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Fuel from Vegetable Oil - Western Australian
Fuel from Vegetable Oil - Western Australian
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Fuel from Vegetable Oil - Western Australian


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Fuel from Vegetable Oil - Western Australian …

Fuel from Vegetable Oil - Western Australian

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  • 1. Membership What is the WA Renewable WESTERN AUSTRALIANJoining WARFA allows you to purchase products at Fuels Association Inc?bulk purchase price, subject to conditions. We also RENEWABLE FUELS WARFA is a non profit community group formed inprovide you with an extensive manual containing 2001 with the aim of supporting and promoting the ASSOCIATION INCpractical and valuable tips. Full membership is $50, renewable fuels industry in Western Australia.pensioner discount available of $30. Renewable fuels include biodiesel, ethanol, vegetableMembers can join and pay cash or cheque at our Supporting the development of a sustainable, oils, animal fats, methane and biomass. Othermonthly meeting. renewable fuels industry in Western Australia innovative fuel sources such as hydrogen are also ofOr bank transfer to interest to members.BSB 066156, Account 10135966. Use your name in Members meet regularly to view projects of otherthe reference field and send an email to our Treasurer members, attend education sessions, to promoteto inform them of your payment. the production of a quality product, safely andEmail: effectively. Meetings are held second Sunday each month apart from January and May when we meet on the third Sunday. Check the website or contact the Chairman or Secretary for up to date details as we regularly WARFA meet at members homes to view and learn from Common Questions their experiences. The Committee has discussions with Industry groups, WARFADoes this mean I get free fuel? the EPA, and Government, to promote renewableNo. Sometimes members are able to obtain cheap fuels, and to liaise with them on behalf of of used cooking oil, but there is a time The Association does not support the clearing onfactor to be considered and costs of establishing rainforests to plant palm oil trees.and maintaining your biodiesel plant or filteringprocesses. It is not as easy or simple as filling your For more information about the Association andcar at a service station! meeting venues, please contact Fuel from vegetable oil.Is it legal? WARFA ChairmanYes. However Fuel Tax Excise should be paid onall Biodiesel produced, and blending excisable and Email: Phone: 0428 920881 Biodiesel andnon-excisable fuels is against tax law. Generally WARFA Secretaryvehicle fuel type modifications are acceptable Email: Phone: 0412 747757 SVO - Straight Vegetable Oilbut extra fuel tanks need to be approved.All information provided is in good faith.We will guide you, but the risk is yours.
  • 2. What is Biodiesel Renewable fuels like biodiesel are a much more What is SVO? sustainable source of fuel because as long as they areBiodiesel is a renewable fuel made from vegetable oil produced in a ecologically sustainable way, they will SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) is used unmodified as(new or used) or animal fat. It is an environmentally not run out. a direct replacement for diesel in suitably modifiedfriendly replacement for, or additive to, diesel fuel. Using biodiesel also has the potential to greatly engines. While this use of renewable energyBiodiesel can be easily mixed with diesel to create reducing our reliance on expensive imported requires some vehicle modifications, it is the mosta biodiesel blend. No major engine modifications oil, leading to the creation of local jobs and the environmentally friendly fuel available especially whenare needed to use biodiesel and it does not improvement of our balance of payments situation. waste cooking oil is used. WVO (Waste Vegetablerequire special storage or fuel dispensing facilities. The great thing about biodiesel is that it can be made Oil) can be sourced from restaurants and fish and from waste vegetable oil. chip shops and only requires filtration to turn it from a waste product to a valuable fuel. Advantages of Biodiesel This means that not only do vehicles running on biodiesel produce less harmful air pollution, they In Diesel engines fitted with a mechanical Injection are also benefiting the environment by reusing oil Pump (as opposed to Common Rail or Unit InjectorBiodiesel performs very much like diesel as it has that would normally go into landfill or be used for diesel engines), the addition of an extra fuel tank,similar power, torque and fuel economy. The big feedstock. filters, valves and a heating system can allow reliableadvantage in using biodiesel is that harmful exhaust operation on SVO without impacting on engineemissions are substantially reduced compared to longevity.conventional diesels. Engine coolant is used to provide the heat to reduceEmissions such as unburned hydrocarbons, carbon Sample of SVO viscosity (~80°C). This allows the SVO tomonoxide, sulphur, aromatics and particulates are biodiesel made flow through the filters and for the injector pumpreduced when using biodiesel. from used to pump it as easily as diesel fuel. In operation, theAnother advantage of biodiesel is that it provides cottonseed oil engine is started on diesel/biodiesel and once thebetter engine lubrication than low-sulphur diesel engine reaches normal operating temperature, afuel. switch is operated changing the fuel source to SVO.Biodiesel is also safer to handle due to its excellent Just before the end of the journey, the switch isbiodegradability characteristics, low toxicity and high returned to the diesel supply position to use up theflashpoint. Biodiesel vegetable oil, replacing it with diesel to facilitate easyBiodiesel has also been shown to greatly reduce net Production cold starting. This purging is important to minimiseCO2 greenhouse gas emissions.This is because CO2, the risk of poor starting and other complications.which is released when the fuel is burnt, is captured Biodiesel is currently in commercial production Users report minimal change in engine performanceby growing plants which are then processed into in many countries in the world including the USA, or economy and often a reduction in diesel clatteranother batch of biodiesel. Germany, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. occurs making the engine quieter. When eitherOne of the key advantages of biodiesel is that it is Australia has a fledgling biodiesel industry which is biodiesel or SVO is used as a fuel, generally therenewable. Fossil fuels (like petrol & diesel) are non- set for massive expansion, with AR Fuels constructing unattractive black smoke associated with dieselsrenewable, meaning that once we use it all up - that’s biodiesel plants in South Australia and Western disappears - yet another, it’s gone forever. Australia and Gull selling a B20 blend in Perth service stations.