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XM Asia shares Facebook timeline updates for brands. The 3 categories discussed include timeline changes, improved reach of content and management/ admin features

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  • XM Facebook Timeline for Brands

    1. 1. Facebook Brand Timeline Updates29th February 2012
    2. 2. 1. 2. 3.Timeline Changes Improve Reach of Management/A deep dive into each of the Content Admin Functionsnew and updated functions, Understand the new Overview of addedrequirements and supported mechanics such as Premium management functions andwith case studies on how to Ads (Reach Generator) and how it can help communityuse each of these. understand how it impacts the managers can optimize Page strategy performances better
    3. 3. 1. Timeline Changes
    4. 4. Timeline Overview StarredCover Photo Stories Date Selector Profile Picture Message Tab/AppsPinned Post Milestones Larger Stories Friend Activity Recent Post by Others Page Activity/Stats
    5. 5. 1) Cover Photo Purpose This will be the first thing people will see when they visit your page. Choose a unique photo with dimensions of 852 x 315 pixels) and change it as often as you like. Some examples might be like a popular menu item, album artwork, or a picture of people using your product. Cover Photo Policies It should not have • Price and purchase info such as “40% off” or “download at our website” • Contact info such as website address, email, etc. These should be in the info section/. • Reference to Facebook features or actions such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features. • Call to actions such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends” How it can be used Australian Tourism Board uses it to feature fan photo of the week. Coca-Cola uses it to set the tone of the website.
    6. 6. 2) Profile PicturePurposeYour profile picture represents your page on other parts of Facebook, in ads, sponsored stories and the news feed. Therefore, you shouldchoose a picture that represents your business, such as a logo.Photo RequirementHigh quality image that scales well from 180 x 180 pixels to 32 x 32 pixels.
    7. 7. 3) Timeline FeaturesPinned Posts: MilestonesAnchor the most important story to the top of the Page, up to seven Set milestones to define your key moments over time. Example ofdays. milestones include reaching a number of fans, opening a new store, or winning an award. Dimensions for milestones are 843 X 403 pixelsHow it can be used:Contests that with short term prime content should utilize this prime How it can be usedreal estate to gain fans attention. Starbucks uses to commemorate launches of new flavors and products as a way to introduce to its customers.
    8. 8. 3) Timeline FeaturesStar Posts:Highlight important stories with the start icon with a larger real estate across the width of the page.How it can be used:The width and space taken can be fully utilized with stunning pictures and punchy taglines. Australian Tourism Board features theirFriday Fan photos as a Star post to bring out the stunning effects of photos.
    9. 9. 3) Timeline FeaturesDate Selector:Encourages users to browse through the history of content and for brands to further expand content engagement across timeHow it can be used:Red Bull integrated a gaming approach to encourage fans to explore the wealth of content they had over the years – helps in educating fans ofthe brand and interaction with previous content worthy posts.Timeline Timewarp is a contest where fans have to use the clues given in the timeline posts to find the final prize (post).
    10. 10. 3) Timeline FeaturesFriend Activity: Recent Posts by OthersThe last recent friend activity will be highlighted at the right corner of Under the default view of Highlights – posts by others will onlythe timeline, along with the list of friends who have also liked the be consolidated in a box below Friend Activity.Page.Friend posts about the brand are embedded along the timeline basedon the time the comment was posted, integrating with the Page posts. Friend Post There is an option for users to view – Posts by Page Only, Posts Page Post by Others Only and Friend Activity Only.
    11. 11. 4) Tab/Applications Non-optimized OptimizedTab Landing PagesThere are no longer default landing tabs. However, each tab will still have their unique URLs. Ads and posts can provide these direct links todrive traffic to the tabs. Organic traffic to the Page will require more prominent use of Tab shortcuts on the timeline to draw attention to Tabassets. Dimensions of tab canvas should be optimized to fit the larger area and more content ( 810 pixels wide)
    12. 12. 4) Tab/ApplicationsTab Photo TilesThese are featured tabs under the cover photo with a sizeable thumbnail size to attract fans directly to the tab. These are all re-orderable exceptfor photos, which will always remain in the left spot.Photo RequirementThe recommended photo pixels are 111 X 74 pixels.How it can be usedConsistency with the overall look and feel along with simplistic icons as thumbnails, will draw attention to the functionality of the tabs.Livestrong used the tabs as a navigation menu through its other Facebook property hosted within tabs.
    13. 13. 4) MessagePurposePrivate messaging between any Facebook user and Pages. Brands have the optionof disabling this functionality if they wish. Most Pages will rely on thisfunctionality for their Customer Service enquiries, allowing users to move awayfrom cluttering the timeline with generic FAQs and help queries.How it can be usedKLM Has been relying on their wall as the means for their customers to postquestions and most of the public reply was simply a generic template somewhatcustomized directing the solution via private messaging.Today, KLM can fully use this message functionality that is integrated with theAdmin panels to better keep track of requests and protect confidentiality of theirusers.
    14. 14. 2. Improve Reach of Content
    15. 15. Premium Ads Premium ad pieces are generated from the most engaging Page Posts.
    16. 16. 1) Right-hand side of homepage • These ads will appear in the same space where “Marketplace” ads can be bought as well. • Unlike “Marketplace” ads that only serve non-fans, these ads can be viewed by fans/non-fans as the content of ad is driven by Page Posts and not marketing messages. • Audience are more likely to see the ad if they have liked the page or are friends with people who have liked the Page.
    17. 17. 2) News Feed on Homepage and 3) Mobile • These ads will appear in the News Feed in the Homepage. • They will not look distinguishable from any other news feed entry except a small print that says “sponsored post” at the bottom. • You’d only see one of those if you or your friend interacted with a brand Page. But if you didn’t follow any brands, but a Facebook friend did, you might see it in your News Feed if your friend “liked” it. • Sometimes they will run in the News Feed organically, just like any other status update. At other times, they will be paid for.
    18. 18. 4) Logout Experience • Although most users stay login in their Facebook account, there is a large proportion of untapped users who are logged-out daily. • Nearly 37 million people log out of Facebook each day. • This missed opportunities for impressions can be tapped into by this new form of ad.
    19. 19. Reach Generator 5-10x higher click-through• Collectively being referred to as ‘Reach Generator’ by Facebook (along with the Right-hand and Log-out formats shown above), there’s a fixed fee price structure based on the number of fans a Page has.• Facebook says that this will take the average reach of a Page update from 15% to 75% and that its tests have shown the news feed ads receive a 5-10x higher click-through rate than standard ads.
    20. 20. Offers • Facebook offers is a new type of post that allows brands to freely distribute coupons to fans that can be accepted straight from their web or mobile newsfeed. • They also can be promoted through ‘Reach Generator’ ads to a wider, targeted audience. • One click (or tap on mobile) sends the offer to your email account. From there, the voucher can be used at a bricks- and-mortar store or entered as a coupon code into an ecommerce site. • When you accept a Facebook offer, a story is generated and may be shown in your friends’ newsfeeds, increasing the viral reach of the promotion.
    21. 21. 3. Management Features
    22. 22. Admin Panel The admin panel appears at the the top of all pages managed, offering a quick snapshot of who you should respond to, giving you access to your page and analytics of post performance. Notifications, Insights and editing of content can now be accessed in the admin panel. MessagesNotifications Respond to people when theyView and respond to all message you privatelyactivities on your PagesInsightsRetrieve your Pageperformance data
    23. 23. Admin Panel For Build Audience tab, administrator The Help tab is a one-stop platform for can invite friends, share Page and administrators to learn how to get started, create ads to manage their Page, retrieve pageUnder the Manage tab,administrator is able to edit Page insights, expand reach, request nameand view the Activity history of change for Page and send feedback to theactions implemented on the Page Facebook team
    24. 24. Activity Log With the timeline highlighting milestones dated to various years, there will be a greater load of content to be managed. The Activity log under the Manage tab will allow users to view all page posts, even the ones you chose to hide. Year Selector Administrators can also choose to star, hide or See your posts delete stories and change the date of post so categorized by year Filter stories by type that the time stamp will be a more accurate reflection Star, hide or delete stories, and change date of posts
    25. 25. Real Time Insights Real time insights (with only a 5-10 mins delay) will be introduced. Data about Page posts will appear in Facebook Insights just minutes after posting, including how many views, clicks, media consumptions, and spam marks. Other stats will be real-time too, such as total reach and “people talking about this”. Page-level data aggregations will still be delayed a few days. Implications Community managers will be able to develop a real sense of what post is able to garner reach successfully and what is not almost instantly. Real-time insight into post performance also feeds into the new ‘Reach Generator’ product, as it will allow those managing Pages to know which posts to amplify with paid media – either because they’re performing well organically and will therefore generate a similar response amongst a wider audience if promoted, or if important posts are not getting the desired pick-up without paid support.
    26. 26. Competitive Analysis Greater transparency is present with enhanced competitive analysis. More information on Pages’ fan base is now released to non-administrators. This is accessible through the “Likes” box on all Pages. A 1 month historical graph of both ‘People Talking About’ and a brand new metric, ‘New Likes per Week’, as well as some base-level demographic data will be included.Thank you! Implications Ongoing analysis of competitor’s analysis andFor more information, email us at: performance can be easily retrieved and brands can react almost instantlyRohan.Mann@xm-asia.comIrving.Lee@xm-asia.comCherlyn.Phua@xm-asia.com