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Sharing up to 80% code for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, a Retail App Case Study, Roy Cornellisen and Marcel de Vries
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Sharing up to 80% code for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, a Retail App Case Study, Roy Cornellisen and Marcel de Vries


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Welcome!
  • 2. Sharing up to 80% ofcode building mobileapps for iOS, Android,WP8 and Windows 8 RoyCornelissenIT Architect,Info Supportper,Info SupportMarcelde VriesTechnologyManager@marcelvXamarinEvolve2013RoyCornelissenITArchitect@roycornelissen
  • 3. Key takeaways DemosArchitecture Tips & Tricks
  • 4. Showcase
  • 5. National web site, aimed at selling the “last availableseats” for theatre shows for up to 4 daysNo discount or auction site, but a source forinspiration for a fun night outOrder tickets from home, from a terrace or from yourhotel room
  • 6. Demo
  • 7. MindsetLessons we’ve learned over the yearsStuff that actually works in practiceNot only theoreticallyWe target iOS, Android and WindowsLeaving out Windows can give a different perspectiveon reuseShowcase: app for a retail startupCurrently being rebranded
  • 8. What we’ve heard the past few daysMany cross platform talksTalks on frameworksThis session is about a real app, notjust an exampleImportant: we also target WindowsVery different UI paradigms, impacts code structure andlevel of reuse
  • 9. Reusable34%Shared Logic17%Android10%iOS8%Windows Phone10%Services21%Shared84%Specific16%Per App
  • 10. Evaluate frameworksMonoCrossMvvmCrossRoll your ownFrameworks can help speed updevelopment but they might also limityour movements by (over)abstractionKeep as lightas possible
  • 11. DataSerializationCachingSecurityAuthN/AuthZEncryptionData Self DestructionUtilitiesAnalyticsLoggingDevice servicesPlatform Agnostic APIApplication Business LogicPlatform UIDesign Patterns for ReuseGlue together theapplication layers
  • 12. Navigation frameworksIn our experience, navigationframeworks yield leaky abstractions.E.g. PivotView navigation experienceis not the same as menu navigationvia UINavigationController.Leave UI navigation devicespecific
  • 13. WindowsOne pivotviewover multipledatarepresentations
  • 14. AndroidTab bar stylenavigation withseparateactivities
  • 15. ServicesModelControllerViewModelEtc.GPSStorageMotion sensorsViewShared?BridgeShared  Platform specific
  • 16. Model ImplementationWe implement the Model as a SingletonModel Implements INotifyPropertyChangedEasy to enlist subscribersFacilitate automatic databinding in XAMLModel contains rich features such as filtering andadvanced selectionsEasy to share logic
  • 17. Model Implementationpublic class MainModel : INotifyPropertyChanged{private static MainModel _model;private static object _lockHandle = new object();// Facilitates Windows Phone app resumepublic void RestoreState(MainModel state){_model = state;}public static MainModel Current{get {if (_model == null) {_model = new MainModel();}return _model;}}public IEnumerable<Event> ActualEvents {get {// E.g. Complex linq stuff}}}// Model Usage:var foo = MainModel.Current.ActualEvents;
  • 18. Check your water levelReusable Business LogicDevice SpecificXAML / ValueConverterModel PropertyValue Transformation
  • 19. public class ISKEController{private static ISKEController _instance;private ISKEDomainServicesoap _proxy;public static ISKEController Current{get {if (_instance == null) {_instance = new ISKEController();}return _instance;}}private void GetActualEvents (Action<object> OnSuccess, Action<Exception> OnFail){// do some logic, or service call// use actions to report result or trigger UI action}}
  • 20. Shared ControllerUIViewController XAML View ActivityWeb ServicesSFSFSFModelGetActualEvents(Action<object> OnSuccess,Action<Exception> OnFail)PropertyChanged(“Events”);public void OnFailed(Exception e){// Do something with error}public void OnSuccess(object data){// Do something with data// Notify user}
  • 21. Demo
  • 22. iOSMonoTouch.CoreLocationMonoTouch.CoreMotionMonoTouch.AVFoundationMonoTouch.AddressBookMonoTouch.EventKit…Android:Android.Hardware.SensorAndroid.LocationAndroid.BluetoothAndroid.Nfc…Windows Phone:Microsoft.Devices.Sensors.GyroscopeMicrosoft.Devices.Sensors.AccelerometerMicrosoft.Devices.Sensors.CompassMicrosoft.Devices.Sensors.Motion…
  • 23. Partial classes & methods
  • 24. partial class A{// Half of the implementation}partial class A{// The other half}A.cs A.extra.cs
  • 25. partial class A{// Declare the method herepartial void DoSomethingEx();public void DoSomething(){// Some shared logicDoSomethingEx();}}partial class A{// Provide the implementation herepartial void DoSomethingEx(){// Do something iOS specific}}Can be used from sharedlogicLeaves room for specificimplementationAlways private and returnsvoidA.cs A.iOS.cs
  • 26. Demo
  • 27. Services – Use soap?Proxy generationSilverlight tools: it needs to run on Windows too!What about bandwidth?
  • 28. Services – Use REST/JSON?WebAPI / ServiceStackMore hand codingCloud: Azure / Parse / Buddy
  • 29. Cross platform version controlGitHub, BitBucketVisualStudio.comWork items, builds
  • 30. Demo
  • 31. C# language tricksLeverage your tools
  • 32. Abstractions are goodBut don’t over-abstractDon’t over-engineerBeware of pitfalls…
  • 33. @roycornelissenroycornelissen.wordpress.comThank you!