Xuber and Lockton: Case study


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Using Xuber’s configured software, Lockton has continued to expand into a world leading insurance broker with offices in 60 countries. Lockton was seeking a scalable, reliable, multi-national, insurance software solution. Xuber delivered a scalable, reliable, multi-national, insurance software solution. We’re not so different.

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Xuber and Lockton: Case study

  1. 1. Xuber Case StudyXuber and LocktonWe’re not so different.Using Xuber’s configured software, Lockton has continuedto expand into a world leading insurance broker with officesin 60 countries. Lockton was seeking a scalable, reliable,multi-national, insurance software solution. Xuber delivered ascalable, reliable, multi-national, insurance software solution.We’re not so different.The CustomerLockton is the world’s largest independent, privately owned global insurance broker. The company has more than4,450 professionals working throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Incombination with Lockton’s strategic relationships, this global presence gives Lockton the ability to service clients invirtually every country in the world, focusing on the specific and differing needs of individual customers in both retailand wholesale sectors. Head of IT at Lockton, and responsible for insurance software solutions, is Chris Wheeler. Histeam provides IT services to around 800 Lockton insurance professionals, mainly within the UK, with others in theMiddle East, Norway, Bermuda and Ireland.
  2. 2. The Background The Challenge Operating in a unique market, LocktonIn 2000, trading as Alexander Forbes, In the competitive insurance market, required an agile and bespoke applicationLockton began the implementation of organisations need to easily adapt. A key from a highly specialised partner to deliverBrokasure – Xuber’s existing software challenge for Lockton has been adopting their business services. In Chris Wheeler’sapplication to automate the company’s line-of-business software applications words, “We want to work with providers thatentire wholesale insurance life cycle. that offer scalability and flexibility to understand the market and there aren’t many accommodate its continued organic growth. of them around.As an early adopter of the Brokasure solution,and now one of the largest Xuber customers “Most of our changes and expansions are Xuber knows the market so well, and within the UK, Lockton has 350 staff using the planned, but sometimes it’s about having a high level of professional integrity, they’reapplication on licence. Lockton continues a system that can react quickly to change,” able to effectively implement market reformto use the feature-rich capabilities of Xuber commented Wheeler. initiatives. It’s definitely a long term partnership”.today, servicing the more complex needsof its high value wholesale insuranceservices business.The Xuber Solution We’ve built a number of middleware layers, Lockton and the Brokasure User Group wereXuber supports the full insurance life cycle, predominantly around reporting, that instrumental in supporting the transitionend-to-end. A unique range of integrated allows us to report globally and drill down of the application from the AS400 systemmodules cover quotes, policies, transactions regionally and locally. A big benefit comes to an Oracle based platform in 2001 – anand claims. The application contains a from Xuber’s parent company, Xchanging investment that has resulted in the companycomprehensive risk detail capture facility, and their insurance processing experience – rolling out Xuber’s software across itsfrom quote through to firm order. The risk acts understanding the other side of processing business units.as the driver for all transaction processing, and being able to test and adapt systems Xuber continues to invest in productaccounting and statistical reporting. accordingly,” said Wheeler. enhancement and in June 2012, a newBrokasure, Xuber’s software solution for Designed for specialised London and release of Brokasure delivered a significantbrokers, allows Lockton to record everything multi-national brokers, Brokasure has globalisation change of functionality to– from the simplest to the most complex been developed in close partnership with support brokers with an internationalof risks. As Wheeler explains, “Brokasure insurance brokers – a best practice which presence. “Overseas growth is central togives us the flexibility and scalability to continues today. It’s no coincidence that Lockton’s business strategy. It’s imperativemanage many different types of multi-national Chris Wheeler, Head of IT at Lockton is also that Xuber supports territorial variations suchclients, and it negates the need for separate Chairman of the Brokasure User Group (BUG), as multi-currencies across different lines ofwholesale systems and multiple legal entities. a forum for users that collectively invest in business and enables fast product-to-marketIt’s a reliable and stable platform – giving us the continual enrichment of the product and timescales,” commented Wheeler.peace of mind to deliver optimum levels of where Xuber plays a key role in ensuring thatcustomer service”. Using Xuber’s configured software, Lockton Brokasure can support current and future has continued to grow into a world leadingThe configurability of Xuber’s insurance market initiatives. insurance broker with offices in 60 countries.software has been an important aspect of the Customers and partners meet regularly Lockton was seeking a scalable, reliable,Lockton solution. The Brokasure application to discuss common challenges, system multi-national, insurance software solution.offers a range of pre-defined reports that development and training needs, and to Xuber delivered a scalable, reliable, multi-saves users a considerable amount of time share knowledge and business analysis. national, insurance software solution. We’rein creating tailored ones. “Brokasure has not so different.enabled us to consolidate and producereports consistently and easily.Benefits To receive our latest customer case studies,• Scalability – to respond to mergers and acquisitions or if you would like to become one, please contact us at xuber.com• Flexibility – to integrate with business needs• Future proof – technology to support current and future business requirements• Speed – of reaction to business and market change• Functionality – that enables business growth• Reliability – from stable software and proven customer service• Fully Configurable – to markets, businesses and users• Industry Expertise – from specialised knowledge and technical staff• Collaborative – with active User Group support©Xchanging 2012 Xuber UK Xuber USA Xuber India Xuber Malaysia Headquarters 200 W. 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