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XeroCon 2012_3Feb2012

  1. 1. Welcome to XeroCon 2012 Mark Wright, MC
  2. 2. Rod Drury CEO, Xero
  3. 3. XeroCon 2010• First XeroCon kicks off in Napier• 75 attendees• Feel the potential
  4. 4. XeroCon 2011• Wairakei, Taupo• 250 attendees• Minister of Small Business• Wayne Schmidt bungy video goes viral
  5. 5. XeroCon 2011, Australia• Crown Hotel, Melbourne• 172 attendees• 19 network partners• Unveiling of the Chris Ridd Band
  6. 6. And nowXeroCon 2012 Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland 7 Keynote speakers 3 Streams 400 attendees
  7. 7. Update• Over 170 staff spread across NZ, Australia, UK and USA• Listed in 2007 – raised $70m• 8th in Deloitte Asia Pacific Tech 500• NZ Fastest growing exporter in Deloitte Fast 50• 50TB of production data and backups• 99.99% service availability and no security breaches
  8. 8. 60,000+Customer acquisition recordChasing a million customers2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Jan-12
  9. 9. 240,000 Xero users
  10. 10. 3,300 firms using Xero
  11. 11. 75 API partners5,500 add-on connections
  12. 12. $75 billion processed
  13. 13. Customers in over 100 countries
  14. 14. Online accounting journey payment graph group buying business network smart Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) notifications invoicing portalbank feeds benchmarking Shared connected datamulti-user anywhere payments leads and opportunitiesonline anytime mobile
  15. 15. The business of accounting Banks Telco Business Graph Govt Large Biz Advisors
  16. 16. In the cloud...business software is not a software business
  17. 17. Changing of the guard• MYOB sold to Archer Capital in January 2009 for AU$382m• Archer sold to Bain in August 2011 for AU$1.2B• Deal funded with $575m debt• Users revolting at community.myob.com• Character and values of new owners Bain Capital in focus with Mitt Romney bid• Focussing on returns to a few, not customers or partners• Traditional VENDOR relationship
  18. 18. True partnership• True belief that advisors drive small business productivity• Client and Accountant software should be seamlessly connected• The client pays - not the advisor• Flourishing ecosystem• Tools you need to drive your business• Use our experience to commoditise your total technology spend• Drive new revenue, opportunities and leads to you• Have some fun, with style, quality and values
  19. 19. From vendor to partner
  20. 20. Small Medium Small Medium Large Partner Edition • Cashbook • Ledger Reporting Practice Management/Tax Website Documente-Marketing Management Office/Email
  21. 21. The Modern Practice update• First demonstrated at Xerocon 2011• Aims to commoditise your back Document Management office spend• We’ve been working with a number of accounting partners and providers• Results have been mixed• Documents/File Management is hard
  22. 22. The problemYour IT environments are a mess:• Many practices have out of date hardware• Ad hoc infrastructure• All sorts of software runningMigration was too hard:• Adding Document Management requires a clean up• Implementation projects too long and frustrating• Technology and vendors not quite ready
  23. 23. What you need to doStart with an audit of what you haveStandardise your network with the right base technologies:• Common desktop• Remote service agents• Implement a security model that syncs desktop with cloud storagePlan for implementation:• Initial remedial phase to get onto standard platform• Transition from file to document management is non trivial• Invest time to get the benefits
  24. 24. Two Document Management approachesDo it yourself Project managed• Self-service model • CodeBlue manage from start to finish• Setup and migration through Provoke portal • Setup and migration taken care of for you• Online support• More of your time involved • Onsite and phone support• Low cost • Less of your time involved • Larger investment
  25. 25. Practice management platformXero with WorkflowMax & Tax:• Practice management platform• Online tax filing in NZ• Key Modern Practice component• Accelerates growth in NZ & AU
  26. 26. Practice management Add 20 clients and it’s free for life
  27. 27. Directory delivers you new clients Association badges LinkedIn profile
  28. 28. Delivering theSingle Ledger
  29. 29. Partner program updateA new program will be launching: • Support you to build your modern practice • Access to webinars and face to face consultancy • Improved marketing resources • Executive and advisory groups • Focus on driving business opportunities to you • Plus loads more
  30. 30. Key initiatives for 2012• Completing the platform• Driving network effects • Linking customers together • Online invoicing • Single Business Number • Demonstrating the power of the data• More on mobile – apple sold 15.4m iPads last quarter• Stunning partner solutions to chase verticals
  31. 31. Strong balance sheet• Raised an additional $20m to continue to fund our growth• Launched Share Purchase Plan • Fair to all shareholders • $2.75, up to $15k • Shareholders as at 14 February 2012• Funding used for • More R&D • Auckland development office • Expansion in UK, AU and USA
  32. 32. Xero has two new homes Xero House Xero Auckland 5 Market Lane 69 St George Bay Road Wellington Parnell
  33. 33. Sticker the country
  34. 34. XeroCon streamsStream 1: Stream 2: Stream 3:Transform Modernise EducateFocus on the bigger The beauty of Use Xero morepicture – the future implementing the efficiently, convertof accounting, and Single Ledger and clients, Report Packsprofiting as a becoming a Modernconnected practice Practice Hamish Edwards Leanne Graham Sue Pak
  35. 35. Xero RoadmapAndrew Tokeley, Craig Walker, Sara Goepel
  36. 36. Keeping us honestWhat we said we’d do…• Report packs• NZ/AU credit card feeds• Pre/Overpayments• Discounts• Inventory quantities – Farm accounts• Budgets: - Improved UI - Multiple with Tracking - Import/Export• Cashflow forecasting• Enhancements to Partner Edition
  37. 37. Keeping us honestWhat we did…• Report packs • Mobile Touch• NZ/AU credit card feeds • NZ rural bank feeds• Pre/Overpayments • Invoice/receipt attachments• Discounts • Address lookup• Inventory quantities – Farm accounts • Duplicate AP warning• Budgets: - Improved UI - Multiple with Tracking - Import/Export• Cashflow forecasting• Enhancements to Partner Edition
  38. 38. What’s in store for 2012? Headliners
  39. 39. What’s in store for 2012?Report Packs• Custom Report Fields For example: - Solicitor - Banker - Overdraft size - Company secretary
  40. 40. What’s in store for 2012?Report Packs• Automatic schedules for Current Accounts and Loans• Report Code Updates• and more...
  41. 41. What’s in store for 2012?The rest:• Purchase orders• Quotes• Stock Lite• Setup and conversion tools
  42. 42. What’s in store for 2012?The rest:• Multiple budgets• Global search• Online invoices• Mobile - Android - Bank reconciliation - Personal• More Partner Edition enhancements• More Personal
  43. 43. Cruising on the CloudTrevor Schoenmaekers, Hansen Accountants
  44. 44. CRUISING ONTHE CLOUDPresented by Trevor Schoenmaekers
  45. 45. The cost of compliance• Hansens story• Where we were• Where we wanted to go• Roadblocks• Looking for a solution• A leap of faith!
  46. 46. Fixed fees• Value based billing• Why it works• Efficiencies and systems
  47. 47. Our Team• The old generation• The new generation• Our roles that make us a TEAM• Accountability• Our new found culture
  48. 48. Motivation= = =
  49. 49. Today on Cloud• Our practice• Sorry our Business• Our clients – Efficiencies & value• The benefits for all• KPI’s
  50. 50. Our future & vision• Cloud solutions and integration• Other cloud based solutions –Tax –Corp Secretarial• Growth• Abundance• Satellite offices
  51. 51. Thanks for letting me share our storey
  52. 52. Not your average needle David Jessep, DJCA
  53. 53. Not$your$average$needle..
  54. 54. #eqnz$Feb$22$ 6.3$Mag2.0$x$force$of$gravity
  55. 55. The$Twisted$Hop
  56. 56. Some$of$us$got$drunk..
  57. 57. Others$tried$to$save$the$city
  58. 58. Three$days$later$we$were$up$and$running
  59. 59. What$did$we$learn?
  60. 60. Rising$from$the$ashes$ #eqnz
  61. 61. A$Modern$PracMce$is$ the$only$way
  62. 62. Meet our exhibitors
  63. 63. Xerocon exhibiting sponsors online inventory software
  64. 64. Profiting as aconnected practice Hamish Edwards, Co-Founder, Xero
  65. 65. The Changing Environment Challenging economic climate for clients v Commoditisation of compliance Increasing costs of labour Your clients need your help
  66. 66. EfficientReal Time IntegratedConnected DemystifiedThe cloud impact
  67. 67. What clients want Know my game plan Get my tax done right Be proactive Improve my cashflow Return my calls Save me tax No surprise bills Treat me well Treat my staff well
  68. 68. Clients want to besurprised once in a while
  69. 69. What do we want from our clients? Understand how to use the software Be aspirational Have an open mind & listen Be responsive Have a plan Have board meetings & management reports Know your life goals
  71. 71. Xero ConnectionOLD WAY Friction NEW WAY No FrictionAsk client for datafile Login to XeroRemind client to send the datafile Compile reportsCheck email & save datafile to hard drive Review data & make adjustmentsRemember client’s password & versionUpload to my copy of the softwareCompile reportsReview data & make adjustmentsSend file back to clientExplain & remind how to overwrite current fileApprox $300 No cost!
  72. 72. Frictionless process 50% of fee DraftPre-plan First draft Custom sent the & workpapers questionsworkflow for client
  73. 73. Frictionless process 100% of fee Send finals Meet with Client Final to clientanswers review client auto-update
  74. 74. 3 biggest efficiency gains for your practice + +
  75. 75. Demo Xero Annual Reporting
  76. 76. Demo Spotlight Workpapers
  77. 77. Demo WorkflowMax
  78. 78. Give me the numbers Hamish Edwards, Co-Founder, Xero
  79. 79. The efficiency paradox Efficiency Efficiency ==Extra Extra Capacity Capacity
  80. 80. The efficiency paradox FIXED OVERHEADS Efficiency Efficiency ==Extra Extra Capacity Capacity
  81. 81. How do we measure up? Average hourly rate Write offs WIP/lock up days Revenue : Salary ratio Average fee per client Debtor days Net profit before tax %
  82. 82. The KPI Spotlight Average hourly Average rate fee per client
  83. 83. The$4800Challenge
  84. 84. The practice manager’sdilemma1600HRS + $120 = $192,000 Annual revenue capacity
  85. 85. Bundling: The Desktop Way Service Hours Annual Reports 20 Tax Returns 1 Tax Management 1 2 Monthly GST 4 ¼ly Management Reports 6 ¼ly Meeting 6 Tax Forecast 2 40
  86. 86. Bundling with Xero Service Hours Annual Reports 10 Tax Returns 1 Tax Management 1 2 Monthly GST 2 ¼ly Management Reports 2 ¼ly Meeting 6 Tax Forecast 2 23
  87. 87. KPI: AVERAGE HOURLY RATE $120 $209
  88. 88. ANNUAL REVENUE CAPACITY $192,000 $333,913
  89. 89. How do we fill the void? More clients More compliance orMore value for existing clients
  90. 90. The AnswerEfficiency Bundles ManagementMagically Reportscreates = Opportunitymore time
  91. 91. It’s not about time Build in efficiency More CapacityServices increase Proactive 1/4ly Mgmt Advice Report
  92. 92. Questions Before we break
  93. 93. Grow my bottom line Hamish Edwards, Co-Founder, Xero
  94. 94. Bundling1) Design 2) Create 3) Propose 4) Deliver
  95. 95. 1) Design Full Bundles Proposal Terms Services document Menu
  96. 96. 2) Create Proposal FEATURING SILVER BUNDLE
  97. 97. 3) Propose Proposal Full All FEATURING Services Services SILVER Menu BUNDLE
  98. 98. 4) Deliver Proposal $
  99. 99. The best bundle • Annual Report THE BEST • Annual Tax Return and Tax Management BUNDLE • Two Monthly GST • Two Monthly Management Reports • Quarterly Catch Up Meetings • Xero
  100. 100. Let’s hear from Justin Keen
  101. 101. Management reports = more feesOpen management report demo
  102. 102. Value-added ServicesTax Minimisation Review................................................$500Simple Cashflow Forecast...............................................$750 vReview pricing, margins and product costings................$1500Strategy day & draft Business Plan..................................$3500Board meeting attendance..............................................$250Build the financial model for the business......................$500Review & recommend internal systems improvements....$2500Review and recommend new software............................$500
  103. 103. Example 1: UpsellTake the basic bundle. Then add:Monthly management reportMonthly revised cashflow forecastAttend board meetings “Become theAnnual strategic planning day Virtual CFO”Annual budgetsAnnual tax minimisation reviewMonthly fee $2000+
  104. 104. Example 2 $250/month DebtorXero + Daddy = debtor recovery business Add this to $4800 = $7800 average fee per client
  105. 105. Accountants: cloud tech leaders
  106. 106. My challenge to you Stop billing time. Become collaborative. Build efficiency. Sell value via bundles. Use Xero.
  107. 107. Modernise
  108. 108. AgendaIntro Leanne GrahamModernise Brad Golchin Guy Pearson Margaret Holmes Justin KeenMoving to WorkflowMax Gavin GeorgeMoving to Xero Matt BarnettOffice 365 Update Fred Piliu & Paul BowkettWrap-up Leanne Graham
  109. 109. Wise Advice Brad Golchin
  110. 110. Interactive Accounting Guy Pearson
  111. 111. Engine Room Margaret Holmes
  112. 112. 2001$New$Company$new$mindset $$ 2003$Bank$Connect $$Value$Pricing$ 2007$Xero $$Fixed$Price$ Website$Agreements$ Online$Coding$&$ 4$Clients$on$full$Xero$More$than$ reporFng$ Then$Us$compliance$ CollaboraFon$ All$new$clients$to$ Xero$ Banklink$Workflow$
  113. 113. April$2009$–$gePng$clients$involved$ September$2009$–$mindshiT$to$new$technolgies$Xero$Cashbook$ October$2009$All$GST$clients$ iFirm$PracFce$Upgrading$clients$to$ Management$ Going$paperless$Full$Xero$ Double$screens$ Dropbox,$
  114. 114. April$2010$ June$2010$All$clients$to$Xero$iFirm$Tax$Management$ 2011_now$ New$Name$ New$premises$ Server$–$4$years$old$ E360$Website$ Spotlight$ReporFng$ Blogging$ Tech_talks$ TwiZer$(@engineroomnz)$ API’s$ Seminar$Series$ Office$365$ Workflow$Max$
  115. 115. What we learned…•  Change is hard•  Understand “Why”•  Internal innovation•  External focus•  Success not perfection•  Return on investment
  116. 116. “Without change, there is nochallenge, and withoutchallenge there is only thestatus quo but no progress.” Stanley Marcus, Founder Neiman Marcus
  117. 117. Cloud Accountants Justin Keen
  118. 118. Cloud Accountants Xero Presentationwww.cloudaccountants.co.nz
  119. 119. Contents •  Introduction •  Cloud Accountants philosophy •  What is next?www.cloudaccountants.co.nz
  120. 120. Introduction •  The profession •  Technology •  Clients are driving the change •  Where are we headed? •  And are we ready? •  Clients will demand value •  Online systems •  Inventory, payroll, workflow, CRM, skype, dropbox, etcwww.cloudaccountants.co.nz
  121. 121. Cloud Accountants philosophy •  Streamline processing transactions and compliance •  No more headaches •  Agreed monthly fees •  Speak to the numbers on a regular basis •  Transparency •  Use technology, social media •  Guaranteed timeframes •  Innovative teamwww.cloudaccountants.co.nz
  122. 122. What’s next? •  Simplification of tax compliance •  Looking to add more value over and above compliance work •  Examples –  KPI reporting on a regular basis –  Budgets, cash flow forecasts –  Real time tax management –  Other, keep innovatingwww.cloudaccountants.co.nz
  123. 123. Moving to WorkflowMax Gavin George
  124. 124. WFM ImplementationProcess:•  Initial implementation meeting•  Data conversion•  Practice and Tax Manager configuration / setup•  Training
  125. 125. WFM Conversion•  Client data•  Tax data•  Documents•  WIP•  Recurring jobs•  System setup
  126. 126. Xero Integration•  Practice key•  Individual ledger link
  127. 127. Training•  System admin / setup•  Creating and managing jobs and clients•  Tax management•  Time sheeting•  Quoting and invoicing
  128. 128. Moving to Xero Matt Barnett
  129. 129. Creating the planWe will work with you to:•  Understand your practice and your clients•  Produce a project plan•  Outline expectations for the move
  130. 130. Preparing your dataSend us your client details ready for the move:•  Organisation details•  GST details•  COA type•  Bank accounts
  131. 131. Making the moveWe take care of setting up your clients in Xero and uploadingtheir data so it’s ready to start using day-to-day.We’ll send you pre-filled bank feed forms for your clients,making it simple to get their bank feeds set up.
  132. 132. Letting people knowMoving to a new system is a big change so it’s importantto make sure everyone knows what’s happening.We can help with:• Letter templates• Client introduction events• Training and support
  133. 133. Good to go!There’s still more information to bring over but Xero isnow ready to use for the day-to-day like GST filing andsending invoices.
  134. 134. Completing the transitionTo take full advantage of Xero and it’s powerful reportingyou’ll still need to enter:•  Fixed assets•  Conversion & comparative balances•  Any pre-coded bank data•  Create report templates
  135. 135. A lasting relationshipWith new features and opportunities along the way,we are always here to help:•  Training and events•  Ongoing support
  136. 136. Office 365 Update Fred Piliu & Paul Bowkett
  137. 137. Wrap-upLeanne Graham
  138. 138. Educate
  139. 139. AgendaReporting in Xero Sue Pak & Amy VictorNZICA Professional Development Frank OwenNZ Bookkeeper Association Melanie MorrisCase Studies / Client Scenarios Sue Pak, Melanie Morris & Jon WinterWrap-up Sue Pak
  140. 140. Reporting in Xero Sue Pak & Amy Victor
  141. 141. Reporting trends•  Small business is driving innovation & trends•  The internet has given us cheaper alternatives for collecting business information•  Business owners now expect up-to-date information•  Our job is to convert that data into something meaningful•  What does your client want? !
  142. 142. Reporting in Xero•  Introduction•  Thinking ‘outside the box’ – tips for efficiency•  Customising layouts – creating a ‘Trading Account’•  User Define Reports – building a ‘minutes’ report pack•  Schedules – building a standalone schedule (e.g. loans)•  Notes – full customisation verses using defaults in Xero!
  143. 143. Report Code Mapping Delivery$Van$:$#2$ Management 6:2550$:$Travel$Mileage$ Reports Petrol$Costs$ Vehicle Expenses 241$:$Mileage$ EXP.VEH 240/01$:$Motor$Vehicle$Expenses$ Unit$Van$:$Travel$$ Financial Statements Dave s Truck !Any$Chart$of$Accounts$ Report$Code$ Report$Packs$
  144. 144. Case studies &client scenariosSue Pak, Amy Victor & Jon Winter
  145. 145. Case studies & client scenarios•  Anna’s Trust Property Investment / Rentals•  Boutique Kitchens•  General tips and tricks!
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