Selling on eBay: An overview of the APIs


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See which options for integrating and selling on eBay work best for your business model. Choose among the available APIs and get the best practices for payments, shipping, inventory, order management and more. Learn about the brand-new Merchant Integration Platform (MIP), and use it to get to market even faster.

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Selling on eBay: An overview of the APIs

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. High level overview seller’sperspective C2C B2C Small b2C/ Occasional Regulars Ramping Business Small Merchants Large Merchants Entrepreneurs (Self-identified as (Orders >= 25) Business) (Orders >= 100 AND (Orders >=100 AND AND (Orders >=100 AND AND GMV >= $10K AND GMV >= $120K AND Orders < 25 (Orders < 100 OR GMV < GMV>=$1M) (Orders < 100 OR GMV < $120K ) GMV < $1M) $10K ) GMV < $10K)
  3. 3. Title Description
  4. 4. FormatPrice Condition
  5. 5. Shipping PolicyReturn Policy
  6. 6. <?xml version="1.0"?><AddItemRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents"> <Item> <Title>Garmin nuvi 255W Automotive GPS Receiver</Title> <Description> Take the shortest route to your destination using Garmin nüvi255W navigator… </Description> <PrimaryCategory> <CategoryID>377</CategoryID> </PrimaryCategory> <StartPrice>1.00</StartPrice> <ConditionID>3000</ConditionID> ... </Item></AddItemRequest>
  7. 7. Listing format APIsFixed Price (Add, Revise, Relist, End)FixedPriceItem(Fixed Price) and (Auction or Classified Ad) (Add, Revise, Relist, End)Item(Fixed Price) and (Auction or Classified Ad) ListingDraft (Beta)
  8. 8. Metadata APIsCategories GetCategories, GetCategoryFeaturesItem Specifics GetCategorySpecificsPictures UploadSiteHostedPictures
  9. 9. Action APIsFinding catalog products FindProductsAdding a product GetProductMetaDataBulk, AddProducts (Beta)Global policies Q1, ‘12
  10. 10. Seller ends listing (Current time > Scheduled end time) OR (Last remaining Current time > Scheduled quantity purchased) start time Scheduled Active Ended Customer service reinstates(Policy violation detected) the listing OR Suspended(Potential fraud detected)
  11. 11. 1. Wins an auction orpurchases a fixed price 1. A new “unpaid” order.listing2. Pays for the order 2. Receives the payment3. Expects delivery 3. Adds a tracking number4. Leaves feedback 4. Leaves feedback
  12. 12. Action APIManage orders GetOrdersAdd a tracking number CompleteSaleLeave feedback LeaveFeedbackManage disputes AddDispute, GetDispute, ReverseDispute etc.
  13. 13. Action APIManage accounts GetAccountManage communication between sellers GetMyMessages, ReviseMyMessages, etc.and buyersBest offers GetBestOffers, RespondToBestOfferMyeBay GetMyeBaySelling, GetMyeBayReminders
  14. 14. Action APIJob management startUploadJob, startDownloadJob, abortJob, getJobs, etc.File management uploadFile, downloadFile
  15. 15. Bulk Data Transfer File TransferSeller Service ServiceApplication createUploadJob (jobId, inputFileReferenceId) uploadFile(jobId, inputFileReferenceId) success or error startUploadJob(jobId, inputFileReferenceId) success or error getJobStatus(jobId) success or error downloadFile(jobId, outputFileReferenceId) downloadFile
  16. 16. Inbound Admin Data Files 1 App eBay 3 Listings 2 CSV XML File Storage (sftp, webdav)Merchant MIPSystems Products Policies 4 5 CSV XML eBay Orders Outbound Order Files
  17. 17.