headphones and without headphones and without Optimized for high- Optimized to run off-line Optimized for low- bandwidths bandwidths Information & Link Rich Visually Rich & Socially Simple & Social Friendly Flash, Video, & More App & Video App & VideoAccessing during focused Accessing in a relaxed work Accessing on the run work time environment
    • Bravais & Pastiche Demo Screen
    • Implications ContentManagement, in a Consumer Driven World
    • Content Is Critical In 2011 everyone became content creators – The world became content consumers• Feedback• Comments• Articles and Posts• Videos• Pictures• Answers• Etc…
    • Accessing Learning Content isn’t the Issue… Expected amount Employees need to access informal resourc Expected Average time Employees need to access Learning resources Expected amount Employees need to access informal re Employees need to access informal r Expected Average time Employees need to access Learning resourcesBHG, Prelim Relationship Centered Learning Survey 2012, N =366
    • Common Consumer Content ComplaintsCommon User Content Complaints Content OpportunitiesThere is too much content Searching, Tagging, Referencing RelationshipsI can’t comment or add to content Managed editing, managed comment trackingI can’t re-use content Portable content, referenced content toolsI can’t access content where and Cloud storage, access points, loadingwhen I want pointsContent is not available when I Cloud storage, access points, accessneed it toolsI can’t share content with others Link backs, URLS, Referencing capabilitiesContent isn’t helpful Managed, reviewed, oversight capabilities
    • Test Drive“Mobile Learning, The Tipping Point” Get the “Mobile Learning, The Tipping Point” Research Paper Follow-up materials will be available through Pastiche on the app store as a free download – Additional information will be sent out via email once it goes live For more information follow @XylemeLearning and #LetsGetMobile
    • Summary• An m-learning strategy is about more than content transition.• The shift taking place in learning today is as extensive, if not more extensive, than the change from industrial to information age economies• Social learning is a learning approach – not a platform• Optimizing learning environments – is critical no matter the device• When done effectively, content management will grow versus hinder learning opportunities• Know your audience… Know your level of maturity… and only take a step forward if it makes sense.
    • Questions Stacey Harris VP Research & Advisory Services Brandon Hall Group Stacey.Harris@Brandonhall.com @StaceyHarrisHR Linkedin: Stacey Harris Mark Hellinger President and CEO Xyleme mark.hellinger@xyleme.com @mhellinger Linkedin: Mark HellingerFor more information, please contact Brandon Hall Group at success@brandonhall.com or (561) 865-5017.