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Shot list ppt

  1. 1. Shona Traynor Xavier Vale
  2. 2. 1. LS of house2. Medium POV Shot – Trail of confetti, champagne, shoes,3. CU of wedding shoe4. Dolly through trail of confetti5. Tilt up to glass of champagne6. Dolly through door7. CU on wedding invitation8. Dolly into bride’s bedroom9. Tilt up the back of bride’s wedding dress, stops at back of bride’s head.
  3. 3. 10. CU of bride turning around11. LS of bridesmaid smoothing out Anna’s dress.12. MS of Anna twirling her hair through her fingers13. CU of Anna’s face – nervous smile.14. MS of door, the father of the bride walks in.15. Mother of the bride holding Anna’s hands, giving her support.16. CU of bridesmaid picking up bouquet of flowers.17. LS of bridesmaid walking towards the bride with the bouquet.
  4. 4. 18. MS of her passing the flowers to the bride.19. CU of mother pulling veil over Anna’s face.20. LS of Anna by herself, all ready for the wedding.ONE YEAR EARLIER21. Dissolve to white – Wedding invitation22. MS of Anna turning over in bed, switching off her alarm.23. CU of face looking towards ceiling24. POV shot of Robert Pattinson poster above bed.25. MS of bride getting out of bed.26. MS Pan of Anna walking around the room towards the door.27. MS of Anna opening door and leaving the room
  5. 5. 28. M/LS of Anna walking down the stairs.29. CU of her picking up a pile of application forms.30. M/LS of her walking into the kitchen -31. MS (facing Anna) of her walking through the kitchen32. CU of the application forms being thrown on the kitchen bench.33. MS of her walking towards the fridge.34. CU of the Robert Pattinson poster inside the fridge.35. MS of Anna filling out her forms while eating her breakfast.
  6. 6. 36. OTS MS of Anna filling out the first form.37. CU of the names being written on the forms.38. Opposite OTS Under Cranking CU of Anna filling out the rest of the forms.39. OTS MS Under Cranking of Anna putting all the forms into envelopes.40. MS of Anna looking looking at her watch41. CU of watch showing the time.42. MS Pan of Anna running around the table to get changed.43. M/LS of Anna coming down the stairs, dressed and ready for work.44. LS of Anna coming through the door to dining room.45. MS of Anna reaching over and picking up finished application forms.
  7. 7. 46.MS of Anna walking out of dining room.47.MCU of Anna walking out of front door.48.M/LS of Anna fiddling with locking the door.49.LS Pan of Anna walking up the drive and down the street towards post box.50.M/LS of Anna approaching the letter box.51.CU of Anna kissing the letters for good luck.52.Pan of Anna posting the letters, then to a bush where the title flashes up.