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Suarez, Joseph

Suarez, Joseph
Mogato, Daniel
Asuncion, Alexis
Espiritusanto, Evelyn
Andrion, Gianafae



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Troy Troy Presentation Transcript

  • Joseph Suarez. Daniel Mogato. Alexis Asuncion. Evelyn Espiritu
  • Views on War Showed by whom?War was a way to solve a conflict through Trojans and the Greeks combat.It is an opportunity to achieve glory and Achilles honor. It is a way to protect and show power. Hector It is a way to get what you want or gain Menelaus back something you had. War is a way to conquer and expand Agamemnon power throughout the lands of Troy
  • Loving • Achilles showed his loveTEXT through Patroclus when he avenged him after his death. • He showed his love when he avenged Patroclus and loved BriseisMOVIE • He also showed his love for his mother by consulting to her first. Achilles cares about her mother.
  • LoyalTEXT • Achilles showed loyalty in both medium by not abandoning the myrmidonsMOVIE and served their leader until the end.
  • Brave • Achilles showed his bravery by notTEXT backing down and fighting he even ignored King Agamemnon’s commands just to make his stand. • Achilles showed bravery by notMOVIE backing down. And he faced death without fear.
  • SkilledTEXT • He showed his skill through the battle and he even killed Hector. • He showed his skills in the fightingMOVIE scenes. • Achilles also showed his skills in battle when he defeated Boagrius with ease.
  • HONORABLETEXT • Even though Achilles showed brutality when he killed Hector, he still gave his body to Priam. This showed honor to him not only as a warrior but also as a man.MOVIE
  • AggressiveTEXT •Achilles is always ready to battle anyone who challenges him. • He is aggressive in his actions and inMOVIE fighting. • He is also an aggressive lover to Briseis.
  • PrideTEXT • He showed pride by choosing to rebel against Agamemnons commands.MOVIE
  • BrutalTEXT • The way he killed the Trojans showed brutality. The myrmidons even killed the priests who doesnt have the chance to battle against them.MOVIE
  • ArrogantTEXT • His arrogance shown when he dragged the body of Hector in front of the Trojan Kingdom. • He also depicts a personality that is very “bilib sa sarili”.MOVIE
  • DisrespectfulTEXT • He showed disrespect when he offended the Trojan by insulting Apollo and even destroying his monument.MOVIE
  • Fin.