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Open Innovation Marketplace bizBarcelona

  1. 1. Open Innovation Marketplace
  2. 2. bizBarcelona – OverviewBizBarcelona 2012 provides opportunities for anyone who wants to createa business or grow their company to find inspiration, practical solutions,support, advice and, above all, funding.Bizbarcelona include: Global Talks on Innovation & Entrepreneruship (GlobalTalks) Global Entrepreneurship Competition (GEC) The Open Innovation Marketplace (OIMP)We encourage you to participate in BizBarcelona 2012 by being an activemember of one of the most attractive sessions of the event Join BizBarcelona 2012! 13th and 14th June
  3. 3. bizBarcelona GlobalTalks Keynote SpeakersCliff Reeves Christina Brodbeck Manav SubodhGeneral Manager Team founder at Global Managerat Microsoft YouTube Entrepreneruship and Innovation at Intel
  4. 4. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition – 4th editionTOP entrepreneurs from 16 cities and 14 countries are competing to be the world champion.The winners of the most famous competitions from the TOP16 entrepreneurship centers present their businessplans to the bizBarcelona 2012 Summit.A jury composed by famous investors, successful entrepreneurs and corporate senior executives will choose thebest three companies. 
Winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to showcase the potential of theirproposals to international investors. 1st Prize 15,000€ 2nd Prize 5,000€ 3rd Prize 3,000€ 
 Gent Tallinn Munich London Paris Barcelona San Francisco Tokyo Madrid Lisbon Monterrey Bangalore Singapore Rio de Janeiro Cape Town
  5. 5. bizBarcelona OIMP BizBarcelona 2012 will host the first Open Innovation Marketplace(OIMP), a unique opportunity for: Presenting your latest challenges and innovation needs to a broad and cross-sector audience of world experts. Getting exclusive access to the worlds’ network of scientific & technology parks, researchers, SMEs and entrepreneurs. Finding the best collaborators to develop solutions for identified problems or innovation challenges of your company.• Giving you direct access to cross-sector innovation, an opportunity for building new partnerships across all business and industrial sectors. Participating at the annual unique meeting point of all the partners of the world innovation ecosystem.
  6. 6. bizBarcelona OIMPChallenge to solve: What are big companies looking for? PRODUCT & COMPANIES & TECHNOLOGIES PARTNERS SERVICES ENTREPRENEURSChallenge to solve: What are entrepreneurs and Research andTechnology Centers looking for? PARTNERS SHOWTIME INVESTORS OR CLIENTS DONORSChallenge to solve: What are facilitators and brokers looking for? IDENTIFY CONNECT OFFER & DEMAND SELL THEIR SERVICES OPPORTUNITIES
  7. 7. bizBarcelona OIMPHow does it work? The OIMP consists of 3 elements: 1. GlobalTalks - OIMP Roundtables 2. The Marketplace 3. The Cross-Sectorial Presentations
  8. 8. bizBarcelona OIMPHow does it work? The OIMP consists of 3 elements: 1. GlobalTalks - OIMP Roundtables 2. The Marketplace 3. The Cross-Sectorial Presentations
  9. 9. bizBarcelona GlobalTalksOpen Innovation Round Table 1TBD TBD TBD
  10. 10. bizBarcelona GlobalTalksOpen Innovation Round Table 2 Stefan Heuser Jorge Lang VP Open Innovation at Strategic Alliance Director at Samsung Intel Aaron Crum Roy Sandbach Principal at Google Research Fellow, The Procter & Gamble Company
  11. 11. bizBarcelona OIMPHow does it work? The OIMP consists of 3 elements: 1. GlobalTalks - OIMP Roundtables 2. The Marketplace 3. The Cross-Sectorial Presentations
  12. 12. bizBarcelona OIMPHow does the Marketplace work? The large corporations participating at the OIMP will present their innovationchallenges and demands at the OIMP’s website These will be publicized and addressed to the world’s scientific and technologyparks, research centers, business associations and entrepreneurs. Those who are working in possible solutions to these demands will present theirproposal through the OIMP’s website confidentially. A committee of experts will evaluate the solutions presented and filter them,selecting only those which best adapt to the companies’ requirements. The selected ‘solvers’ will get the chance to get a one on one meeting with thecompany’s delegate at the OIMP area of the BizBarcelona 2012 event. Companies will receive personally the best solutions for their challenges from thebest experts worldwide.
  13. 13. bizBarcelona OIMP Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4CHALLENGES FI L CALL T SHOWTIME E R
  14. 14. bizBarcelona OIMPHow does it work? The OIMP consists of 3 elements: 1. GlobalTalks - OIMP Roundtables 2. The Marketplace 3. The Cross-Sectorial Presentations
  15. 15. bizBarcelona OIMPHow does the Cross-sectorial Presentations work? The Cross-sectorial presentations is meeting point to show advanced technologyversatility. Technology or Research Centers located in Science and Technology Parks ofCatalonia (STP) will present the most advanced technology cases. Three or four companies will present some examples of this technology applicationin different knowledge areas and sectors (IT, Cleantech, Media, Health). The Technology or Research Center, the companies and the public will discussdifferent ways to put in practice a technology in a networking session.
  16. 16. bizBarcelona OIMP Who will be in the Cross-sectorial Presentations? Cetemmsa is a technology centre located in TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme with over 19 years experience in carrying out applied research on Smart Materials and Smart Devices.Catalan Institute for Water ResearchFoundation (ICRA) , located in the Science andTechnology Park of Girona, is an internationalreference point in the research of the integralwater cycle, hydraulic resources, water qualityand treatment and evaluation technologies. The Computer Vision Centre is a non-profit institution and leading research and development centre in the Computer Vision field. Created by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the UAB with the purpose of generating quality knowledge in the field and transferring added- value technology to the industry and to society. It is located in the UAB Research Park.
  17. 17. bizBarcelona OIMPWho will be in the Cross-sectorial Presentations? LEITAT is a Technological Center, located in the Science and Technology Park of Terrassa- Orbital 40, that aims to collaborate with companies and institutions by adding technological value both to products and processes, and focuses its activity on research, development and industrial innovation (R+D+2i).Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (BDigital) is anadvanced technology centre specializing in theapplication of Information and CommunicationTechnologies (ICTs) in the fields of healthcare,security, mobility, energy, and food and environment.It is located in the 22@Barcelona. The ASCAMM Technology Center is located in the Vallès Technology Park. Since the beginning of the 90s, Ascamm has been developing a growing applied research activity orientated towards the generation of first level knowledge in the industrial technologies area.
  18. 18. bizBarcelona OIMP Who will be in the Cross-sectorial Presentations? The UPC Technology Center (CIT UPC) is dedicated to applying university research capabilities to innovation in business. CIT UPC is formed by multidisciplinary teams dedicated to optimising the technology offered in various strategic sectors, thus providing a comprehensive and specialised response to companies and government bodies. The main technology areas are Materials, Energy and Enviromental, ICT, Chemical and Food Industry, Advance Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering. Located in the Park UPC.And more…The Catalan Association of Research Centres (Associació CatalanadEntitats de Recerca - ACER) is an independent association ofinstitutions with legal personality located in Catalonia which countresearch as their principal mission.
  19. 19. bizBarcelona OIMP Who will be in the Cross-sectorial Presentations? This panel will investigate: What makes a community a cluster of innovation? What are the most effective government and private initiatives to encourage the success of such clusters? Shigeo Kagami, Wim de Waele Moderated by: CEO, Institute for Broadband Science Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Technology Development, University of Tokyo H. K Mittal Helmut Schönenberger Secretary of Technology CEO, Center forProf. Jerry Engel from Development, Government Innovation & Business Creation, TechnicalUniversity of California of India University of Munichat Berkeley Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Center, National University of Singapore
  20. 20. Bizbarcelona 2012 Join us! 13th and 14th June