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NiuCoco presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. NIUCOCO Protect your natural beauty. 1
  • 2. PROJECT OVERVIEW NIUCOCO is preparing to launch its all-natural coconut oil-based product line which will be made immediately available for purchase through the online store on the NIUCOCO website, and subsequently available for purchase at select retail locations. ! In addition to the design and development of the NIUCOCO website, the company will also need branding elements, collateral and accompanying marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness and engage the target audience as the product is introduced to the marketplace.  2
  • 4. BRANDING The initial step in preparing to take the products to market will involve establishing the brand’s identity, including brand elements, digital & print collateral, product & packaging designs, brand guidelines, etc., all of which will ultimately guide the tone and aesthetics of ongoing marketing & advertising efforts.  4
  • 5. BRANDING: COMPANY MISSION With many of the products available in the marketplace abusing women’s hair using synthetic and harsh chemicals, we’ve made it our mission to save every strand of hair on every woman’s head. NIUCOCO is committed to creating all-natural haircare products for women using the best ingredients and highest standards in manufacturing procedures.
  • 6. BRANDING: BRAND POSITION BRAND PRESENTATION ECO-FRIENDLY NIUCOCO PRODUCT EFFICACY NIUCOCO is a women’s high-end, coconut oilbased haircare product company that embraces the notion: true beauty is natural. Everything from NIUCOCO’s manufacturing practices and the ingredients used in its products to the company’s overarching philosophy revolves around the idea that nature is inherently beautiful. They strive to create products that preserve the beauty of the world around us while highlighting the innate beauty of the feminine body and spirit.  6
  • 7. BRANDING: BRAND-BUILDING After the initial brand aesthetic and tone have been established, maintaining consistency across all forms of communication will be key in strengthening the four pillars of NIUCOCO’s brand-building: differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge.
  • 8. BRANDING: BRAND-BUILDING On-brand Not on-brand
  • 9. BRANDING: DELIVERABLES Brand Elements: • Logo (2 revision rounds + 1 final round) • Slogan (2 revision rounds + 1 final round) • Brand Guideline Book - establishes thematic standards for future brand elements & collateral • Brand Visualization Deck - examples of NIUCOCO applied across a variety of media & platforms       Brand Collateral: • Business Card Design (1 revision round + 1 final round) • Product Design (1 revision round + 1 final round) • Packaging Design (1 revision round + 1 final round) • Digital Newsletter Template Design • Product Brochures - Print • Product Brochures - Digital ! 9
  • 10. WEB DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT Following the branding phase of the project, the next step will be applying the agreed upon brand guidelines to the design & development of the NIUCOCO website. The website will be e-commerce-ready with the ability to transact in a variety of currencies, and have both a portal for consumers as well as a portal for distributors, whole-sellers, and other business-oriented entities. 10
  • 11. WEB DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT: DETAILS In addition to the deliverable design & development of the site, this portion of the project will also involve: • Conducting target user interviews • Competitive analysis & case study evaluation to drive optimized UX, UI, and visual designs • Usability testing to drive aesthetic & functional refinement and reiteration 11
  • 12. WEB DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT: DELIVERABLES ! • Fully functional and responsive e-commerce website • Ability to process orders in a variety of currencies • Separate transaction portals for consumers and business entities • Web copy • Web-ready product photography • Fully responsive for viewing across all devices, i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop • Live chat feature (optional) • Customer re-capture feature (optional) • Referral program feature (optional) 12
  • 13. MARKETING Following the approval of the branding and design phase, marketing strategies will be developed concurrently with the development of the NIUCOCO website.  13
  • 14. MARKETING After conducting interviews with women whom are part of NIUCOCO’s target demographic, we’ve determined that when it comes to haircare products, women are most likely to make initial purchasing decisions based on: • • • • • • word-of-mouth referrals peer & authority online reviews authority print reviews products intended for specific hair type ingredients used $$ price $$ women are most likely to make recurring purchasing decisions based on: • • • • how it makes their hair look & feel overall brand perception brand recognition $$ price $$ 14
  • 15. MARKETING In light of the insights gained from preliminary target user interviews, we propose executing the marketing initiative with a two-pronged approach: Product-focused: • establishing the superiority and effectiveness of NIUCOCO products from a feature and practical application perspective - including ideal hair type. Brand-focused: • establishing NIUCOCO as a high-end, yet progressive and socially-conscious brand that stands out from its competitors from an operations and philosophical perspective - the preservation of natural beauty; referring to the environment, product ingredients, and a woman’s body, in general. 15
  • 16. MARKETING: PRODUCT-FOCUSED The first part of the marketing initiative will focus primarily on establishing good will amongst consumers by emphasizing the reliability and effectiveness of NIUCOCO products. Forming partnerships with key influencers, authority figures, and beauty product retailers, e.g. Birchbox in the women’s beauty and haircare industries will be at the forefront of this strategy. 
 By tapping into the networks and vast reaches of these prominent individuals, entities, and organizations, NIUCOCO will be able to quickly pop-up on consumers’ radars. And more importantly, provide platforms for the NIUCOCO brand name to organically circulate amongst consumer circles. 16
  • 17. MARKETING: PRODUCT-FOCUSED Influential beauty blogs & review sites to target: Refinery29 She’s in the Glow Beautylish Martinis and Mascara Beauty Sweet Spot Good, Bad and Fab The Beauty Department I Covet Thee Beauty Bets The Formula Keiko Lynn Beauty Blogging Junkie Lisa Eldridge Beauty is Boring Hair and Makeup by Steph Model Recommends This That Beauty The Raeviewer NYC Pretty Pameluxe Miss Whoever You Are Beauty by Arielle Fashion Pulse Daily Dizzy Brunette Fashion Style Beauty Gemsmaquillage Miss Maven The Small Things Blog Donna Daily 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic Cult of Pretty Beauty Banter 17
  • 18. MARKETING: BRAND-FOCUSED The second part of the marketing initiative will revolve around establishing NIUCOCO as a socially & environmentally conscious and progressive brand. NIUCOCO will leverage: • 100% all-natural coconut-oil; no harsh and harmful chemicals & additives • eco-friendly & environmentally-conscious manufacturing process • alignment with other progressive organizations and missions, e.g. animal shelters, etc. We want women to feel good about themselves and have confidence in the transparency of NIUCOCO’s claims throughout the entire purchasing process: when first hearing about the NIUCOCO brand, when thinking about the NIUCOCO brand, and eventually when buying and using NIUCOCO products. 18
  • 19. MARKETING: BRAND-FOCUSED We propose undertaking campaigns that: a) contextualize a woman’s beauty in her natural physical form and in her every day life. 
 Take for example, the Sorel “Get Your Boots Dirty” campaign that focused on real people in real life contexts and subtly integrated the brand through content marketing. b) underscore the importance of the preservation of natural beauty in the context of “Green” environmental initiatives
 The proposed campaign(s) for NIUCOCO will include: • digital content marketing, e.g. profiling influential and brand-relevant women, relevant “Green” initiatives • producing web commercials (subsequently syndicated through social channels) • social campaign strategies that activate target demographic and facilitate user-generated content, e.g. contests, thought-provoking discussions, user polls, etc. • sponsoring high-profile authors and editorial authorities to generate content that will establish NIUCOCO’s thought leadership, e.g. A-Z digital e-book about various health and beauty benefits of coconut oil These initiatives open the door for ongoing print and digital campaigns that are engaging because they are content & mission-focused rather than solely product-focused. 19
  • 20. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY The NIUCOCO social media strategy will be based on the overall marketing strategy and its two-pronged approach to connecting with consumers. The types of content that will be syndicated through social outlets can be categorized into two broad categories: brand-focused & product-focused.
  • 23. MARKETING: DELIVERABLES • Original Content Creation • Syndication of Marketing & Advertising Content • In-house blog management • Social + Content Marketing Paid Placements • Digital Advertising Paid Placements • Digital Collateral Production, i.e. digital banners, digital flyers, etc. • Multimedia Collateral Production, i.e. web commercials, photography for banners, etc. • PR coordination, i.e. manage and correspond with media outlets, key influencers, partners etc. • Management & Oversight of Marketing Initiatives • Bi-monthly Analytics Reporting NOTE: Does not include certain pass-through costs, e.g. specific PR expenses - paid promotions from individuals, entities, etc. 23
  • 24. THE END Created by The Vaan Group, LLC for NIUCOCO 24