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Visual Content Rules The World


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The Web is a Visual World, where Visual Content Rules! …

The Web is a Visual World, where Visual Content Rules!

See how you can Master it in Social Media and Beyond, on this keynote for the latest Design-LobbyForum by XPLAIN' founder Stefanos Karagos.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. SATURDAY’SCONTENTSOCIETYVISUAL CONTENT RULEs THE WORLDStefanos Karagos : XP : Design-Lo bb y Forum 2013
  • 2. hello! Who Stefanos Karagos Information Alchemist XPLAIN The Leading Content Marketing Agency@karagos
  • 3. I love facts
  • 4. nowadays
  • 5. a recession
  • 6. Brandsare Suffering* *Humans too…
  • 7. Info-noise world
  • 8. Internet vs web
  • 9. tech vs humans
  • 10. usability vsaesthetics
  • 11. Original vs clopy
  • 12. designers vsdevelo.designo.Imdoingevrything.uwant
  • 13. The Long Story,Shrt
  • 14. A WorldFull of Choices
  • 15. The gameHas changed
  • 16. C onsumers’ behaviorHa s changed
  • 17. Consumer s’ behaviorHas changedTv no longer commands our full attention
  • 18. rConsumers’ behavioHas changed
  • 19. rConsumers’ behavioHas changed
  • 20. Web is all aboutContent!
  • 21. User g eneratedConte nt! 95%
  • 23. Attention span time droppedFro m 12’ to 5”in the Last 7 years!Source: Media Bistro 2011
  • 24. They areScanning…!
  • 25. We are full ofCra p content
  • 26. Content’s impact Customer Experience Satisfaction & Recommendation Visual Content Engagement Conversation
  • 27. 81%of consumer purchasedecisions primarilyinfluenced by WOM(McKinsey, 2011)
  • 28. New me nt al mmarkeel od g tin Of Stimulus First Second Moment of Moment of Truth Truth Pre-shopping | At shelf Experience In-store | In-home In-store Which becomes the next person’s ZMOT
  • 29. Content is the King!
  • 30. 90%Of information transmitted to the Brain is visual, and visualsare processed 60,000x faster in the brain than textIT’S A VISUAL WORL D! Source: Forester CSO Insights 2012
  • 31. visualContent is the King!Only if You Treat it Like a King
  • 32. The MEDIAThe BRAND
  • 33. And now what?
  • 34. un derstand
  • 35. 3fruleIT’S A F-WORLD!
  • 36. 3f rule forthem funtastic Fuckingawesome
  • 37. un derstand
  • 38. What mot ivates ppl even Key I Su gg est Focusing On These S Process Motiva tors During The Design
  • 39. What motivates ppl Social norms & social approval We do things that we think will be accepted by, and acceptable to, our community and social groups.

  • 40. What motivates ppl identity We do things that are aligned with our sense of identity, 
 or how we perceive ourselves.
  • 41. What motivates ppl Morals & ethical beliefs We tend to do things that are aligned with our moral judgements and how moral we perceive ourselves to be.
  • 42. What motivates ppl reciprocity We tend to do things for others in response to receiving a gift or a favor from them.

  • 43. What motivates ppl Task enjoyment We may do a task simply because we enjoy doing it.
  • 44. What motivates ppl Present bias We do things that result in immediate gratification rather than waiting around for future benefits.

  • 45. What motivates ppl Loss aversion We do things that allow us to avoid the pain of losses, or at least delay losses so they occur in the future.

  • 46. My t wo cents advice
  • 47. DesignWith motivation in mind havior it’s import ant to make sure the be gage or activity you’re asking them to en otivators. in aligns with these key m
  • 48. if Wantto survive
  • 49. if Wantto success
  • 50. go if
  • 51. gounique
  • 52. 80% of CEOs Believe thatUsers have Great Experiencewith their Products. Source: BCG 2011
  • 53. 80% of CEOs Believe that 
 Users have Great Experience 
 with their Products.8% Only 
 of the Users believe so. Source: BCG 2011
  • 54. goOut of the noise
  • 55. isual Under the right context
  • 56. Thank u!Contact Us: UK | Germany | Switzerland | Greece | Cyprus | Romania | Turkey | Bahrain