Content ueber Alles!

Content ueber Alles!



Presentation by Stefanos Karagos, XPLAIN's founder, at the "Social Networks Conference", held on July 11, 2012, in Bucharest, Romania.

Presentation by Stefanos Karagos, XPLAIN's founder, at the "Social Networks Conference", held on July 11, 2012, in Bucharest, Romania.



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Content ueber Alles! Content ueber Alles! Presentation Transcript

  • The Golden 3C Rule Content Content Community Content Conversations Stefanos Karagos - July 2012 - Social Networks Conference
  • the previous slidewas fake or better: it’s too old fashioned
  • The Golden C Rule Content YES! Content Content Stefanos Karagos - July 2012 - Social Networks Conference
  • H!" Y#$!Let’s get to Know each other
  • Who are you?
  • Who am I? What I’m an 
 Alchemist 3rd most Popular 
 in the World, 2011 17 Years Magazines’ Publisher
  • a 365 Agency7
 beloved Brands! WOMMACountries Proud Member
  • In Less Than 4 Years205
Social Media Pages >8.4M Brands’ Fans, Followers 

  • Our Latest Achievements Think GreenGRAND EFFIE
 We Made Pepsi The #1 Think Green project (WinBank) project (WinBank) We Made Village Approach to won the “Best won the “BestFor Pepsi’s 
 We Made Pepsi Cinemas The #1 Approach to SocialVintage Campaign Social Brand 
 The #1 Social Social Media in Media in Europe” Social Brand in Europe” Brand in Romania! in Romania! Award! Greece for 2011! Award!Our Presentationin SM Forum 2011Our Presentation in SM Forum 2011about Social Lipton Ice Tea,Media Social Media ROI was awarded asabout ROI was Bronze Award 
 We Helped 7 Ofthe 3 MOST Popularawardedrd the asMOST Popular in from the Ads We Helped 7 Of Our Clients To 
 Our Clients Recover Fromin the World!the World! of the World! To Recover From Crisis! Negative Crisis!
  • We Cracked the Way on How to ConnectSocial Media Results 
with Brand’s Performance!
  • Let’s xplainLet’s talk about FACTS
  • There is 
a Communication GapTraditional media are going
  • Web = Content
  • Social Web = UGCmostly
  • My
into 1h!
  • My
into 1h!
  • My
into 1h!
  • My
into 1h!
  • My
into 1h!
  • My
 User Generated ContentFeed
into 1h!
  • 83% of 
Branded Content 
= Spambased on our recent research
  • 320 Million Tweets /daywho is talking now?
  • 3.7 Billion Shares /weekare u talking to me?
  • EveryMinute ofEach DayWTF!
  • 2 to 3 youngsterswould rather sms/chat than talk
  • Attention SpanTime Droppedfrom 12 mins 
to 9 sec!in the Last 7 years
  • Information Noise Worldand we live in this
  • *Japanese: 
Dakara Nani? So What?
  • Content is the King!Only if You Treat it Like a King
  • It’s NOT 
about Technology
  • It’s NOT 
  • It’s NOT 
  • It’s NOT 
Social Media
Marketing Author of The Thank you Economy, Investor & Serial Entrepreneur 99.5% of Social Media Thank God we Belong to Experts are Clowns! 0.5%! Gary Vaynerchuck XPLAIN Team
  • BUT
  • It’s AboutContentIn the Right Context
  • It’s AboutHumansLooking for Solutions
  • SO
  • It’s ALL About
Content MarketingOh yes!
  • And You NEED 
a Serious Content Strategy 
if you want your Brand to Have 
a Serious Communication. Not Just Another FB 
 or Mobile App
  • Is there any Model?Content Marketing Models
  • Not that model!lol
  • 5 Models 
That Workin more than 75 Brands *We use more 
 than 37 Optimized Models
  • Your Brand’s Media Ecosystem (facebook)paid. owned. earned. fb ads brand’s fb page pure ugcPaying to leverage the Dynamic content in a The customer as a channel. 
power of a channel to controlled environment. Built through engagement,deliver a message that Setup as a repeatable, conversation and contentdrives to another type value-added experience. sharing.of media.
  • Your Brand’s Communication Model a awareness NO! i interest d desire a action You CAN’T 
 Jump anymore!
  • Forget the 4P Mix, Go for the 4E Mix Engage Educate Excite Evangelize
  • Human Optimized Content Model Neuro 
 Programming NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming ! describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic), and how their interplay NO MORE affects people’s behavior COPYWRITING (programming).
  • Human Optimized Content Features Model The Kano model is a structured model about product development and customer satisfaction, created by Professor Noriaki Kano, which classifies customer preferences into five categories: 1.  Attractive 2.  One-Dimensional KANO 3.  Must-Be 4.  Indifferent 5.  Reverse
  • 7 Layers of a 
Content Strategy ModelIf you Care about ROI
  • The Impact of Content Satisfaction &
 Recommendation Customer Experience Content Engagement Conversation
  • 71%of consumer purchase 
decisions primarilyinfluenced by WOM 
(McKinsey, 2011)
  • Listen 
you TalkYou’ve heard this more than 1000 times 1
  • 80% of CEOs Believe thatUsers have GreatExperience with theirProducts.
  • 80% of CEOs Believe that Users have Great Experience with their Products. 8% Only 
 of the Users believe so.
  • Define the Context The Brand’s Nature 2 The Medium’s 
  • Define the Topics The Brand’s 
 Nature & Values 3 Carewords
  • KISSSSS U Each Post Short Simple Sweet 4 Sexy Shareable Useful
  • Photos are the Queen For Visualization 5
  • 81% 
more reach than text42% 
more shares than video
  • Photos are the Queen Reach Earned
 Media 5
  • Think as a Coach 4- 4- 2 0% 0% 0% 6 Social
 Emotional Topics Branded
  • Evaluate 
Everything 7Content Strategywithout Evaluation is justa Road to Failure
  • Some TakeawaysFood for Thought
  • People are Not 
Searching for BrandsThey Search for Solutions toTheir Daily Life
  • Become a 
Solution Provider
  • & Consumers Brandsα Are the Media
  • Great and ONLY Great 
Content is the ONLY way 
to Change Perspectives,Stimulate Minds, Drive Sales
  • This Is 
 a Real Example How ContentDAVID WITT - CMO GENERAL MILLS Drives Sales!
  • In a World where EVERYBODY 
speaks at the same time,Brands have ONLY 
One Direction
  • Go Pro or Go Home Make 
 Please Don’t Create 
 The Another one Boring FB Page Difference
  • Thank U! Now Make 
 Your Move! Contact Us: Romania | Switzerland | Cyprus | Greece | Turkey | Bahrain | UK +40 31 8107944