The Xuber Portfolio


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The most capable insurance platform

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The Xuber Portfolio

  1. 1. The Xuber Portfolio
  2. 2. Elgar Brokasure Iris Genius The Xuber Portfolio Most Capable Insurance Platform Available Xuber Products Xuber Services
  3. 3. The Xuber Portfolio Most Capable Insurance Platform Available
  4. 4. Xuber for Insurers • Single solution, global capability • The most capable componentised insurance technology solution available: • Xuber Policy • Xuber Claims • Xuber Billing • Xuber Ceding Our Next Generation Componentised Solution
  5. 5. Xuber for Reinsurers • Full assumed reinsurance life cycle • Integrated end-to-end solution • Unrivalled configurability and functionality: • Xuber Contract • Xuber Claims • Xuber Billing • Xuber Retro-Ceding Single Platform Solution with Global Capability
  6. 6. Xuber for MGAs and Xuber for Brokers Coming Soon - 2013 The same powerful technology platform for MGAs and Brokers
  7. 7. Underwriting • Submission and quote processing including name & submission clearance • Highly configurable product capability with line of business templates for workflow, data & UI • Quote data management with integrated workflow • Support for rating and benchmarking • Underwriting rules & principles • Document production and support for document management • Bind processing • Management information including dashboards • Distribution channel support Policy Administration • Extensively configurable product structure with template products • Policy data management with support for programmes, lineslips & declarations • Terms & conditions • Support for insurable interests • Co-insurance processing • Statistical financial transaction management • Risk analysis and assessment including dashboards • London Market support • Third party and Xuber component suite integration • Reporting
  8. 8. Claims Management • Full claims life cycle management including FNOL and coverage verification • Highly configurable product capability with line of business templates • Claims data management with integrated workflow • Highly configurable workflow allowing for fast track (low touch/no touch) automation • Multi currency capability for all transactions • Document production and support for Document management • Support for involved parties and Insurable Interest Claims Processing • Claims transaction management • Claims data management with integrated workflow • Payment terms and schedules • Payment processing and message integration including London Market support • Statistical financial transaction management • Management information including dashboards • Third party integration including Xuber component suite integration • Co-Insurance processing • Ceded reinsurance integration
  9. 9. Ledger and Billing Solution • Account data management • Account management and workflow • Allocations processing • Bank reconciliations processing • Month/year end closing process • Payment processing • Statement processing • Financial transaction management • Management information • Ceded RI integration • Co-insurance processing • Commutation processing • General ledger integration • Support for document production and management • Third party access portal eg policy holder, agent • Third party integration • Xuber component suite integration • London Market support • Message integration
  10. 10. Proportional Treaty • Automatic RI attachment • Ceded reinsurance management & workflow • Ceded RI data management • Proportional treaty RI calculation processing • Facultative proportional RI calculation processing • Terms & conditions • Portfolio transfer • Security processing • Management information & dashboards • Ceded RI statement processing • Support for document production & management Excess of Loss Treaty • Facultative non-proportional RI calculation processing • Non-proportional treaty RI calculation processing • Statistical financial transaction management • Third party integration • Xuber component suite integration • London Market Support • Common account processing • Commutation processing
  11. 11. International Insurance Suite Genius is a comprehensive software solution for the Property & Casualty insurance market. It supports all major lines of business, including specialist and niche lines, handling multiple classes and complex policies. Across the world of insurance Genius is helping the most demanding organisations handle a wide range of domestic and international insurance programmes. With depth of functionality, stability, and continual enhancement, Genius provides a powerful platform for insurance processing.
  12. 12. London Market Administration Suite Iris (International Reinsurance and Insurance System) is the leading solution for Lloyd’s, London and international reinsurance underwriters. Iris supports a wide range of reinsurance and insurance business including marine, non-marine and aviation, together with facultative and treaty reinsurance either on a proportional or excess of loss basis. Iris’ flexibility of screen design and rules based business processing ensures that the specific requirements of each class of business are addressed.
  13. 13. Ceded Reinsurance Recoveries Suite Elgar is an excess of loss recoveries and general credit control system, developed to help you efficiently administer all aspects of outward reinsurance programmes, to speed recovery and significantly improve your cash flow. Designed to reflect the way you work, Elgar can be integrated with your existing applications or it can be implemented as a standalone solution.
  14. 14. Broker Administration Suite Brokasure is a mature solution which supports a strong customer base. Brokasure supports all current market initiatives including A&S, eAccounts (for London Market Bureau and for Non Bureau insurers), ePlacing and eEndorsement. Brokers who operate in different geographical areas benefit from Brokasure’s ability to support multiple “legal entities” which allows separate Trial Balances to be run for each legal entity whilst processing into the central ledger. In line with our product strategy, Brokasure takes advantage of the new Xuber platform by introducing comprehensive global search capabilities over all areas of risk functionality including quotes, firm orders and claims.