Commerce goes SoLoMo: Social-Local-Mobile - Part 1/2


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The New Retail is seamless shopping that is more convenient and accessible, more local and global—and more relevant to more consumers—than any retail experience yet. We’ll talk about taking advantage of the SoLoMo aspect of New Retail to provide new shopping experiences and help merchants sell more. We will demo building cool things with Milo APIs that make interacting immediately with the real world as fun as buying that neat shirt you see on TV or playing a game that introduces items you can shop for. We will also introduce and demo Where products and APIs for the Ad and Deals Network, the recommendation engine, and the PlaceGraph™.

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  • Introduce yourself
  • What is Milo? Why did you find the idea interesting? (remember you’re talking to developers)
  • What’s the mission?How does Milo work?TRANSITION: ”Do people really do this local shopping thing?”
  • Highlight the current cross-channel number - Over $1T in offline web-influenced sales in 2011Cross-channel shopping – researching online, buying offline – sales will total $1.3 trillion, over 40% of total retail sales, by 2013. (Forrester)87% of U.S. shoppers already research products online before buying them in-store. (BIG Research)45% of shoppers buy additional products once in a brick and mortar store, spending an extra $150 on average. (Forrester)
  • What does local on eBay mean?Giving eBay shoppers more choiceeBay is comprehensive shopping destination and the world’s largest marketplace:97 million active users and more than 200 million listings at any given time
  • Where does the data come from?How does data get incorporated – data feeds, APIs, plugins, etc.TRANSITION: So let’s see where our data goes, starting first with eBay, our parent company
  • On eBay, local data shows up on…PDP page with local tab – all listings for this product are on one page More choices for shoppers
  • Highlight price difference between BB and MicroCenter
  • Search experience in the garden Local results are highlighted for products within overall eBay search experience
  • RedLaser integration – local results for both scanning and typing searchesTRANSITION: where else has Milo data been used? How has our API been accessed outside of eBay?
  • PriceGrabber reaches 26 Million Unique ShoppersMilo powers their local data for all searches, giving shoppers more choiceAgain, you can see that local prices DO vary, in this case by $50
  • Consumer Reports is a highly trusted review siteConsumer Reports Mobile Shopper provides the magazine’s ratings and reviews on more than 3,000 products, such as appliances, electronics, car products, and home & garden itemsOnce a shopper has made their buying decision, the Milo-powered local data helps them see what nearby stores have the item in-stock
  • TopTen USA is a non-profit organization that helps you find and purchase the most energy efficient productsAfter a shopper has selected the item they want to buy, the Milo-powered local search makes it easy for them to find it nearby. Save on waiting time and shipping- especially as these products tend to be heavy and fragile
  • The McClatchy Company is the third-largest newspaper company in the United StatesMilo powers local search for local McClatchy newspaper sites, making it easy for readers to find in-stock products near them
  • Commerce goes SoLoMo: Social-Local-Mobile - Part 1/2

    1. 1. Bring every product on everyshelf of every store onto theInternet … in real time.
    2. 2. e-commerce is big… $300 B $0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    3. 3. But it’s a small part of commerce as a whole $4 T $3 T Offline $2 T $1 T $0 Online 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    4. 4. Cross-channel commerce is a larger part… $4 T $3 T Offline $2 T $1 T Cross Channel $0 Online 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    5. 5. And it’s growing faster and faster each year $4 $3 T T 5x e-commerce by 2015 Offline $2 T $1 T Cross Channel $0 Online 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    6. 6. Local Shoppers can see whether their local store has a specific item in-stock
    7. 7. Local Data Sources Large merchants Small and medium Sole size businesses proprietors
    8. 8. Local Products on eBay Powered by
    9. 9. Local Products on eBay Local tabReal-time data Map of local stores
    10. 10. Local Search on eBay Powered by Powered by
    11. 11. Local on RedLaser Powered by
    12. 12. Local on PriceGrabber Powered by
    13. 13. Local on Consumer ReportsPowered by
    14. 14. Local on Top Ten USA Powered by
    15. 15. Local on McClatchy Newspapers Powered by
    16. 16. Local… Anywhere?