Xuber upgrade and migration services


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Whether your business is upgrading from an existing Xuber
software solution or migrating to Xuber for the first time, we
help everyone to make a smooth transition so that business
can carry on as normal.

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  • To download, visit www.xuber.com/migration-upgrade
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Xuber upgrade and migration services

  1. 1. Xuber ServicesXuber Upgrade andMigration ServicesLeave no one behind.
  2. 2. Whether your business is upgrading from an existing Xubersoftware solution or migrating to Xuber for the first time, wehelp everyone to make a smooth transition so that businesscan carry on as normal.Xuber Upgrade ServicesFor customers upgrading from one Xuber release to anotherGoals for a Successful Upgrade We work with you to determine the scope No one understands the needs of the• uccessful transition of business processes S of an upgrade in terms of your Xuber insurance industry better than Xuber. leveraging new functionality introduced with implementation, assess the impact of You need a fast, accurate and proven a new software version changes, identify configuration changes, transition. Our upgrade services have been determine test requirements and support proven to deliver a fast, accurate transition.• uccessful transition of administration S you on the ground when the upgrade is We’re not so different. services and IT operations functions being applied.• tability of business operations once the S Supported Products upgrade is deployed to production Future proofing your strategy • Genius• tability and accuracy of reporting for S You need assurance that your business • Iris business critical and statutory information strategy is underpinned by a secure solution. • Elgar At Xuber we future proof your strategy byDon’t Panic guaranteeing continued investment in our • BrokasureYou need your day to day business activities software solutions together with a set of • Xuber for Insurersto remain stable when upgrades are defined services supported by the • Xuber for Reinsurersimplemented. Xuber provides services that necessary tools. • Xuber for Brokerswill support you throughout the upgradeprocess ensuring a smooth transition from • Xuber for MGAsone version to another, with minimal impact,so that business can carry on as normal.Upgrade Process ding • C Iris • Elgar • B • Ce rting Dashboard ontrac s• rok ng Repo t• illi Directory / s/B iu as usin ess R u B nce en Su pp or t et ices / Mes s• a S re ur G er ro saging ns im v /I n –C io la at ur •C fig on ed /C y ow lic kfl or Po W W ng e or U / Config gi g kfl Wo ra d sa gin pg u r a t ow es rk fl /M sa ra i o n / I n s ow es ce pg vi /M de /C er U Se tS es on or Up ic fig pp rv ra su Su de S up p or t u tio Xub s ra gra er Platfor mds / Bu gra n es nc /I ns ura nce sin e Di re c tor de Up ss r oa y/ ine D ire shb Rep Bus c tor y / Re p or tin g D a or tin g Dash b o ard s /
  3. 3. We have strong capability in migrating customersto our software – 160 successful migrations.Xuber Migration ServicesFor customers moving to a Xuber solution for the first timeGoals for a Successful Upgrade Don’t Worry• uccessful preservation and accessibility S If you’re new to Xuber you may be A Data Migration work stream provides the for core business information concerned about migrating to a new solution. framework for transformation of data from one• inimal disruptive and business continuity M Our migration specialists deliver successful solution or environment to another. You’ll be at go-live migrations all the time. involved throughout the process from scope definition through to deployment to ensure • ccurate reporting for business critical A Xuber’s solution delivery methodology a successful migration and continued and statutory information provides a standard, scalable approach based business success.• ully prepared administrative and F on best practise, consistency and reducing risk. end-user communitiesMigration Process Strategy Initiation Analysis Design Build Deploy CloseKEY OBJECTIVESEstablish Business Confirm Scope Data Profiling Design Configure Build, Prepare, Test, Migration Execution Migration Sign OffRequirements Mapping, Verify Validate Data Reconciliation Agree Acceptance Assess Data Quality Post Live Support Transformation MigrationDefine Migration criteria Define Test Strategy ReconciliationStrategy Approve Findings Finalise RequirementsOur ExpertiseWe recognise that migrations can present • xtracting data from one or more existing E • eference Data mapping and reconciliation Rchallenges, so we combine established tools, source systems to maintain consistency and effective in-depth industry knowledge and technical • ssessment and validation of data integrity A management reportingskills to ensure an effective and efficient and cleanliness • ffective migration planning to ensure Etransition. If your strategy doesn’t fit a standard business continuity even with excessive • ata cleansing and augmentation as Dmigration, we have the expertise to provide data volumes necessary to maximise data qualityinnovative processes for successful results –even with the most complex migrations:
  4. 4. To find out more or to talk to someoneabout your upgrade or migration needs,please contact us at xuber.com©Xchanging 2012 Xuber UK Xuber USA Xuber India Xuber Malaysia Headquarters 200 W. Adams, Suite 1175, 271 Udyog Vihar, Phase-II, Unit 2B-2-1, Plaza Sentral, 34 Leadenhall Street, Chicago, IL 60606, USA Gurgaon-122016, India Jalan Stesen Sentral, KL Sentral, London, EC3A 1AX, UK +1 877 288-3333 +91 (0)78382 43333 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +44 (0)20 3604 3333 team@xuber.com team@xuber.com +91 (0)78382 43333 team@xuber.com team@xuber.com