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Waverly Area Veterans Post building project.

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  1. 1. Waverly Area Veterans Post www.waverlyvets.us
  2. 2. Four service organizations under one roof • Where all servicemen and • Memories are forever women can come together preserved • Where individual charters • Tomorrows veterans and their remain intact. families will be welcomed and supported. • History of each organization is honored
  3. 3. Our Vision“Where Patriots Gather”
  4. 4. Our Mission“To Create a Veterans Service Center For Those Who Served”
  5. 5. Board of DirectorsChair Darrell BlasbergVice Chairs Carl Benning/Terry GoroSecretary Rich MillerTreasurer Lee SchisselImmediate Past Chair Jim Beam MembersMarvin Behrens Jim Brandau Robert DavidsonMike Kukral Roger Metzger Jim Smith
  6. 6. A Service CenterFor todays soldiers... tomorrowsveterans• Communication and Career Center• Internet/Skype for families to connect with service members• Allow Veterans to research and apply for benefits• Allow Veterans to pursue careers upon completion of service• Allow Veterans to continue their education• Information center and Library of Veteran publications• Potential contact point for Bremer County Veterans Affairs
  7. 7. Today’s Military• Reserve and National Guard used much more.• Unit demographics can have families a long distance from their base.• Support for Service Members, Veterans & their Families is necessary.• Our new Veteran’s facility will help fill that void – for their families during deployment and as a pillar of support and understanding upon return.• This facility will be a model in the U. S. with its ability to meet ever-changing veteran needs.
  8. 8. Fully Accessible Facility• Meeting space for Veterans, Auxiliary and Sons meetings• Monthly membership, District, State meetings/conferences• Museum - preserving memorabilia to honor our Veterans’ sacrifices• Armory - safe storage of weapon arsenal used for military rites, parades and special events• Storage - Avenue of Saints flags, poles, name plaques, & uniforms• Easy access for the physically challenged• ‘Green’ building standards• Fully functional kitchen
  9. 9. Space for:• Funerals with full military rites and post funeral receptions• Private and Community receptions• Pre-deployment and post-deployment gatherings• Family gatherings and celebrations• Civic celebrations Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day• Post membership & Auxiliary fund raisers, & special projects• Socialization with other Veterans and Veteran organizations
  10. 10. Lower Level 7,952 sq. ft $ 1,168,944Upper Level 8,130 sq. ft $ 1,300,800Total 16,082 sq. ft. $ 2,469,744Cost per sq. ft $ 153 – in line with today’s new commercial construction
  11. 11. Getting Construction Started• PHASE I Building the facility - $2.5 million (est)• PHASE II Grading, paving, landscaping, furniture, fixtures, fees, other - $1.0 million (est)
  12. 12. Use of Funds – proposed for PHASE I New Construction $2,469,744Source of funds – proposed for Phase IPotential for CAT State of Iowa Grant: $ 500,000 (cannot apply until 50% in donations are raised)Pledges/Donations: $ 1,725,744In-Kind: $ 200,000Other Grants: $ 24,000Fundraisers: $ 20,000Total: $ 2,469,744
  13. 13. Community Events Parades
  14. 14. Honoring service members
  15. 15. VeteransConcert in Kohlman Park
  16. 16. Celebrating Community
  17. 17. Wall of Honor Levels of GivingTheatre $ 200,000 & upFleet $ 100,000 to $ 199,999Division $ 75,000 to $ 99,999Regiment $ 50,000 to $ 74,999Battalion $ 25,000 to $ 49,999Company $ 10,000 to $ 24,999Platoon $ 5,000 to $ 9,999Squadron $ 1,000 to $ 4,999Patrol $ 1 to $ 999
  18. 18. Wall of HonorAcker Mathias Post 653 Donald & Marlys Berg Virgil BrunsAmvets Ladies Auxiliary No. 49 Leo & Diana Beschorner Larry & Mary BuchholzGuy W. Iversen Amvets Post 49 Bev C. Besh Roger and Darlene BuchholzAmvets Riders Chapter 49 Larry & Deanne Biddison Don BuckRichard Arends Darrell & Joann Blasberg Robert J. BurnsCharles & Linda Austin Roger Bluhm Leland & Glenda BuschingM.C. and Oline Austin Burton & Delores Boevers William BussHank & Jo Bagelmann Jerry Boevers Elsie BusseEd & Rose Bahlmann Mark A. Boevers Butler County MutualAlvin Bahlmann Terry Bollman Judy & Denny ButtonAlice Barkhausen Roger & Nancy BonordenDon & Sherrill Barr James & Mary Ellen BrandauJim & Yvonne Beam Bremer County Comm FoundationDonald & Charlene Beck Bremer County Peace OfficersJohn & Judy Behne Charles BrownCarl & Wanda Benning Bob & Irva Bruns
  19. 19. Richard & Sandra Cain Loretta Davidson Ardis GaylorBill & Mary Jean Camlin Robert & Donna Davidson GMT CorporationCarl & Gloria Campbell Robert Degelau Melvin & Catherine Gonnerman Sr.Kevan Campbell Dean & Dianne Deike Terru & Cynthia GoroLyman Campbell & Cindy Ecker Carl & Sheila Dentler Dan & Mary GraeserGordon Carolus William & Theresa DePuew Alice GraweHarvey & Grace Carolus Robert J. & Mary Dorpinghaus Ruth GraweKristi Cave Charles & Annette Ebaugh Perry GroenEdwin & Maralyn Chesnut Edward Ebert Tom & Cheri GronoskiLee & Lorraine Chester Cheri & Shan Egan Diane HansonChrome Cruisers John & Nancy Egts Vernon HappelRoland & Erma Clausing William & Mary Sue Ellinger Robert & Jane HarrisonBob & Dee Coonradt Julia Engelbrecht Ardith HartmanCal & Karen Corson Farmers Savings Bank Matt & Miranda HauganRichard Cousin Virgil & Marlene Fasse Jeff & Dianna HayFlorence J. Crandall Jim & Veronica Fink Martin & Dorothy HeeringEllen Crayne Arlo & Marilyn Flege Frittz & Connie HeineTerry & Sandra Dahlquist Ken & Jody Franzen Ray & Mary HeinrichDales Service Raymond Fredrick Larry & Cindy HelmersSteve Darrah Tedi Fredrick Don & Karen HennigesJim & Deanna Darrah Everette & Sharon Funk
  20. 20. Tom & June Hicks Darrol Kohagen Deloris LaubeHarold Hinz Leroy Kramer Audrey LeisingerFloyd & Sheryl Hobson Douglas Krause Paul & Geneva LiebauDarwin & Lois Hoffman Judi Krizek Dennis & Sandra Liekweg SrRosamond Hoffman John & Susan Kroenecke Larry LohmannPaul Homeister Rick & Sue Kromminga Beth LovejoyBob & Mary Hough Dennis Kruckenberg Dick LuloffDon & Carol Huston Donald Kueker Charles & Betty Mac LearnHy-Vee Bonnie Kukral Jim MangoJohn & Wilma Ingersoll Mike & Lisa Kukral Jerry & Ethel ManrossJodie Iserman Audrey Lage Marine Corps League #1241Joe & Carol Jahnke Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lahr Marine Corps League AuxiliaryMike Jahnke Family Claudia Lampe Marines of BEEEST 9-11Jahnke Family Lavern LampeJohn Johnson Roger LampeLinda Judas Ted & Jean LanskeJon & Patty Kaiser Arlan & Diane LaubeRichard L. Kemming Deloris LaubeDavid Klamfoth Roger LampeDonald Koehn Ted & Jean LanskeAlvin & Carol Koeneman Arlan & Diane Laube
  21. 21. Dale & Lorraine Maupin Marvin (Bud) & Dorothy Nolte Robert RasmussenCharles B. McCready Patrick & Dianne Norton Tom RasmussenBill & Jolene McCurdy Robert & Sally OHare Elso ReintsLoren & Lavon McEnany Scott Owen Frank ReintsME&V Bernita Pace James ReintsAlvin & Lucinda Meier The Pace Family Ron RoelfsCharles & Le Ann Meier Steven D. Palmquist Mary RoseRoger & Judy Metzger Beryl Peck Evalyne RosenauHarley Meyer Gary Peddle Mike RottinghausB. E. Mick Duane Peterson Jim & Karen RottinghausKenneth Miller Gary & Charlene Peterson Carl RoxbergRichard & Janell Miller Lloyd Peterson Rick & Karen RubendallMarlys Minnaert Loren & Joanne Peterson Robert & Jean SableKarl & Jan Moe Richard & Marilyn Pinkley Mildred SandersGerald Monaghan Harlan & Helen Platte Marieta K. SargeantRaymond Monaghan Sylvia Poehler Stan & Cindy SassmannBernice Mundt Betty Porter William & Kathty ScharnhorstEleanor Munson Ivan and Barbara Price Galen SchellhornNE Iowa Marine Corps Aux Joseph PudwellDave & Betty Nelson Bob & Sue QuinlanTerry & Janet Noel Darwin & Connie Ramker
  22. 22. Lee & Laurie Schissel Danny Syhre Waverly Tire CompanyLarry & Joyce Schmidt Elmon & Barbara Tatroe E.W. "Bill“ & Myra Webster“Ott Kids” – Schrage Helen Thompson William & Genevieve WeisbrodtNed Seebach Tom & Shirlee Thompson Marlene WellnerBill & Marq Shaffer Richard Thomsen Arlin & Janice WentePaul Shonka Dixie Thurm Wenzel-Showalter LLCSignature Realty LC Francis & Anne Tompkins Dennis & Dianne WestendorfLois Slater Melvin & Melva Trimble Stanley WhelchelSam & Peggy Smith 2 Guys Home Interiors Dale L. WhiteDoug & Anita Snook Tyrrell Lodge No 116 John R. WildWayne & Arlys Soeder Union Members of WL&P Lee WilhelmsDave & Cherie Souhrada Veterans of Foreign Wars Larry & Marianne WilliamsonFrank & Judy Spinler Earl and Madeline Vierow Rodney WittenburgDennis & Beverly Stansell David & Janett Vobr Kendall WittenburgDarrel & Diane Steege Howard Vogel Jerry & EaVon WoodinBarth Steere Arne & Marianne Waldstein Robert & Jolene WyattMary J & Sandy Shinn Steinbach Shirley Walker Duane WylamJerry Stoll Wartburg College Lester ZellePaul & Tina Sturges Waverly Fire Protection Assn Nancy Zimmerman Thank you for your support
  23. 23. How can you help?• Consider a donation and/or pledge to the Waverly Area Veterans Post new facility.• All donations are tax deductible.• Your participation is vital to make this project happen: volunteer, donate, promote. Thank You! Visit us at: www.waverlyvets.us
  24. 24. “Serving the Veterans Who Served ForYou” Waverly Area Veterans Post www.waverlyvets.us