XeeSM/SRM Best Practices Dec/09

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Best practices webinar Dec/09 - how to best use XeeSM/SRM the first social relationship management system. Building and strengthening social relationships.

Best practices webinar Dec/09 - how to best use XeeSM/SRM the first social relationship management system. Building and strengthening social relationships.

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  • 1. Best Practices for SRM
    XeeSM / SRM
  • 2. Agenda
    Managing Social RelationshipsA new challenge in the social world
    Doing a better job with our most precious asset - our connections
    Best practices using the free XeeSM* Tips and tricks to become more approachable * Using XeeSM with Google search* Leverage XeeSM for relationship building and strengthening
    Leveraging the XeeSM SRM System* Creating Flights, setting objectives* Best practices setting objectives* On-boarding people into a flight* Focusing on the relationship - not administration* Best practices on following up with objectives* Share a flight with your team* Share a flight with your customers
  • 3. The free XeeSM
    (3) Use your dashboard to monitor notes and track your progress, benchmarks and reports
    (1) Approachability is thefirst step to more business
    (2) Create a list of relevant people to focus on.Remember: It’s people – not networks!
  • 4. XeeSM Setup Best Practices
    XeeSM is a whole new class of applications
    Create a better business world
    Customers want approachability
    Being recommended need to be your #1 business objective
    Get engaged to get more engagement from your clients, partners…
  • 5. Start with your approachability
    Add your XeeSM to any of your social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…
    Add your XeeSM to your email signature, business card, letter head…
    Add your XeeSM on every comment you’re providing when commenting on blogs, groups
    Use the “Share it” feature, to let your contacts know how they can connect with you
    Add the XeeSM plug-in to your Blog, Website and other sites.
    You will experience an increase in connections on all your social networks
  • 6. Setup tips for the XeeSM profile
    Your XeeSM name should be set once and never be changed thereafter
    It is your unique ID in throughout the Internet
    Ideally XeeSM.com/FirstnameLastname
    Use the same photo that you use on other professional profiles
    Add all the sites you have content on, providing many ways to get in touch
    Websites, your blogs, your video sites
    Don’t enter sites you are not active on
    Think about phone number and email
    Select visibility, order and priority
    Help identify the sites by telling your visitor what type of site it is (business, personal, group, community…)
  • 7. Using XeeSM with Google
    Ever wondered where you commented and left a note or message? Search for your XeeSM
    Search for your XeeSM:
    Search for xeesm.com/yourname
    Search others to get to know them better
    Add your XeeSM to the Google Search Index
    Just click on “Submit to Google”
  • 8. Using XeeSM to maintain & grow relationships
    Select some favorite people
    Ask your friends, peers, colleagues, customers, partners to setup a XeeSM“Here is how you can find me – would be great to let me know how I can find you. XeeSM is a tool I really liked.”
    Simply go to search and add people to your favorites
    Or add people (create a XeeSM for them) by clicking on “Add Contacts”
  • 9. Act on your social relationships
    Visit your favorites daily
    See what’s on top of their mind
    Learn what is important to them
    Join their conversation
    Comment on their blogs
    Say something if you have to say something
    Just observe if there is nothing you want to add
    Build up the relationship to more people than you ever thought is possible
    You can visit 50 people a day within an hour or 250 a week with only an hour per day
    You can visit up to 5,000 individuals each month (5 hours per day) leaving 3 hours each day for comments and responses.
  • 10. Free Upgrade to XeeSM/SRM
    Have your XeeSM as profile site on your major social networks
    5 or more networks / sites on your XeeSM
    A minimum of 250 visits to your XeeSM (check your dashboard)
    Minimum 20 favorites that you already visited (check your dashboard for top 10)
    After you are approved you will see a note on your dashboard and a key code on your profile page
  • 11. Social Relationship Management SystemXeeSM / SRM
  • 12. The XeeSM Way Of Social Media
    Moving from Network Focus to People Focus
    Typically you go from network to network and see who you can have a conversation with or what’s up. You search for people.
    With XeeSM you focus on people. You go from person to person and check how you can add value to their conversations.
    Moving from reaction back to action
    The early social web has left you no choice than REACT on what’s going on. That made it in particular hard to use it as a tool for businesses that are action oriented.
    XeeSM turns the social web into an actionable platform. With the focus on people you take back control in what you want to achieve.
  • 13. We built machines
    We built machines to do much more than we are physically able to do.
    The “Dunbar Number” suggests we max out at 150 social connections.
    The “XeeSM number” suggest we can easily 10 fold that number and get it to 1,500.
  • 14. Putting social relationships in context
    The number of “Favorites” can quickly go into the hundreds or even thousands. Again we have a challenge to deal with that big number.
    The “trick” is to put the relationships in context to activities and have a system that helps us track all the social interactions and also helps us keep in touch with more than our brain can hold.
  • 15. Creating Flights
    XeeSM Flights can be all kings of things
    Projects, lists, groups, initiatives, campaigns…
    Flights are the contextual framework for our social engagement
  • 16. Flights are all kinds of things
    A flight helps you work with people over a certain timeframe in context to some objectives.
    You may keep flights over a long period of time or make it a quick action for just a few days.
    Flights can circle around projects, promotions, campaigns, a hiring initiative a product launch, a sales initiative…
    Flights can also group clients, partners, customer types, influencer, blogger, competitor…
  • 17. A XeeSM Flight
    A flight is a group of people which we plan to “travel” for a while with a specific set of objectives and a clear destination.
    We may have multiple flights with different and or the same people, different objectives and different goals.
    A flight is a constituted of a subset of our favorites and represents a period of time we work more intensely with those selected contacts.
    Product IntroductionFlight
    Beta Flight
    S25 Promo Flight
    My Favorites
  • 18. Flight Objective Best Practices I
    Remember, this is about social relationships
    As such we want to work together to achieve some goals and objectives
    Make the flight objectives something that not only YOU perform and complete but also your contacts do with you or for you
    Consider things like:
    They should blog about your product or service
    They should comment on your blog or group discussions
    They may need to be introduced to new members of your group
    Achieve goals in CONCERT with others
  • 19. Flight Objective Best Practices II
    Remember: 60-80% of businesses are made based on recommendation.
    Understand: You cannot recommend yourself. INSTEAD let others recommend you
    New relationships in business are build fastest by connecting the new contact to relevant people
    Consider things like:
    Making introductions to others
    Let experts and advocates you know comment on your new contact’s questions
    Ask them to join a relevant group
    Always have an answer to “What’s in for them”
  • 20. Flight Objective Best Practices III
    How to deal with brand new contacts you are just exploring a relationship and deal with “old bodies” in the same flight?
    Consider building two flights with the same destination but different objectives
    One flight maybe where you just start a relationship, make introductions to others, primarily listen to what’s on top of their mind, and the flight objectives are more your own to complete
    The other flight is with the relationships you have and maintain, collaborate and be the ones you introduce to the “Newbie Flight”
    Always define: “What’s in for them”
  • 21. Create and onboard a flight – share it with others
  • 22. On-boarding
  • 23. Onboard people from your “Favorites”
    Be selective
    Onboard people you actually want to socialize with
    Don’t just add a “target group”
  • 24. Flight “On-boarding” Best Practices
    Remember a flight is a “journey” with some of your connections for a period of time, while your favorites are your entire ecosystem. Make sure you maintain your entire ecosystem – while you focus on activities with people in your flight.
    Don’t take more than 25 people into a flight unless you are very experienced with SRM.
    You will want to visit their sites daily and you won’t be able to do that with 100 (for the next few months).
  • 25. Relationship ManagementBest Practices
  • 26. SRM makes a difference
    Now since you have a tool
    Now since you no longer go to a network and browse around
    Now since you can focus on people
    Now since you can act on individual situations
    Now since you bridged social media with your business objectives
    Now you are back in the driver seat
    Now you can define your most suitable relationship stream
  • 27. Focus on the relationship not administration
    Visit the people in your flight(s) every day
    On FB you need to be connected. On Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare or in LinkedIn groups you don’t.
    Join the LinkedIn groups where your favorites are
    Begin a relationship by joining a conversation – not initiating a conversation
    Don’t comment just to comment – bring value to the conversation or only listen in.
    It will take a few weeks to develop your own routine, your own rhythm, and your own conversation style.
  • 28. Your relationship stream
    Day 1 review all sites
    Day 2 listen / read several posts
    Day 3 chiming in the conversation
    Day 4 commenting on a blog
    Day 5 commenting on a group question
    Day 6 make sure you responded properly
    Day 7 making an introduction to someone
    Day 8 suggesting an interesting site or post
    Day 9 invitation to your own group
    Day 10 Have a conversation over the phone
    Continuously verify if the contact is actually relevant to your business
  • 29. Objective Follow-up Best Practices
    1) Have a daily routine to check off things that are completed
    2) Ask your flight members to help you. You may want to offer some “goody” for the help
    3) Let your flight members know what you are doing
    4) You may offer some small rewards for supporting your engagement
    5) Always recognize their support – ideally publicly
  • 30. DON’T EVER…
    Don’t sell
    Don’t promote
    Don’t market
    Keep in mind:“The best sales people in the world never sold a thing” – The best sales people in the world are “relationship maker”
    SRM is the first tool that helps EVERYBODY to become a top relationship maker
  • 31. Sharing Flights
  • 32. Sharing your flights
    Build your crew
    Share it with relevant people
    It may be even customers
  • 33. Flight Sharing Best Practices
    Share a flight with colleagues, so they can help you accelerate or complete a project.
    Sharing Best Practices:
    1) Have a quick meeting and explain what you try to achieve
    2) Ask them to contribute relevant contacts – without “over loading” the flight
    3) Provide a clear goal and explain the objectives in great detail
    Who ever you shared a flight with, they have full access to a flight, can onboard and edit a flight as well as check off objectives.
  • 34. When to share a flight
    A product manager may share a flight with marketing
    A channel sales manager may share a flight with partners
    A PR person may share a flight with their agency
    A hiring manager may share a flight with the recruiter
    A sales manager may share a flight with the marketing team
    A project manager may share a flight with the customer, sales manager, product manager
  • 35. Putting it all together
  • 36. XeeSM Best Practices
    General XeeSM
    Use your XeeSM as your “signature” (approachability)
    Actively share your XeeSM, create a XeeSM for relevant people
    Find all your own comments and posts by search for your XeeSM
    XeeSM / SRM (Social Relationship Management)
    Add every relevant business contact to your favorites
    Strengthen and broaden your relationships by visiting your contacts and maintain a conversation (check the relationship stream)
    Create a FLIGHT for every business initiative
    Set objectives that require action from you AND your flight members
    Focus on the relationship stream – not tools administration
    Visit your contacts daily
    Share your flights with people who may help achieve your goals – cross departmental and even cross company boundaries
    Think people – not network, and gradually move from reaction to action
  • 37. Feedback – Q+A
    Q + A
  • 38. ThankYou
    (650) 384-0057
    Please comment on our Facebook page, LinkedIn Group or Blog or tweet about your thoughts
    © 2009 Xeequa Corp. All rights reserved. XeeSM™, Xeequa™, and the Xeequa logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Xeequa Corp. All other company names and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or owners.
    All materials contained herein are the property of each respective company identified on such materials, and may only be used, copied or distributed with the express written permission of each respective company.
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  • 39. About
    Xeequa is a social media software provider helping business managers to create a better business experience for their customers, prospects and partners. The company’s Social Media software solutions include the first social relationship management solution XeeSM, an enterprise level social media community network XeeCast and the secure URL shortner XeeURL.
    Xeequa solutions are delivered as Internet based software service (SaaS), scaling from small businesses to global enterprises. Xeequa has representation in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. More info on http://xeesm.comhttp://xeeurl.com and http://xeequa.com or +1 (650) 384-0057.
    The privately held company is based in Palo Alto, California.