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The eBay Developer Program provides developers and online publishers the opportunity to integrate real-time eBay content through the use of the Finding and Trading APIs. This session will offer a brief overview of both APIs and showcase successful integrations. It will cover how to leverage the eBay Partner Network to monetize your site using the Finding API. It will also highlight new developments for creating a mobile eBay experience.

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  • there are an infinite number of ways to make moneyThe ways to make money on eBay as a platform are limited only by your imagination
  • I need to buy the perfect goat headI can’t even find the right picture of a goat headMy charge to you: help me find my goat headBuild something for sellers who can list the perfect listing, or develop something for buyers like me so that I can find what I’m looking for.
  • [Build bullet points]Raise your hand if you’ve ever been a sellerRaise your hand if you’re ever been a buyer97 million users200+ million listings across 20+ categories$62 billion GMV traded in 2010 (62% Fixed Price as of Q2 2011)$4B mobile volume in 2011
  • Who here is familiar with affiliate marketing?For those of you less familiar, eBay runs an affiliate marketing program called the eBay Partner Network. By becoming part of this network, you can build a website, drive traffic to eBay from your website, and you’ll get compensated for this trafficThe eBay Partner Network, or ePN, is one of the largest, most-trusted affiliate programs in the world By integrating our Finding API you’re able to monetize on a CPC basisWe arm innovators to create unique consumer experiences beyond what eBay has chosen to develop, market, and maintainWe have unmatched product inventory and global marketing opportunitiesWe work with over 300k websites in 13 countries to drive billions of dollars in eBay sales annually; our top 1k publishers earn an average of $100k annually
  • Julia has now given you an overview of 2 of the main APIs you can use to make money either by creating a seller tool or a site to drive buyers to eBayHow can you use Mobile as a platform to make money?
  • The eBay Mobile SDK for iOS includes the Trading API and the Finding API so that you can build mobile apps for sellers or buyers.If you’re a developer for sellers, you can build an app to help users list or do research.If you’re a developer for buyers, you can build an app that drives users to eBayExamples of these apps would be editorial content apps or shopping comparison appsWhy use the SDK?It makes it a lot easier to work with the APIs than integrating the APIs directlyWe’ve included affiliate tracking so that you can drive traffic to eBay and get paid on the app traffic you send to usLet me say this again…you can build an app that sends traffic to eBay and get paid on that traffic through the eBay Partner NetworkThis is revolutionary. Affiliate marketing hasn’t existed as a form of monetization until now.
  • How can you use the Mobile SDK to make money?
  • Let’s quickly review:Here are the current ways you can make money on a mobile deviceNow if you’re focused on seller tools, you can build a mobile site or App and make money from any of these modelsBut say you want to build a mobile site or App to help someone shop on their mobile device…what’s missing in this picture that exists on the web today?Affiliate Marketing
  • In September we announced ePN Mobile which now allows you to make money by sending traffic to eBay via a website or mobile websiteComing soon, with the eBay Mobile SDK for iOS, you will be able to build apps and monetize them through ePN
  • For the past several months we’ve been working with a few beta testers of the SDKOne of these beta participants is Buzzillions who’s here with us today. Eric, Daniel, will you wave?They integrated the eBay Mobile SDK into their iPhone App and what you see here is the user flow[Walk through flow]The SDK tracks the user from the Buzzillions app to eBay’s mobile website and if the user purchases an item from eBay on their device, Buzzillions gets credit for it.Eric, Daniel, and a few others on the team. They’re available to answer any questions you have about working with the SDK.Ana is also here to talk about her mobile app.
  • eBay tools to build a successful web or mobile business

    1. 1. • 97 million users• 200+ million listings• $62 billion GMV traded in 2010• $4 billion mobile volume in 2011
    2. 2. Mobile Website Apps DeviceAffiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing
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