A Developer's Guide to Enterprise App Deployment, Stephanie Schatz and David Hathaway


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  • Across the deckClean up edges of graphicsDistribute things evently (don’t leave giant gaps between elements)
  • Shock or Disbelief: The iPhone will never be an Enterprise capable device. It will always be a toy.Denial: No, I do have an iPhone, but it’s my personal device. I still carry a BlackBerry for work.Anger: Why do all these people think they should just be able to use iPhones/Androids. They will use what we give them or nothing at all!Bargaining: OK, fine, you can use that device, but it has to adhere to these policies AND it’s your responsibility AND we’re not officially supporting it, so don’t ask us any questions about getting it workingGuilt: What have we done, we’ve let all these insecure devices into our corporate networkDepression: I don’t know how we’re going to manage this army of devices, different versions of software, people losing devices, etc.Acceptance and Hope: There are some really great benefits to BYOD, if we can harness some of the security challenges, this thing might really work out for us----- Meeting Notes (4/15/13 14:11) -----Make these slides build 1 at a time
  • Pin LockKeep Devices safe in fieldRemote wipeEncryptionEnterprise Server cornered marketIT folks
  • Both Device and App Management capabilitiesStarted out in the MDM space, but introduced their AppConnect and AppTunnel platforms late last yearOn-premise solution called VSP, and cloud hosting (Connected Cloud)Different orgs, different needsGood track record of international support
  • Provide both App and Device managementStrong platform supportRecommended for midsize to large companies in any geographyTheir innovative Data Loss Protection solution, Zenprise Mobile DLP gives you both secure container solutions on device as well as in the cloudApp blacklisting technique works across both Android and iOS devices
  • Large install in highly regulated industriesCustomers like strong understanding of security and compliance topicsMost Important – strong ability to implement containerization – crucial to enterprises for enabling BYODGood acquired AppCentral, and will roll their AppGuardian product into their overall offering
  • AirWatch is one that we hear a lot of customers ask aboutBased out of Atlanta, and offer a broad variety of featuresThey offer Cloud and On-premise. Their on-premise solution is unique in that it can be deployed on either existing resources, or they offer an turn-key appliance based solution
  • Both App and deviceStrong track record of overall corporate viabilityBroad mobile services offering (MAM, MDM, Antivirus support, etc.)Acquired Odyssey Softtware and Nukona
  • Being able to help developers and enterprise come together and make it easy for enterprises to consume apps!
  • A Developer's Guide to Enterprise App Deployment, Stephanie Schatz and David Hathaway

    1. 1. A Developer’s Guideto App Deployment:BYOD, MDM, and YOU
    2. 2. Stephanie SchatzVice President of Sales andCustomer Successstephanie@xamarin.com@she_travelsDavidHathawayKey Account Managerdavid.hathaway@xamarin.com@dwhathaway
    3. 3. BYOD or not?
    4. 4. Market Share by OSSource: 2012 KPCB Internet Trends Year-End Update
    5. 5. Enterprise Mobility (Past)
    6. 6. Enterprise Mobility (Now)
    7. 7. 7 Stages of BYOD1. Shock or Disbelief2. Denial3. Anger4. Bargaining5. Guilt6. Depression7. Acceptance and Hope
    8. 8. Mobile Device Management (MDM)• Secured at the Device level• Based on MDM capabilities of device• Wipe the device
    9. 9. Mobile Application Management (MAM)• Secured at the app level• Containerization• Delete just the app, not the phone
    10. 10. MDM/MAM FeaturesSecuritySoftwarePolicy andComplianceHardware
    11. 11. Device and App Management CapabilitiesLocal and Cloud based deploymentStrong reporting and dashboard capabilities
    12. 12. Device and App Management CapabilitiesStrong DLP SolutionSupport for all major platforms
    13. 13. Device and Application ManagementLarge install base in highly regulated sectorsDeep Understanding of Security andCompliance Issues
    14. 14. Device and App Management CapabilitiesRobust product offeringTurnkey Appliance for quick setup
    15. 15. Device and App Management CapabilitiesStrong track record of overall viabilityBroad Mobile Security Offering
    16. 16. App Management CapabilitiesStrength in App Lifecycle ManagementXamarin Studio Integration
    17. 17. Xamarin Studio Integration
    18. 18. Future• Consolidation and Expansion• More and more acquisitions and mergers as companies try toround out their offerings• Existing companies releasing new products in the MAM space tokeep pace
    19. 19. Stephanie SchatzVice President of Sales andCustomer Successstephanie@xamarin.com@she_travelsDavidHathawayKey Account Managerdavid.hathaway@xamarin.com@dwhathaway
    20. 20. THANK YOU