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Dominique and Dean take us through some of the new features of MonoGame 3.0 and the current status of the project. Some of the new features shown in this session include 3D support and support for Windows 8 and Windows RT. There is also information on what technologies that MonoGame use to produce a great cross platform experience. For more information go to

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  • Open AL not supported on android yet.
  • Even old Samples such as Vector Rumble.  Samples just show how to do certain things using XNA.   Starter Packs are complete games . Netrumble working on Windows/MacOSX and Linux. almost working on Android and   sdfsdf   Start   StartiOS.
  • MonoGame 3.0 Seminar

    1. 1. MonoGame 3.0 BETA15th November 2012Copyright 2012 © Xamarin Inc. All rights reserved
    2. 2. Dominique Louis Dean Xamarin Copyright 2012 © Xamarin Inc. All rights reserved
    3. 3. Introduction• General Overview• 3.0 Beta Release• The Future• Questions XamarinCopyright 2012 © Xamarin Inc. All rights reserved
    4. 4. What is MonoGame?•Open Source implementation of XNA 4.0 API•Massively Multi-Platform Game Development•Write Once, Play Everywhere.
    5. 5. Supported Platforms MonoGameWindows Xamarin Xamarin 8 NET 4.0 MonoTouch Mono for Mono.NET 4.5 AndroidSharpDXDirect X OpenGL / OpenAL
    6. 6. Future Platforms In Progress Windows Phone 8 2D, 3D In Progress PlayStation Mobile 2D Working In Progress Raspberry Pi 2D, 3D Google Chrome Planned Ouya Planned
    7. 7. Very High Code ReuseSome users report 95% code reuse!!
    8. 8. On the App StoreMany titles already using MonoGame:iOS 30+ titles!Android 15+ titlesWindows 8 15+ titlesMac OS, Linux 10+ titlesChrome Bastion
    9. 9. Why Games...– Most titles in the Windows Phone apps store are entertainment and utility apps– Customers are downloading more games than any other type of app– Customers are willing to spend money for the privilege– There is an opportunity here to give customers what they want
    10. 10. Type Of Games... – Freemium games do better than paid games – Action games are the best bet to turn a quick buck – Strategy games dominate long-term – Simulation games account for the second largest share. – Opportunity to carve out a niche (grow your fan base) * Taken from
    11. 11. SampleCatapult Wars •Works on all supported platforms
    12. 12. Converting an XNA Sample• Using the MonoGame 3.0 Beta Release
    13. 13. GamesInfinite Flight
    14. 14. GamesARMED!
    15. 15. GamesBastion
    16. 16. GamesDraw a Stickman – EPIC Adventure
    17. 17. The FutureEnhancements and fixes●Content Pipeline● ● Visual Studio Integration ● MonoDevelop IntegrationBetter documentation● ● Getting Started Guides ● Platform specific best practices ● More Video tutorials
    18. 18. ReferencesFollow us on Twitter @MonoGameTeamirc #monogamegnome.irc.orgYouTube Channel Xamarin Copyright 2012 © Xamarin Inc. All rights reserved
    19. 19. Xamarin SeminarPlease give us your feedback us on Twitter@XamarinHQ15th November 2012Copyright 2012 © Xamarin Inc. All rights reserved