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Types of Adjectives and teaching adjectives in language classrooms

Types of Adjectives and teaching adjectives in language classrooms

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  • 1. By: Sujjey, Shareef & FaiADJECTIVES
  • 2. CONTENTS In the ghetto What are adjectives? Regular comparatives & superlatives Irregular comparatives & superlatives Adjectives with ‘more’ & ‘most’ Adjectives that cannot be comparative or superlative I.T crowd
  • 3. WHAT ARE ADJECTIVES? An adjective is a word that describes. Adjectives convey a sense of which, what kind, or how many/much. Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns. Examples: Shaahi has a beautiful daughter. (what kind) Zamna scored a million goals. (how many) Rifa likes chocolate milkshake. (what kind)
  • 4. REGULAR COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES  Regular comparative adjectives have the –er suffixed.  Regular superlatives have the –est suffixed. Short ShorterNash Shortest Shaf Josh Tallest Taller Tall
  • 5. MORE REGULAR COMPARATIVE &SUPERLATIVE EXAMPLESPositive Comparative SuperlativeBig Bigger BiggestSlow Slower SlowestFast Faster FastestQuick Quicker Quickest What about the following examples?Positive Comparative SuperlativeGood Gooder GoodestBad Bader Baddest
  • 6. IRREGULAR COMPARATIVES &SUPERLATIVES Irregular comparatives and superlatives change their form/spelling completely! They are neither suffixed with –er nor –est. Zaki Maary Rozy
  • 7. MORE IRREGULAR COMPARATIVE &SUPERLATIVE EXAMPLESPositive Comparative SuperlativeGood Better BestBad Worse WorstSome More MostLittle Less LeastFar Further Furthest
  • 8. ADJECTIVES WITH ‘MORE’ &‘MOST’ When the adjective has three or more syllables, then ‘more’ & ‘most’ are added in front of the word to form the comparative & superlative forms respectively.Positive Comparative SuperlativeBeautiful More beautiful Most beautifulIntelligent More intelligent Most intelligentStraightforward More straightforward Most straightforward
  • 9. ADJECTIVES THAT CANNOT BECOMPARATIVE OR SUPERLATIVE 1. Some adjectives cannot be compared because the positive (simplest) form expresses the only degree possible. Examples: perfect, unique, fatal, universal, dead, wrong, s traight, blind, final, vertical, right, left
  • 10. Continued… 2. Verbs functioning as adjectives E.g. fly ---> flying machine. colour (v) ---> colour paper 3. Nouns functioning as adjectives E.g. Tree---> tree diagram Grammar ---> grammar book 4. Pronouns functioning as adjectives E.g. this ---> I like this book. his ---> I have his iPhone.
  • 11. References Thornbury, S. (2007). About language: Tasks for teachers of English. Cambridge: CUP. Parrott, M. (2010). Grammar for English Language Teachers. Cambridge: CUP.