Magento and the X.commerce platform


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We will start this session by providing an overview of Magento including a walk through of its evolution and the vibrant ecosystem it supports. We will then discuss the benefits Magento offers to merchants and developers. Magento is now a proud member of the X.commerce family. We will talk about how X.commerce complements and grows Magento by bringing new benefits to Magento developers and merchants. We will discuss how the Magento extension model fits with the X.commerce platform.

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  • 2001 – Varien is launched as an eCommerce consulting & website design firm
  • 2007 – August 2007 Community introduced
  • 2008 – Magento 1.0 officially released
  • 2009 – April 15 2009 release of Magento Enterprise – a licensed, fully-supported product for businesses who need more than open source code
  • 2010 – Company changes name to Magento; launches Magento Mobile
  • 2011 – Magento hosts its first eCommerce conference and launches Magento Go
  • One of our most dedicated developers – Tom Robertshaw of Meanbee in the U.K. has taken it upon himself to do some exhaustive research on the eCommerce platform landscape. He looked at the home page of the top 1 million Alexa sites and analyzed them for identifying features, covering 32 different eCommerce packages. The results are seen here – and it’s clear who the leader is. We feel that this is attributed to the perfect balance of having an open-source platform with features that rival high-end, proprietary platforms.
  • This graph is limited to the top 18 eCommerce software platforms and depicts the number of sites detected over time. 18% growth in September.
  • Creative types love Magento creativity is encouraged and sites can be specifically customized for a merchants brand.
  • In developing Magentowe leverage our thorough understanding of how an eCommerce business works. We understand all of this because Magento (originally Varien) was an eCommerce consulting and website design firm. We created sites for companies. Magento is a flexible and customizable with rich capabilities to market, merchandize, sell and manage a successful on-line commerce presence.It is designed so that companies can have complete integration with their business processes - from product development or purchasing to sales and marketing, back-end integration with operations, even reporting and analytics.
  • Our software release cycle provides 2 maintenance and 2 major release each year. Here’s an example of the wealth of features we included in the last release.
  • Zenni is an online optical retailer with personalized product selection tools. Their original site was built on an old version of X-Cart. Their Magento partner (One Pica) rebuilt the site from scratch on Magento Enterprise.Zenni is currently using 4 servers -          2 web servers –2 Magento instances-          1 Python/Image Rendering Server for the Frame Fit [pupil-detection] system-          1 Database machineMajor Results:Performance – the Magento install easily manages the huge increase in daily site visitors with great performance:•On peak days Zenni experiences up to 80,000 unique visitors / dayOn average they experience 40,000 unique visitors/ dayBringing more people to the site had the desired result of increasing orders:• Orders increased by 30%4,000 to 5,000 orders/dayOf those who used the “try on” capability 14% made a purchase Additional benefits:After deploying Magento Enterprise Zenni realized many functional and performance benefits. Here’s a partial list:• Full page caching• Database caching• CDN using “original pull” mode• Xcache and Memcache• Fine tune the apache and MySQLconfigs considerably based on the memory of each machine, CPU cores, etc. • Use of AJAX as much as possible to help keep bandwidth to a minimum and response as quick as possible.• Modification to some of the checkout/cart code to speed up the checkout process – usually the slowest part of the system.• Utilization of several scripts that run hourly/daily help to remove unused assets.
  • Slide notes:Ø is an online retailer specializing in products that help customers update and renovate their kitchen, bathroom and outdoor living spacesØ Initial challenges were around performance and scaling due to business growthØ In Jan 2011, Initially implemented with 1 Web server and 1 DB server as instructed by Magento white paper recommendationsØ Added second web node for Admin Panel purposes as recommended by Peer 1 and MagentoØ Went live in April 2011 and quickly scaled to another web server and added more memory since we were low on resources for phpØ Peer 1 optimize the performance by setting up memcaching between the servers and helped set up media as an NFS share.Ø Peer 1 helped install Magento, configure mysql according to best practices and conduct performance tweaks on Apache such as caching/mod_expires, etc…Ø Peer 1 set up NGINIX to use as a webserver for media & skin for so they could use parallel connectionsØ Peer 1 helped improve performance in’s over 250k skus and multiple stores helping get an average 2-3s page load which was down from about 9s-10s page loads.Ø Quote from Maier Bianchi,, ( “Peer 1 has been an incredible partner in helping successfully transition to Magento Enterprise. We are doing great business on Magento and Peer1 Hosting has been integral to our success.”
  • We hear it all the time – mobile is the future of online access and that includes online shopping. We’re helping our customers stay ahead of their competition – and the technology curve – with Magento Mobile that serves as an extension of your Magento Enterprise-based online store.The key features of Magento Mobile can be grouped around 3 main benefits: simplicity, resource-efficiency, and affordability. It’s simple to deploy and manage It’s highly resource-efficient It gives merchants an affordable way to tap into mobile commerce
  • Our value to our customers goes well beyond the products we provide. The best eCommerce implementations are made possible by utilizing the expertise of what we call the Magento ecosystem.This ecosystem includes a network of Magento Solution Partners or system integrators who implement custom online stores for merchants worldwide.Many Magento implementations are made that much better with the integration of third party tools and applications from Industry partners such as payment gateways, order management software, personalization tools, site search solutions and much more. Magento also has strategic relationships with several hosting companies.And as we discussed earlier, there are hundreds of companies integrating with Magento technology and creating applications and extensions.
  • There are a number of ways that you can get involved with the Magento community. On our site you can promote extensions on Magento Connect, you can communicate with the community on various forums, use a dedicated Q&A tool to get even the most technical questions answered and of course you can participate at the highest level by providing code for the platform.
  • I am sometimes told that I do not express my emotions so to show how passionate I am about the next topic I will have Mr. Ballmer help me out
  • So me an Mr. Ballmer don’t see eye to eye on many things especially when it comes to licensing. But we do agree on the importance of developers to a successful ecosystem
  • Talk about how the code repository works and the role of the developer in our software lifecycle.
  • Magento Connect provides multiple ways for developers to market their extensions and businesses: 1) Detailed extension listings with screencast videos2) “Featured Extensions” opportunities throughout the marketplace3) Customizable developer profile page You’ll even be able to earn “Trusted Extension” designation This designation will become the gold standard for Magento extension reliability, stability and support.
  • x.Commerce is an open commerce paltform
  • Create your extension once and make it available across all of Magento’s solutions.Because all of Magento’s solutions are built on the same code base, it’s easy to make your extension available for all of our offerings. That means more opportunity to sell to more merchants throughout our global ecosystem.
  • Goals for Mage2The methods and techniques for ensuring the product quality MUST be clearly determinedQuality control process MUST allow for fast systematic quality monitoring and evaluationThe code MUST meet its design and behave as intendedProduct upgrade process MUST be sustainableModular architecture improvements (view level, extensions, components)
  • From 15(1rps) to 20(30rps) % performance improvements
  • Magento and the X.commerce platform

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Launched as an eCommerce consulting & website design firm
    3. 3. Introduced in August of 2007
    4. 4. Officially released
    5. 5. A licensed, fully-supported product for businesses that need a more robust solution
    6. 6. Company changes name to Magento; launches Magento Mobile
    7. 7. • (
    8. 8. Magento has experienced continued growth and shows no sign of slowing
    9. 9. • Open Source: • PHP 5 • Zend Framework • MySQL• Architecture: • Core vs. Community and Local modules • Object Oriented Programming and Patterns • Modularity • Event-driven Architecture to simplify system extensibility • Core API opens platform for integration • Flexibility on design & look and feel
    10. 10. Marketing Tools Product Catalog Consumer Experience Performance & Design Infrastructure & Easy-to-use, Security & Standards Back-end Integration Permission Based Compliance Admin Panel
    11. 11. • Scalable platform – grows with the merchantResults: • Orders increased by 30% • 4,000 to 5,000 orders/day • Up to 80,000 unique visitors/day
    12. 12. • Home Perfect and Peer1 tweak performance for outstanding results• Launched on Magento Enterprise with 1 Web server and 1 DB server • Quickly outgrew this config • Optimized performance  Added a web server  Memcached for configurations  Media on an NFS  Nginx • Results - 250k skus and 2 second page loads ✓ No issues and Great Performance
    14. 14. • New mobile themes for your Magento Store
    15. 15. For small merchants with big ambitions, Magento Go is a powerful,hosted online store platform.
    16. 16. • Many professionally designed themes that are flexible to customize• CSS-based theming approach• Flexible catalog options and Marketing tools• Inline translation and customization to frontend language• Drag and drop layout editing• Broader range of payment gateway integrations• PCI Complaint Environment• Support and Education• Magento Extensions
    17. 17. February 27, 2011 October 1, 2011 Launched 10,000+ stores
    18. 18. 560,000+Community Members 1,000+ 4,800+ Extensions Posts/month 3,551 547 20,000+ Third Party Third Party Vendors Reviews Paid Extensions 4,000,000+ 1,360 467,000+ Free Extensions Downloads Forum Posts
    19. 19. Forums, Knowledge Base & Wiki Magento Answers Question and Answer tool Code Repository Places to communicate and get help
    20. 20. • Industry tradeshows and more • Meetups • Meet Magento • Developers Paradise • Imagine • Innovate
    21. 21. ↪ Magento has created new revenue streams for many companies↪ There are hundreds of jobs posted daily for Magento developers
    22. 22. • Training • Online, On-demand Training • Instructor-led Training• Certification • Developer and Developer Plus • Innovate Launch - Take the beta exam and get certified!
    23. 23. eBay acquires Magento and announces X.commerce
    24. 24. • Benefits to Magento Developers and Merchants• New opportunities for everyone• Ease of development with standards and hosting• Better monetization through technology and services
    25. 25. Consumer Products Consumer Services and Apps Merchant Other Carts Your Apps Products Platform X.commerce Fabric ProductsCapabilities Your Capabilities
    26. 26. • Refactor rather than rewrite• Clear Process and Transparency• Improved product quality (Unit, Integration, Functional, Performance etc.)• Improved product performance and scalability• Improved WEB API coverage• Support of multiple RDBMSs• Improve Modularity (Component vs. Module)• Simplified Customization Process• Improved Multiple Languages support
    27. 27. Magento 1 Magento 21 rps 10 rps 30 rps
    28. 28. • Session 1: Developing Loosely Coupled Modules with Magento• Session 2: Magento 101: A Technical Overview• Session 3: MVC – Magento Integration Tests• Session 4: Going with Style – Customizing Magento Go with Themes and Apps• Session 5: Magento 2 Technical Overview