700 Digital Color Press Customer Presentation Team Mooney 8 12 08
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700 Digital Color Press Customer Presentation Team Mooney 8 12 08






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  • You are in business to make money or lower your costs (customer dependent ). For every dollar you spend, you’d like to see a return on your investment. At a minimum, you want value for your money. At a maximum, you want long-term profitability/success by growing your revenue with new business applications or keeping work in house with new business applications like inline coated brochures and booklets. Based on that assumption, over the next 30 minutes, I’m going to show you how the Xerox 700 Digital Color Press delivers on all counts. It’s the next step in color printing…combining powerful performance with total value to create new revenue streams and new sources of profitability for your business or reduce your business costs by keeping high value work inside.
  • Before we talk about the Xerox 700, let’s talk about investments and market opportunities. Because after all, that’s why you’re in business and that’s why you’re here today. In order to get the best return on your investment and provide value to your organization, you need to find where the real sustainable growth opportunities are. According to all of the industry experts, digital color is where the action is. Just look at these statistics. (Review the stats on the slide) These aren’t pie-in-the-sky projections, these statistics show a 14-year track record of growth with a trajectory that is getting steeper.
  • Delivering opportunities for our customers is the guiding force behind everything we do. The Xerox 700 Digital Color Press incorporates all of the engineering expertise and market understanding that we have accumulated helping 1000s of printers build successful digital printing businesses. It’s a production color press with the image quality, productivity, reliability and versatility that you need. With it’s wide ranging media latitude, including specialty stocks and substrates, and extensive feeding and finishing options, it can help you capture a host of new applications efficiently and profitably/reduce costs.
  • Speaking of productivity. Many printers suffer big productivity hits when running different types of media and different types of jobs. The Xerox 700 Digital Color Press gives you great productivity and media latitude. It is supremely capable of running uncoated, coated, specialty media from 64 gsm (18 lb. bond) all the way up to 300 gsm (110 lb. cover). It provides outstanding print flexibility for heavyweight and oversized media…and will auto-duplex coated and uncoated stocks up to 220 gsm (80lb. cover) It clocks in at 70 pages per minute on uncoated stocks, and 51 pages per minute coated stocks. Even on heavyweight, oversized media it delivers 31 pages per minute of high-quality, customer pleasing color. Performance like this is even more impressive when you consider that the New Xerox 700 Digital Color Press is considered an mid-level production device with an equally attractive, value-driven price.
  • In this chart, you can see that the Xerox 700 provides great productivity across all weights and types of paper. It is positioned nicely between our current offering of DocuColor products. There is a significant speed improvement over our existing DocuColor 6060 and DocuColor 260 family, providing great value as an upgrade path from your current system.
  • At the front of the New Xerox 700 Digital Color Press, you’ll find great flexibility and versatility. 3 standard paper trays holding 550 sheets each. They feed coated and uncoated stocks from sizes 5.5 inches x 7.2 inches up to 13 x 19.2 inches all weights up to 220 gsm (80 lb. cover)…a stock weight which as I mentioned earlier it will auto-duplex. The By-Pass Tray holds 250 of the largest sheets for specialty media and manual duplexing of extra heavyweight paper up to 110lb cover/300gsm.
  • Consist tight front-to-back registration to within plus/minus 1 millimeter, important for postcards, catalogs, and all two-sided work. A Contact Image Sensor module detects the leading edge of the page and adjusts for registration…difficult jobs can have special operator adjustments done at the UI for the device. Since most of the work you do requires some sort of finishing—trimming, scoring, folding, stitching, etc—it’s important that printed sheets are delivered to the output tray, flat and ready for in-line, near-line or off-line finishing. The new Xerox 700 Digital Color Press features a post-fuser de-curler that ensures that sheets are flat and will provide outstanding productivity in your finishing equipment. This series of “Smart” decurlers take into consideration the side, the toner coverage and the humidity and applies the most appropriate pressure to ensure the flattest output.
  • Of course, printing is just part of the job. There are two more components that have to be addressed. Finishing and Workflow. Let’s look at the finishing options first. You have a choice of five different finishing options that allow you to tailor your Xerox 700 to your environment.
  • Now let’s talk about workflow. With the Xerox 700 Digital Color Press, you can choose from 5 different workflow options and select the one that fits best with you business and work environment. Xerox FreeFlow Print Server EX Print Server Powered by Fiery CX Print Server Powered by Creo Integrated Fiery Color Server EFI Splash RPX-iii Workflow Solution This gives you the ability to print the applications you need to grow your business.
  • This is a real profit maker. Whether you are just getting started, ready to upgrade or supplement your current digital color printing capabilities, this is a media and application powerhouse delivering the jobs your customers demand and more… Graphic arts image quality, impressive productivity, outstanding efficiency. You’ll build volume fast because of the job versatility. You’ll be able to configure the device to meet your needs now, and add options as your opportunities expand in the future. And when you partner with Xerox, you can be sure that you will always have the right technology, the right workflow, and the right business model…with the expertise and experience you need to be successful in The New Business of Printing. Thank you for your time and attention. Are there any questions, or would you like to schedule a delivery?

700 Digital Color Press Customer Presentation Team Mooney 8 12 08 700 Digital Color Press Customer Presentation Team Mooney 8 12 08 Presentation Transcript

  • Xerox 700 Digital Color Press The Next Step in Color Printing A Powerful Performer. A Solid Value.
  • Opportunity for Growth and Building Business Revenue: Production Color Solutions
      • Digital color production market experiencing explosive growth.
      • 2007 year over year, the color 41+ pages per minute under $100,000 market grew 95% in the U.S. and 25% in Europe. - Source: IDC Printer & MFP 2/16/07
      • “ For every year from 2004 to 2009, digital production color printing has grown or will grow on average of 50% per year.” - Source: Carlson & Company
      • “ Digital color POD will grow from $3B (1995) to an estimated $49B (2009); a combined annual growth rate of 22%.” - Source: InfoTrends/CAP Ventures
  • Everything You Need to Grow Your Business. Xerox 700 Digital Color Press
      • Production Capabilities
        • Outstanding productivity and efficiency
        • Superior image quality
        • Outstanding printing flexibility to meet your needs
        • Easy to use even for complex jobs
        • Comprehensive workflow options
        • Enables you to grow your business with a variety of applications
      • A value-driven purchase point
  • Great performance on a wide range of media
      • Productivity / Print Speeds
      • A4 / 8.5 x 11
      • 70 ppm (64-176 gsm uncoated)
      • 51 ppm (177-256 gsm uncoated; 106-176 gsm coated)
      • 35 ppm (257-300 gsm uncoated; 177-300 gsm coated)
      • A3 / 11 x 17
      • 35 ppm (64-176 gsm uncoated)
      • 25 ppm (177-256 gsm uncoated; 106-176 gsm coated)
      • 17 ppm (257-300 gsm uncoated; 177-300 gsm coated)
      • SRA3 / 12 x 18
      • 31 ppm (64-176 gsm uncoated)
      • 22 ppm (177-256 gsm uncoated; 106-176 gsm coated)
      • 15 ppm (257-300 gsm uncoated; 177-300 gsm coated)
      • Auto duplex coated and uncoated up to 220 gsm/80 lb cover
  • Xerox 700 Digital Color Press Productivity Paper Weight (g/m 2 ) 80 60 40 20 0 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 Pages per Minute DocuColor 260 DocuColor 7000AP DocuColor 5000AP DocuColor 6060 Xerox 700 (Coated) Xerox 700 (Uncoated) A4/8.5x11
  • The Power of the Paper Tray. Load It and Let It Run...
      • 3 internal paper trays, 550 sheets each
        • Feed coated and uncoated, size 5.5 x 7.2 in (140 x 182 mm) up to 13 x 19.2 in up (330 x 488 mm) to 220 gsm/80 lb cover
      • Auto duplex coated and uncoated paper up to 220 gsm/80 lb cover
      • By-Pass tray: 250 sheets, up to 13 x 19.2 in (330 x 488 mm), designed for specialty media, manual duplex of heavyweight paper
  • Advanced Image Quality in a Cost-effective Printer.
      • Tight front-to-back registration +/- 1 mm — critical on postcards, flyers, catalogues, etc.
        • Contact Image Sensor detects lead edge of paper and adjusts for every sheet.
        • For those special or difficult jobs, you can make adjustments via the UI for registration, skew, perpendicularity, magnification.
      • Smarter decurler module ensures flat outputs for reliable performance during stacking and finishing
  • Finishing. All the Options and So Easy.
      • Expand your capabilities, capture more high-value applications
    Offset Catch Tray Advanced Finisher Professional Finisher High Capacity Stacker Light Production C Finisher
  • More choices. More capabilities. Print Servers designed for the Xerox 700
    • An answer for every environment and all of your most important applications.
    Splash RPX-iii Workflow Solution
  • Want to reduce costs and expand capabilities? The Xerox 700 is the answer you’re looking for.
      • Maximum flexibility and production power in an entry-level priced digital press
      • A media and application powerhouse delivering the jobs your customers demand and more
      • Graphic arts image quality, impressive productivity, outstanding efficiency delivers the right volume... more jobs, more applications, more value
      • An impressive choice of options for the perfect configuration and a value-add proposition that translates into revenue and growth. Get it the way you want it
      • Xerox 700 can reduce costs, help you grow your business with new applications, and lead to additional profits