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Esri DevSummit 2011 - Grontmij presentation
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Esri DevSummit 2011 - Grontmij presentation


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This presentation shows my personal highlights from the Esri DevSummit held at Palm Springs CA from March 7 - 10

This presentation shows my personal highlights from the Esri DevSummit held at Palm Springs CA from March 7 - 10

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Esri #DevSummit 2011
  • 2. 2
    Hard work at a nice setting…
    Closing session
    User presentations
    Plenary session
    Dutch night
    Fight jetlag
    More user
    Technical sessions
    Meet the teams
    … and many more
    technical sessions
    DevSummit party
  • 3. 3
    Some personal highlights
    ArcGIS Server improvements
    ArcGIS viewer for Silverlight + builder
    ArcGIS WPF + Kinect
    ArcGIS Mobile improvements
    Python improvements
    ArcGIS Runtime
    LAS dataset
    User prez by Dave Bouman / DTS Agile
  • 4. 4
    ArcGIS Server enhancements
    Performance (code optimization, native 64 bits)
    Simpeler(everything through REST)
    Black box (Embedded webservices no dependency on .NET of Java of DCOM)
    Spatial Data Server (small component on top of spatial DB to create webservices)
    Enhanced Map Service
    Ownership-based data access
    Web printing
    The Cloud is the future…
  • 5. 5
    10.1 - ArcGIS Server performance
    Watch the video starting from 00:27:47 - ArcGIS Server 10.1 (IsmaelChivite) , especially the part on performance is impressive.
  • 6. 6
    10.1 ArcGIS Viewer for MS Silverlight
    Watch the video on ArcGIS Viewer for Microsoft Silverlight - Product Overview
  • 7. 7
    Kinect + Silverlight/WPF API for ArcGIS
    Watch the video starting from 01:15:06 - Research (Kinect) (Morton Nielsen)
  • 8. 8
    10.1 Python enhancements
    Python Toolboxes
    Create tools entirely in Python
    Author Add-ins with Python
    Python developers customize and extend Desktop
    Data Access module
    Faster cursor performance
    Edit sessions
    Better NumPy support
    Watch the video starting from 00:55:11 - Python (David Wynne / Jason Pardy)
  • 9. 9
    10.0 3D Analyst – LAS data
    Import LAS data in ArcGIS 10.0 as multi-point
    dramatic performance, dificult to analyze
  • 10. 10
    10.1 3D Analyst – LAS dataset
    LAS dataset good performance
    Automatic random sampling
    Edit native LAS data
    Visualization of attribute data
    (return, intensity, RGB, height, etc)
  • 11. 11
    10.1 Mobile (ArcGIS for iOS)
    Rich pop-ups
    iPad UX improvement
    Sharing apps
    Disconnected editing
    Geo collaboration
    Source: A Developer's Guide to Mobile GIS by David Cardellaand Jeff Shaner
  • 12. 12
    10.1 Mobile
    Watch the video starting from 01:17:02 - ArcGIS Mobile (David Cardella) , especially the ArcGIS for iOS demo on the iPad is impressive.
  • 13. 13
    10.1 ArcGIS Runtime
    Small footprint
    Fast display
    Easy to deploy (No install required, SxS)
    Windows and Linux
    Native 32 and 64 bit code execution
    Multi core, multi threading, asynchronous
    Geodatabase support (File and SDE)
    Editing functionality (simple features)
    Geoprocessing and python support
    Develop using WPF, C++ QT, Java
  • 14. 14
    10.1 ArcGIS Runtime
    Watch the video starting from 01:03:08 - Desktop Development / ArcGIS Runtime (Euan Cameron)
  • 15. 15
    10.1 Dave Bouman / DTS Agile
    If you ever have the possibility to see a “Zen” presentation by Dave Bouman or his colleagues at DTS Agile then don’t miss it.
    DS2011: Cloud Love: Moving Off-Premise Step-By-Step
    DS2011: HTML 5: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!
    DS2011: Gettin' Flexy with it: Client-side Suitability Analysis with Pixel Bender
    Creating (and Sharing with You) a Vector Tile Cache for ArcGIS Server
  • 16. 16
    Some more reading and viewing…
  • 17. More info
    Xander Bakker
    Senior Advisor!/XanderBakker
    Grontmij Netherlands BV :: GIS & ICT – GIS Team :: :: +31 30 220 79 11