Qr Codes and Multichannel Marketing


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TOPIC: Qr Codes and Multichannel Marketing by Zara Winterbach from Dynamic Exposure

New-school marketing is about leveraging the viral network effects of Social Media, where customers market on your behalf!

With social coupons solution, your customers are forced to like and share (Facebook) your special offer with their entire social media network before they can redeem your offer!

According to recent statistics, more than 60% of their friends will click on the shared link to see what it's about, and over 50% of those will take advantage of the offer and share it themselves, thus making your offer viral!

Viral Social Coupons (QR Codes) are entirely mobile optimized, which means on-the-go, in-store redemption, no printing required!

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Qr Codes and Multichannel Marketing

  1. 1. A long, very long time ago, BF (Before Facebook), BSM (BeforeSocial Media), early man recorded messages on cave walls to leavemessages for those who came after them about their lives… andwhat they ate, etc, etc!Anything else was simply too hard!
  2. 2. Were a simple way ofcommunicating……… but sometimes gaveconfusing messages!
  3. 3. The Egyptians then madepapyrus, and drew pictureson this
  4. 4. Letter writing was the way to go!William Shakespeare made the useof English and the written wordbecame an art form!
  5. 5. With the advent of mobile phones,messaging and communicating becamea lot easier and a whole new languagewas discovered… the quicker you couldtype the better!
  6. 6. And then we got to QR codes and MultichannelMarketing!......
  7. 7. QR codes andMultichannel Marketing
  8. 8. What is Multi-channel Marketing?… is marketing that uses several different contact points inorder to reach a target customer.Today the most important channels are those that engage,instead of just selling.
  9. 9. What is a QR code?A QR (Quick Response) Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phoneswith a camera, and smartphones
  10. 10. What can be done with QR codes?1.  Customer Loyalty Solutions – Mobile Loyaltyapplications2.  Review Buzz – Instant Mobile Feedback3.  Social Coupons – Get People Talking About YourBusiness!4.  Mobile Business Cards
  11. 11. Now you can have a Customized Loyalty app, matching yourbrand!But its so much more!Amazing features :Instant bulk messaging,full social media integration,consumer data capturing &analytics on all of the above,.As the business owner, you have full control over the rewards onoffer, you can even run multiple reward programs at the same time!1. Customer Loyalty Solutions – Mobile Loyaltyapplications
  12. 12. CUSTOM LOYALTY APPYour Brand, on your customersphone. Much better than acrumpled up holey cardforgotten in the wallet right?MULTIPLE LOYALTYPROGRAMSBusinesses have lots ofoptions for loyaltyprograms. Check-in orPunch, QR scanning, & ourunique share for rewardsprogram.DATA CAPTURE &ANALYTICSWith the loyalty app andweb page you cancapture customer data touse for marketing, and trackactivity 24/7! Features & Benefits
  13. 13. MATCHING WEB PAGEThe loyalty web pageallows customer to registerfor the rewards programsand pre-view rewards ontheir PC!TURN ACTIVITY INTO POSTSOur ‘SHARE’ for Rewards featureautomatically posts all activityon social media, creatingmarketing for your brand!REAL-TIME MESSAGINGYou can send customersinstant messages withspecials, deals and upcomingevents. This is sms based.(additional costs apply)
  14. 14. Additional Benefits
  15. 15. 2. Review Buzz – Instant Mobile FeedbackGet HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of peopleraving about your business!Reward your customers for reviewing your business, whilst capturing valuablecustomer feedback & increase your online presence & reputation!
  16. 16. The QR code is scanned and a link to a review screen isreceived.OR
  17. 17. 3. Social Coupons - Get People TalkingAbout Your Business!Are you thinking about, or already offeringspecials or discounts to your clients,hoping for more business?Why dont you REWARD YOUR CLIENTS forrecommending your business to ALL THEIRFRIENDS instead?New-school marketing is about leveragingthe viral network effects of Social Media, wherecustomers marketon your behalf!
  18. 18. With our social couponssolution, your customersare forced to share yourSPECIAL OFFER with their entire socialmedia network before they can redeemyour offer!The Viral Social Coupons are entirelymobile optimized, which meanson-the-go, in-store redemption, no printingrequired!
  19. 19. How to claim a social couponYour client texts the keywordto the sms short code &immediately receives a textback with a link to followOnce they follow the link,theyre required to like yourpage, & share the link onFacebook to redeem the deal.Only after the deal isshared, your client  canredeem the coupon bypresenting it to your staff.TRY IT YOURSELF!Simply scan the QR code or text the word MALIBUto the number 47439
  20. 20. Sample of Socialcoupon
  21. 21. Let us help you to makethe change!4. Mobile Business Cards
  22. 22. Thank you for your time!Please contact us at: 021 554 5015www.dynamicexposure.co.zaDynamic Exposure@dynamicexposure
  23. 23. Kauai QR code ORSMS the words:REWARDS KAUAIto 47439Malibu Spur QR codeOR SMS the words:MALIBU to 47439The i-nigma app can be downloaded for capturing the QRcodesSocial Coupons LoyaltyProgramSAMPLESBusiness CardDynamic ExposureBusiness CardThe costs per SMS (R3.00)