Stop Motion Animation


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A summary booklet providing information on animation techniques and resources.

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Stop Motion Animation

  1. 1. Stop-MotionComputerXplorers Wessex, 23 Redhill Close, Derry Hill, Calne SN11 9NY • Tel: 01249 811952 • Mobile: 0780 863 1901 •
  2. 2. Stop-Motion Animation Animation is a great tool for engaging with and drawing out the story-telling passion of children. There are a number of methods of making still objects appear to move but in this workshop we will focus mainly on Stop-Motion. Animation can be used across the curriculum to enhance and ex- plore, evaluate and explain different subjects. How Can You Use Animation In Your Classroom? Stop-Motion Top Tips · Secure the camera and characters Blu-Tack works great Check lighting is good Watch out for glare Limit the number of characters Too many figures is too difficult Use a background Adds interest and minimizes distractions Resources Used In Our Workshop Primary Wall: Online post-it notes for your classroom Wordle: “Word Cloud” generator Flipbook: Create and share simple animations online Anithings: Simple CGI Animation demonstrator Zu3D: Stop-Motion software for quick and easy film creation Free Stop Motion Resources JellyCam AnimatorHD Helium Frog Stykz
  3. 3. Stop-Motion Software There are a number of excellent Stop-Motion pro- grams available in the market place, amongst them are Zu3D, I Can Animate, SAM Animation, and 2Animate. When looking for a program consider; operating sys- tem compatibility, camera requirements, ease of use and special features. Most applications now use low- end, cheap, USB connected webcams. These can often be found from around £5 a unit. When looking for special features the following are useful additions to the standard fare: Chroma key (Green screen) Useful for creating special video effects. Onion Skinning Helpful when repositioning characters. SoundDigital Blue Cameras (Version 2 and 3) Does it come with a catalogued library? Video CompilationMany schools have these camer- Able to create a video for use on other They came with a softwarepackage called “Digital Movie There are also a number of free applications thatCreator” which offered a rich offer a useful (and cheap) pathway into Stop-Mo-Stop-Motion and Live Video edit- tion. This is especially useful if you want to encour-ing suite. age and inspire use at home.Unfortunately Digital Movie Cre- Finally, there are numerous examples of using Win-ator will not work with Vista or dows Movie Maker to create excellent Stop-MotionWindows 7. As a consequence videos, the advantage of having a free tool availableyou can no longer use the Digital Blue Cameras for to do the task is far out-weighed by the effort re-live action or Stop-Motion as originally intended. quired to make the software do something it was not designed for. A sure way to put the children off.You can however prolong your investment inthese devices by using them as stand-alone videocameras. To use in this mode you need to considerthe following: Batteries: Have plenty handy (and a screw-driver to open the compartment). Memory: You will need external memory. Use a 1GB or 2GB SDHC card (a 4GB card won’t work) Video Transfer: Remove the SDHC memory, insert into your target system and then copy the video across.
  4. 4. You will find links to the resources used inour workshop on our website.If you have a smart-phone then you canscan the adjacent QR-Code to be immedi-ately taken straight to the page.For those without smart-phones, or if youare at your computer, simply type into the address bar.ComputerXplorers exists to further the knowledge and skills of those whoteach and use technology. From teachers to children, parents to gover-nors, ComputerXplorers aims to fill knowledge and skills gaps to helpthose who live in the participation age to be competent, confident andinspired to take full advantage of the connected world.If you want to know more about our services then get in touch today.‘You are nowhere without digital skills in the 21st century. Ignoringthat fact will just breed social exclusion. What’s more, in the future,Europe could face a massive ICT skills gap – if we don’t have theICT specialists we need, our economy will suffer. We need to getkids from a very young age learning about IT, exposed to onlineeducation, and expanding their career horizons.’Neelie Kroes (December 2011)Vice-President of the European Commission (Digital Agenda)Create your own video game. An exciting Easter Holiday activity for boysand girls aged 10 to 13. Friday 13th April at Wootton Bassett School. Visit for further details. ComputerXplorers Wessex 23 Redhill Close Derry Hill Calne Wiltshire SN11 9NY Tel: 01249 811952 Mobile: 0780 863 1901