Top ten reasons why the trinity is invalid (1)

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  • 1. Top Ten Reason the Trinity is Invalid:Disclaimer: The following material is may be sensitive to some readers. The intention of this paper isto educate my brothers and sisters and not to insult anyone or any religion. There are many ways to worship God, but as logic tells us, God has chosen a particular way forus to worship him. He has chosen the best people of all time and has given them Prophet Hood. God haschosen these Prophets to declare Gods message to humanity and the way we have to submit to him. Allthe Prophets of God have described God as Uniquely One, external absolute, and has no beginning orend. They have described God as one with no partners as well as the creator of everything in theUniverse. These Unique attributes of God are the exact reason why he’s the only one worthy of worship.Therefore people in general have to make the effort to try to understand and study these Prophets sothat we understand and worship God. The Following Info is evidence that refutes the concept of the Trinity, or a 3 in 1 God. Thisconcept of 3 in 1 states God is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The followinginformation is from the Bible and other accepted validated Christian Literature refuting the Concept ofthe Trinity.Top Ten Reasons why the Trinity is Invalid:10. The Word Trinity can’t be found in the bible.9. Harper Collins Encyclopedia of The Bible states “The doctrine of the Trinity as such is not revealed inthe New testament or the old testament.”8. The doctrine of the Trinity was dreamed up 200 years after the mission of Jesus Christ by a lawyerin Carthage Africa , Named Tertullian .7. Tertullian came up with the concept in 220 C.E. If you talk to Christian Scholars about the Trinity theywill tell you it’s an evolved doctrine. Meaning it was not a reviled doctrine. It evolved in the minds of
  • 2. Top Ten Reason the Trinity is Invalid:the theologians who developed it. Council of Nicaea 325 developed further, Council of Constantinoplein 381 ratified it and It became authoritative at council of Chalcedon in 451. What are we saying? After400 years after the time of Jesus, this is when the Trinity became official.6. Hans Kung- The leading theologian of the Roman Catholic Church. He commented “There is nodoctrine of 1 God in 3 persons or modes of being, no doctrine of a triune God, a Trinity. “ These are thewords of Hans Kung. If we don’t trust him in regards to Catholic or Christian Doctrine, who do we trust?Hans Kung was one of the most authoritative voices of Catholic or Christian Doctrine.5.Harpers Bible Dictionary- states “ The formal doctrine of the trinity as it was defined by the greatchurch councils of the 4 and 5 the century is not to be found in the new testament “4. A more authoritative source The New Catholic Encyclopedia states “ The formula itself (the Trinity)does not reflect the immediate consciousness of the period of origins.” What does that mean? Period ofOrigins in other words during the time of Jesus Christ and the recording of the manuscripts that formedthe foundation of the Bible. If you read further is says “ Among the Apostolic fathers, there had beennothing even remotely approaching such a mentality or perspective.” Nothing!. That is a very strongstatement for a Catholic reference work to make. The Apostolic fathers who were responsible forpassing the religion to further generation refuted the concept of the Trinity.3. The 1st Commandment – Not to place any partners beside God, that God is 1 God.2. Words of Jesus Christ- 3 times in the Bible Jesus is recorded saying “Here of Israel , the lord our God,is the lord is One.” He doesn’t add any modification or explanation. If there were any place to explainthe Trinity that would of been it. If you ask a Christian to explain God they will say” Well God is 3 or 1 in3. If they explain that way, why didn’t Jesus Christ explain that way? Why did Jesus Christ say there is 1God period, and nothing more? Because there is Nothing More. If Jesus wanted to explain the Trinity
  • 3. Top Ten Reason the Trinity is Invalid:that would have been the perfect spot. Instead Jesus is recorded 3 times in the bible Saying “Hear oIsrael the Lord our God, the Lord is 1” in Mark 12:29 Matt. 22:37 Luke 10:27. Jesus is not only sayingThat the Lord is 1, but he’s saying that this is The Greatest Commandment, and too enter eternal life orparadise, you must follow the commandments.1. The reason why we shouldn’t believe the Trinity is because when we completely analyze the biblethere is no evidence to support the Trinity to begin with. That is a strong statement, but there areexamples. Christian’s primary evidence for the Trinity in the Bible is the 1st apostle of John ch.5:7-8 says”there are 3 that testify in heaven, the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit, and these 3 are 1”. However,Christian Scholars recognize that the Verse is an insertion. It doesn’t exist in any of the ancientmanuscripts; it was written in the margin by the scribe, who in the process of copying the manuscriptwrote it in as a personal insertion, somebody liked it, they took into the margin and transported into thetext. The interpreters bible says” these versus should be rejected. “Dr. Scofield along with 8 Doctorsof divinity in his reference bible states “ This verse has no manuscript authority and it was inserted”.Professor Bruke Metsker states “ the words are spurious and don’t belong in the new testament.” Kurtand Barbra Aland, and Bart D Erman, and many others have recognized that what is called the JohaniCama or these verses is illegitimate. Read the NRV, NIV, etc. , you will find that these verses aremodified or removed.Another refuted evidence of the Trinity is in Matt 28:19 where disciples go out and baptize in thename of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. The problem with this verse is Mark 16:15 whichdescribe the exact same circumstance but the disciples baptize in the name of Jesus Christ. Which one ofthe verses do we take? Do we recognize the contradiction between the 2? Most certainly. How do weresolve that? We look at what the disciples actually did, which was baptize in the name of Jesus. Wehave to assume that the disciples were either not doing what they were told, which doesn’t make sense.
  • 4. Top Ten Reason the Trinity is Invalid:Or if they were doing what they were told they did in name of Jesus. Even if Matt 28:19 is true, itdoesn’t make the three entries co-equal, co-eternal or 3 in 1.Another refuted verse is John 14:9 Jesus states “he who seen me, has seen the father”. John 5:37 Jesusstates “you have neither herd his voice or seen his form”. It’s clear that God and Jesus are not the sameentity.John 10:30 “ I and the father are 1” . After John 10:30 the Jews accuse Jesus Christ as claiming to be Godand they prepare to stone him, but does Jesus reply with “ you heard me right, I am God, or the a part ofGod”? No, he does not. Instead Jesus says he heard him wrong and recites Psalms 82:6 , we know fromPsalms 82 that those who received revelation from God , shall be called sons of God. This ismetaphorical language.John 17:11, and John 17:21 talks about how all the disciples are 1 with Jesus and God. It’s no longer aTrinity. Its Jesus, God, the Holy spirit, all the disciples, and all the believers are 1. You can’t accept themetaphorical language in 1 passage, and not except it as literal in another.Visit for further information on the subject. The following research was put together ByDr. Brown, PHD. In religious studies.