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Full healer guide

  1. 1. Full Healer guide Welcome to Xelko`s guide.I will Show you my endgame PVE healing build for astral/hcs/raidsTalents : I assume you are lvl 45/46/47 for this build.You can use flame to finish some mobs or to do some extra dmg when you dont need to heal.
  2. 2. Rank 3 is a must, use it every time u can. You will never use divineplea but you see the overall diffrence of healing in Devoted Plea and Refreshing Light.Refreshing Light will be ur main heal, Rank 3 is a must.Blind Faith is of great use in pvp and pve, so i recommend you to take rank 1
  3. 3. Heavenly Smite on big pulls always helps, and you will also have to do some questsalone.Rank 1 is more then enough.Dont panic when u get aggro, before u use Holy Shield try to lose threat with Entrety or BlindFaith the mob that is targeting you and use it only if your heals get 2 much interrupted or yourin danger to die.Has a low cd so you can use it most of time.Rank 3 is a must.Use it to keep up your party to 100% ,,,and always keep it on tank.Rank 3 a must.Instant heal, with low cd. Keep it mostly for when some of the members of ur party gets aggrofrom your tank and u need to heal them up fast. Ofc use it on tank if needed. Get Rank 3
  4. 4. Best for pvp, but many times u will also have to dispel alot in hcs/allods, so rank 3 is a mustYou will also never use Holy Rejuvenation, its just to show u that rank 2 of Holy Healing isbetter then rank 3 of Holy Rejuvenation. You can get rank 2 of Holy healing at lvl 46 with mybuild. If ur lucky enough to have epic and legendary scroll of talents you should get rank 3 ofboth like i will.
  5. 5. Holy healing is yours most powerful spell u will mostly use it when the tank drops below50-60%... depending on the situation. Rank 2 is a must at lvl 46 (if u have epic and lege scrollof talents get rank 3) Rubies
  6. 6. Surge of Faith- Increases the healing done and the damage dealt by Perpetual Healingand Cleansing Flame by 5% per ruby, Get R3 Enlightenment- Increases your intelligence by 3% per ruby. Get R3 Divine Infusion- Increases the critical strike chance of *Cleansing Flame and PerpetualHealing by 33% per ruby. Get R3 Holy Advantage- reduces the mana cost of Perpetual Healing and Cleansing Flame by15% per ruby. Get R3 Eternal Flame- Each tick of Cleansing Flame gains a 10% chance per ruby to restorethe effect to its full duration and increases the damage by 10% (damage does not increase byruby rank). The effect can be stacked up to 5 times, but recasting Cleansing flame with resetthe stacks. Increases the duration of your Perpetual Healing by 10% per ruby. Get R3 True Faith- Reduces the cast time of Holy Rejuvenation and Holy Healing by 10% perruby, and reduces the cooldown of Divine Prayer by 10% per ruby. Get R3 Unshakeable Faith- Increases your perception and faith by 3% per ruby. Get R4 Divine Foresight- A precastable skill placeable on one friendly target to heal a largeamount of health when the targets health drops below 35%. Cooldown 3m. Will be removedif the healer logs off, or places the effect on another target. Strengthening Heal- Your Divine Prayer has a 33% chance per ruby to grant immunityto fear, stun, and knock-down effects for 5 seconds. Also cancels fear, stun, and knock-downeffects to target when used. Get R1 if u have extra rubies u can get higher ranks. Sacred Blessing- Grants Divine Prayer, Holy Rejuvenation, and Holy Healing a 15%chance per ruby to heal the target an additional health over 10 seconds. Get R1 if u have extrarubies u can get higher ranks if u liek the talent.
  7. 7. Inquisitor- Increases the damage dealt to creatures that use mana, and increases theeffectiveness of Devoted Plea, Restorative Light, Divine Prayer, and Holy Rejuvenationapplied to energy users by 3% per ruby. Get R3 Deep Concentration- Reduces the chance for your holy spells to cancel the SpiritualFocus effect by 15% per ruby. Reduces also the cooldown of Holy shield by 15% per ruby.Get R3 Disciples Reward- Causes magical resistance and armor to be increased by 10% perruby for 10 seconds when youre health drops below 50%. It cannon proc more than once ever40 seconds. Get R2 or R3 if u have extra rubys Entreaty- Heals you for a large amount of your health and lowers your threat. (A mustto have) Righteous Fervor- Increase the critical strike chance by 33% of your current criticalstrike chance per ruby for Holy Blast, Celestial Judgement, Heavenly Smite, PerpetualHealing, Cleansing Flame, Devoted Plea, Refreshing Light, Holy Rejuvenation, and HolyHealing. Get R3 Angelic Grace- Reduces the mana cost of Holy Blast, Celestial Light, Devoted Plea,and Refreshing Light by 5%. Get R2 Power of the Pure- Increases the effects of all Holy spells by 9%. Get R3 Circle of Healing- Channels a holy prayer that heals all party members within a 20 yardradius every 2 seconds. Must to have! StatsLuck- Increases youre chance to deal a critical blow, and decreases your chance to deal aglancing blow on both heals and attacks. For Hcs/astral u should have around 30-40% critchance unbuffd, best if u can keep it at 50%(around 500 luck at 45)Intelligence- Increases the damage and healing of your magical spells. Keep it as high aspossible.(400+ int at 45)
  8. 8. Wisdom- Increases your mana pool, and the regeneration of your mana. To start hcs/astralhave around 320 wisdomPerception- Chance for you magical offensive spells to be blocked, dodged, or absorbed. Aslow as possible, we dont need it.Faith- Decreases the amount of your heal resists against wound complexities.To starthcs/astral u need around 20%(recommend 500+ faith to start with) The Rotation : for hcs/astralAlways precast Holy Healing.Start by useing Perpetual on tank and always keep DivineForesight on him, as soon as he charges start castring Refreshing Light and keep useing it tillhe drops under 60%Doesnt matter if u overheal, u will get stacks of fanitcism.When he is low use Holy Healing and if needed Divine Prayer.By then u should have many stacks of fanaticism, use it for a fast Holy Healing or deselectany target and precast it again.Always look for other party members, Use Divine Prayer if someone takes aggro, keep perpon everyone if there are AoE fights or use Circle of Healing. The conclusionThis is the end of the guide, hope u had fun reading it.If you have any questions, u can always whisper me ingame and ask ;). Xelko, League, ISA.