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The Future of Work and IT, Steve Hall
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The Future of Work and IT, Steve Hall


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Mobile andThe Future of WorkSteve HallDirector, Mobile
  • 2. Trends impacting the enterpriseMobile strategyWhere to start
  • 3. 1994Founded156,700Employees$7.35B2012 RevenueCTSHUSA HQ40Countries
  • 4. 1994Founded156,700Employees$7.35B2012 RevenueCTSHUSA HQ40CountriesCognizant MobilityDelivery ManagedUI/UX TestingStrategy
  • 5. try{//Convey a lot of cool stuff//about enterprise mobility}catch (Exception ex){//Every enterprise is different}Enterprise Mobility
  • 6. Impacting FactorsEconomyMarket ConditionsPeopleTechnologyGlobal CompetitionConsumer Spending...
  • 7. Baby BoomersGraph Source:Wikipedia1946 – 1964Born Between67Oldest49Youngest33.8MJob VacanciesSource: US Labor Department
  • 8. Millennials in WorkforceDigital Natives95%Cell Phone23%Tablet70%LaptopSource: Pew Internet and American Life Project&
  • 9. Millennials in Workforce1990200020101980Computing power and accessibility
  • 10. Millennials in WorkforceSocially Connected015304560Source: Garry Tan survey of 1,038 Millenials
  • 11. Impact in WorkplaceSunday14Monday15
  • 12. BYOD
  • 13. Consumerization of ITBYODExtending the enterpriseIT support of consumer appsGamificationTrends in the Mobile Enterprise
  • 14. Enterprise Mobility
  • 15. Defining Your StrategyStrategyRoadmapMobilityCouncilTechnologyq
  • 16. AAnalyticsCCloudSSocialMMobileStStrategyBBrandingApApp StoresDeDevelopTTestingScSecurityAuAuthen-ticationAzAuth-orizationSuSupportDDesignUiUIUxUXIInnovationPPlatformToToolsFFrameworkSySyncIgIntegrationDvDevicesInInfra-structureSdStandardsGoGovernanceLLegalPPushNotificationsEEncryptionHHTML5NNativeHyHybridBiBusinessImpactUUsersMaMaintenanceOsOSPeProcessEngineeringMkMarketingGGeo-LocationTrTrainingCmChangeManagementImImagingNtNetworkLoLocalizationIdIdentityMpMADPCopyright (c) 2013 CognizantSteve Hall - Director, Mobile ArchitectureElements of Enterprise Mobility
  • 17. The Need for Mobile StrategyIt’s just an app
  • 18. “Our competition isdoing it.”“Our execs have iPads.”“We bought a MEAP.”“We were sold a MEAP.”“It’ll make us lookinnovative.”Why do we develop mobile apps?
  • 19. Why should we do it?• Streamline processes• Extend previous system investments• Competitive advantage• Employee satisfaction• Serve customers better• Be Innovative and create value• Develop new lines of business
  • 20. Enterprise Mobility’s Silver Bullet
  • 21. Enterprise Mobility’s Silver Bullet• Premium UX• High performance apps• Offline data and synchronization• Manageable code• Push notifications• Single code-base for all devices• High securityUse everywhere you don’t need:
  • 22. More to Mobile than MobileTesting Source Control TDDSecurity Network LoggingBuild Components Libraries
  • 23. What are yougoing to do withall of that power?LTE Multi-Core CPU RAMImaging Sensors GPS Gestures
  • 24. InnovationBusinessObjectivesUX Use CasesDesignTechnologyCompliance & SecuritySupportGovernanceFreedom within a Framework
  • 25. Mobile MaturitySingleFunc+onText&SMSNo+fica+onsEmergingMobileEnabledWebsitesSalesForceEnablementMobilityStrategy&CoEEarly EnabledBackOfficeIntegra+onPerformance&Analy+csWarehouseAutoma+onTransformedEnhancedEngagementIntegratedMobileAppsProcessReIengineeredForMobilityInnova+veEndItoIEndTransforma+onCustomerProductCoIInnova+onMobility–ThePrimarychannelMOBILE1.0$ MOBILE2.0$ MOBILE3.0$FOCUSONEXISTINGBUSINESSPROCESSESSIGNIFICANTCHANGEINFINANCIAL&BUSINESSMODELOPPORTUNITYFORNEWFINANCIAL&BUSINESSMODELS
  • 26. Solve the Hard Problems OnceAuthenticationAuthorizationIntegrationDeploymentSupport
  • 27. Integrate Design into Process
  • 28. Steps to SuccessForm mobility councilPrioritize activitiesStart smallBuild on successRefine and improve
  • 29. Thank