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  1. 1. ProThinking ® 2012-2013 PortfolioDesign forOutcomes.Page 1 of 14
  2. 2. ProThinking ® 2012-2013 PortfolioStrategic Branding,Design & Build. We work in early stage and growth companies, who often have very simple or placeholder points of presence when they come to us. Our primary and secondary research, strategy and design thinking inform revised target markets, products and core messaging. This is translated into identity, brand, sites, collateral and more.Page 2 of 14
  3. 3. ProThinking 2012-2013 Portfolio In November, 2012, Panacea came to us, a newly funded startup in the personal med- icine market, with no brand presence or identity. Beginning with primary and sec- ondary market research, and competitive analysis, we developed brand values, target audience, product offering and sales process. With these strategic elements in place, we evoked a name and logo, then developed a web presence, complete with copy, imagery and technical development to support their business goals.Page 3 of 14
  4. 4. ProThinking 2012-2013 Portfolio In November, 2012, Decisyon software embarked on a project to rebrand and globalize their offering. We developed a new brand identity, logo and site design to support their expansion of operations and product lines in the US. In addition to navigation and strategy, our design and development work included orig- inal icon sets and libraries, video scripts and production, identity implementation through sales materials and more.Page 4 of 14
  5. 5. ProThinking 2012-2013 Portfolio In November, 2012, The Stone Clinic decided to upgrade their message and brand presence to achieve greater global exposure. We rede- signed their site, with new navigation structure to help potential clients to get the information they need to make a choice on treatment. We recommended stronger, client focused mes- saging, and designed a desktop, mobile, and tablet, responsive user interface for the orga- nization. Our team produced twenty-seven custom videos featuring the pioneering ortho- pedic surgeon and founder, Dr. Stone.Page 5 of 14
  6. 6. ProThinking ® 2012-2013 PortfolioMarket Engagement& Sales Teams. When a company has an existing brand, we work to carry it to the market in order to generate sales, market awareness and investor awareness. We field sales teams and business development executives for compa- nies of all sizes. We work to build internal and exter- nal awareness through social media and other outreach methods.Page 6 of 14
  7. 7. ProThinking 2012-2013 Portfolio In the fall of 2012, Spiral Genetics, a young company offering a big data solution for analyzing genomic data, came to us looking for assistance in generating awareness at the massive industry trade show, to help prove de- mand, generate leads, and support their fund- ing process. We developed polished, com- pelling messaging and booth design on a very tight budget, using clever engagement (street teams and bold statements) to gain the kind of awareness reserved for giant multimedia booth holders. The company received more leads in the 1st day at the show than in the entire 5 days in the previous year. We developed media and investment presentations,and other FULL HUMAN READS TO collateral. We fielded 2 sales representatives, VARIANTS IN 3 HOURS who followed up on leads and closed clients. Our confidence in the company and its vision led us to bridge finance our work for them. The company received Tier A venture funding in December, 2012.Page 7 of 14
  8. 8. ProThinking 2012-2013 Portfolio Conscious Capitalism engaged our team to build brand awareness to generate ticket sales for their annual event. We arranged a regional pre event salon strategy, which have been sold out and generated key stakeholder engage- ment. Our social media campaigns are content focused: we design and promote visual con- cepts. This is showing results: brand posted a 75% growth in Facebook likes in 3 weeks, with large upticks in audience engagement. We are fielding an enterprise sales team, emphasizing group sales, and an online advertising plan, and a simulcast recruitment plan.Page 8 of 14
  9. 9. ProThinking ® 2012-2013 PortfolioM+M Approach. Whether you’re looking for a brand new application, complete redesigns, or incremental improvements, we can help.Page 9 of 14
  10. 10. ProThinking 2012-2013 PortfolioDesign is inseparablefrom Strategy. ›When you design an interface, you’re actually defining the User Experience. You’ll be driving attention to specific offerings and emphasizing actions you want the user to take. That’s why redesign often goes hand in hand with User Experience improvements.Page 10 of 14
  11. 11. ProThinking 2012-2013 PortfolioDesign can’t › Design must be aligned to business milestones. As startup execs and founders, we understand the impact of design decisions on code, cost, timeline and business milestones, and we workbe frivolous. with our clients to stream into the bigger pic- ture. We prioritize design roadmap for business goals, and design for code-ability.Page 11 of 14
  12. 12. ProThinking 2012-2013 PortfolioPeople love › Human perception is highly skewed to the visual experience. Design isn’t just pretty — all the visual cues frame the user’s attention and impression of your product and brand. For ex-beauty & ample, your design, imagery, icons, palette and font choices tell the subconscious what other things should they associate with your brand, both online and in the physical world. We useelegance. design to evoke emotion, and create authen- tic brand voice and differentiation, aiming for simplicity, clarity and memorability. Use your design to make more love! Group 1: INDEPENDENT, OBJECTIVE.  UNAFFILIATED.  UNBIASED.  INTELLEC- TUALLY CLEAN. NEUTRALITY IS A POSSIBLE.  Page 12 of 14 Data “No financial interest in your choice of treatment.: “Don’t want doctors Digital & to put their own agenda into my care””very difficult to get objective point of view. They recommend how they make money.”  We’re not sell- Literal ing a solution, we’re selling objectivity.
  13. 13. ProThinking 2012-2013 PortfolioWe design to › Whether laptop, mobile or iPad. We try to stand in the shoes of the user when working on any UI project.the interface.Page 13 of 14
  14. 14. ProThinking 2012-2013 PortfolioPage 14 of 14