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Adaptive APIs meet the real world
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Adaptive APIs meet the real world



Actual case studies of developers using Adaptive Accounts and Adaptive Payments to make real, live money. These developers went beyond simple checkout. Here is how they used our APIs to remove the ...

Actual case studies of developers using Adaptive Accounts and Adaptive Payments to make real, live money. These developers went beyond simple checkout. Here is how they used our APIs to remove the barriers to setting up accounts, initiating pre-approvals, and creating chained payments.



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  • ----- Meeting Notes (9/22/11 11:01) -----Where do these fit in the broader realm of PayPalNeed a map of which parts of PayPal we are talking aboutNot sure that 2 years ago… is a real hookStart with a personal storyconcrete, personal, specific, vivid
  • Two years ago, we launched these products… Last year, we told you about some early partnerships… Today we want to share success stories from this fantastic developer community.----- Meeting Notes (9/22/11 11:01) -----simplify - less animation is bettergroup the AP & AA APIs as two groups rather than one API at a time
  • The other AdaptiveAPI we announced 2 years ago was Adaptive Payments.Adaptive Payments was revolutionary in how it opened up our payment functionality to you – developers with crazy ideas who need flexibility in how they monetize their ideas.Now while AP can do garden variety checkout, we’ve focused AP on scenarios that need flexibility. For example:Multi-party payments. AP lets you set up a payment where there are multiple recipients.Why would you want to do that?Well, if you run a marketplace that matches up buyers and sellers, you may want to monetize your marketplace by taking a cut of each transaction.With a chained payment, you can take the cut directly in each transaction, so you don’t have to worry about billing the seller later.We’ll hear more about chained payments from Garrick when he talks about how he used AP.Second, AP was built to support lots of different hardware and software platforms.As we know, the internet isn’t just for PCs anymore – and neither are payments.With AP, PayPal can enable payments not just on PCs, but on TVs, kiosks, game consoles, and on and on -…I won’t mention the refrigerator – that one has been done to death – but what about in-car payments?There are a million cool ideas about where we could enable payments, and AP was built to be part of the solution.And finally, tons of flexible configuration options.AP goes way beyond vanilla e-commerce to enable:Preapprovals – This is great for recurring payments and in-context payments.The buyer approves a total amount just once, and then the developer can do payments against that agreement without needing explicit user approval.It makes for a really streamlined experience.AP also supports disbursements – when one entity calls AP to send money from their own account to one or more receivers.That’s good for distributing sales commissions, insurance payouts – any sort of payout scenario.And finally AP lets you be flexible on who in a transaction pays the fees for a transaction.As we’ll hear from our partners later,all this flexibility allows developers to try out different business models and configurations,so you can experiment to find just the right business model to succeed.----- Meeting Notes (9/22/11 11:01) -----change "send money" to "disbursements"give concrete example first, then abstractionmulti-party diagrams are goodpull out the phone"refrigerator" - what would you buy from fridge? or car?
  • One new feature that we’ve built and fleshed out this year is our embedded flows.We showed a little of this at Innovate last year.But in the past year we’ve built out a lot more in this area to enable a new, more streamlined user experience.Our embedded flows are simple:[click]Instead of redirecting your users to PayPal when it comes time to create an account or pay,The embedded flow creates what we call a “minibrowser” – a small window that floats above your page.You can see what that looks like here.[click]What’s nice is that the user never leaves your site – they still see your site to keep their context.They can complete their action – here it’s a payment, but[click]You can create accounts in an embedded flow too.By putting this in a minibrowser, the user doesn’t get knocked out of their context when they interact with PayPal.PayPal notifies you as the user progresses, so you know at each step what the status is.[click]On the payment side, these flows work for both digital and physical goods.
  • Don’t worry, I won’t read every bullet.But this is just a sampling of the kinds of applications where developers are using Adaptive Accounts and Adaptive Payments.I mentioned marketplaces, but there are a lot of other scenarios, includingnon-retail / non-checkout use cases,Applications for financial institutions, andA veritable cornucopia of applications for various types of software platforms and devices.
  • And again, this is all about powering your cool business ideas –So let’s hear more from folks who’ve used AP and AA and built great stuff.We’ll start with a great company called Zipments, and to tell us more we have Garrick Pohl, CEO of Zipments.Garrick is from the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan –(hold up hand) that’s right here. You know how Michigan looks like a hand, right?So ----- Meeting Notes (9/22/11 10:43) -----Garrick Pohl - ZipmentsDaryl ?? - FundRazr----- Meeting Notes (9/22/11 11:01) -----add a personal anecdote for both partnersintroduce just the next speaker

Adaptive APIs meet the real world Adaptive APIs meet the real world Presentation Transcript

  • AddBankAccount RequestPermission GetVerifiedStatusCreateAccount PreapprovalDetails GetAuthDetails SetAuthFlowParam ConvertCurrency PreApprovalExecutePayment GetShippingAddressAddPaymentCard Pay PaymentDetails Refund
  • Flexible, configurable PayPal sign-up service to enable your customers: Seller Buyer/Seller Buyer
  • Flexible, configurable payment service that powers innovative use cases: Disburse- ments No Full fees fees
  • Marketplace / 3rd party facilitation Hardware/Software Platforms• Marketplaces goods services • Rich media• Crowd-sourcing • Software application platforms• Crowd-funding Fundraising • Hardware devices TVs, set-top boxes, game systemsNon-retail & Nontraditional • Connected kiosks • Point of Sale• Digital goods, e.g. gaming • GPS-in-dash systems, in-flight• Disbursements and Send money entertainment systems, toll systems –Financial institutions Mobile• Bank account linking safe online shopping • Mobile minutes top-up• Payment processing and acquiring for • One-click account set-up small businesses
  • We enjoy the convenience ofpurchasing items online… …but we enjoy the immediate gratification that comes with brick and mortar purchases!
  • My favorite new game is out but II need lunch delivered to the can’t make it to the store before itoffice for our meeting this closes.afternoon. I need office supplies but I don’t I want organic produce have time to get them myself. delivered right to my front door!I want the hot new toy of the I’m too sick to go to theseason but don’t want to pharmacy to get my coldfight the lines at the store. medicine.
  • This is Bob. Bob is a Zipments courier who makes money by delivering items from businesses to individuals in his community. Trader Joe’s grocery delivery 3 miles away. Toy R Us delivery 5 miles away. Job pays $8.00 Job pays $10.00 Panera Bread lunch delivery 7 Walgreens cough medicine miles away. delivery 4 miles away.Costco delivery 8 miles away. Job pays $8.00 Job pays $5.00 Job pays $10.00 Bob made $41.00 in less than 2 hours by providing low cost, same day delivery services.
  • How Zipments Works Zipments marketplace of I need a few items picked up from Costco. couriers I’ll pay $10.00 to have them delivered to my office within 2 hours. Courier receives $10.00 24 hrs after confirmation of delivery.Total charge = $11.00 Zipments earns $1.00.
  • Why Paypal AA & AP?• Flexibility of micro pmt & standard pmt• Provides a level of verification of couriers• Great solution for delayed chain payments• We can shift fees, based on shifting business case• Smooth transition during courier registration process• Guest payment, link credit/debit cards & pre-approval
  • Contact Info: Garrick Pohl – CEO Phone: 616.990.5233Email: gpohl@zipments.com www.zipments.com
  • www.x.com