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Indian Healthcare IT Services Offshoring - Must Test Waters : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,


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Kapil Khandelwal
EquNev Capital

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Indian Healthcare IT Services Offshoring - Must Test Waters : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,

  1. 1. cmyk cmyk THEAGE EU states Nokia is set to Microsoft is set New Delhi ● Monday ● 13 June 2011 11 report a loss to shut down Technomics agree on tougher for this quarter Windows mobile sanctions on and next, market and My cybercrime says analysts Phone service As growth returns so do A dose of IT hackingIndian cos. musttest the waters Cyber attack on farm? What value propo- sitions CIOs will bite in 2011-12? What pricing models to implement to fake resumes, job scams SANGEETHA CHENGAPPA try average of 20-30 per we see those names in a Spain police site Madrid, June 12: Twitter feed. sustain the long term con- BENGALURU cent” said Priti. Wipro sends resume, we eliminate them,” Access to the website of Access was also tem- tracts? What skills to out regular e-mailer alerts to he added. Cognizant’s AVP Spain’s national police porarily blocked to the retain? What kind of June 12: Fake job offers its entire eco-system, — Human Resources, force was blocked for websites of Spain’s state rewards and motivations from dubious mom ‘n’ pop including its 1, 20,000 plus, Satish Jeyaraman shares the over an hour late on employment agencies to shell out for the work- firms offering candidates employees, to create aware- same views and adds “The Saturday in a reprisal INEM and SEPE, El force? And lastly what jobs in reputed IT firms dur- ness about fake job offers National Skills Registry ini- attack by the Anony- Mundo said, but cited should be the overall clin- ing the pre-economic down- and resumes. tiative of Nasscom, meant mous hackers group, El the labour ministry as ical and business service turn days have made a Infosys Technologies to provide the IT indus- Mundo said on its web- saying this was due to KAPIL KHANDELWAL levels that can be deliv- comeback, now that the IT had to deal with fake try’s equivalent of the site on Sunday. maintenance problems ered? industry is back on the job offers in the UK Social Security Num- El Mundo said the and not related to a T he first half of 2011 I maintain that 2011-12 growth trajectory. In recent a few months ago. ber and enhance the group had warned cyber attack. is behind us. In the will be the year where times, Wipro Technologies “While there were brand equity that the police in a statement it Anonymous is a loose next few months, hunting efforts will be came across cases of fake many instances of Indian IT sector planned to disable the grouping of activists promotions, increments, intensified by Indian play- job offer letters reaching fake jobs offered on enjoys globally, may website at some time on who frequently try to incentives and bonuses for ers. Top 20 percent health- unsuspecting candidates in our behalf by take a while to Saturday. The website shut down the websites the IT workforce and their care CIOs had already Gurgaon, Bengaluru, fraudulent outfits address the issue of was down for at least an of businesses and other respective sales teams will tasted first blood of out- Kolkata, Hyderabad, Baro- in India, for the fake resumes. hour from 9.30 pm organisations that it be decided. Onshore, the sourcing and offshoring da, Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar first time we had a The menace of GMT, the paper said. opposes. Members crip- healthcare organisations’ prior to the downturn and and Chandigarh. few cases in the fake job offers and A spokesman for the ple websites by over- CIOs will decide on their may start aggressively “These job offer letters are UK where we had fake resumes which Spanish police said whelming them with IT budgets and parts of moving forward in their obviously fake with the to take legal has re-surfaced access to the website traffic in what is com- their portfolios that are to efforts as they have off- company name being action. To ensure —MCT now can be reduced was monly known as “denial be outsourced. They may shored only about 20,000 referred to as Wipro Group this doesn’t hap- to a great extent by blocked at 2 am on Sun- of service” attacks. The even push for IT budgets odd jobs overseas. It is of Companies or Wipro pen again, we have suc- creating awareness among day, but said police group has attacked of around 3 percent to 4 time to start the hunting India Ltd. These letters cinctly stated in our website candidates and we are cur- were still studying the Turkish government percent of topline. and farming efforts here. instruct candidates to that unless the offer is from MindTree introduced an rently assessing how wide- reason for this. websites in a protest Back home, there are Value propositions needs deposit a refundable security Infosys, we cannot be held integrity policy five years spread the problem is, “A website can col- against Internet censor- certain questions that are to be pitched. deposit which ranges any- responsible for it” said Nan- ago which states that fake before we decide on a lapse if too many people ship. being asked in the board CIOs are perennially where between Rs 15,000 to dita Gurjar, Senior Vice resumes and fake job offers course of action, said try to access it at once. I In a separate develop- rooms this year. What are challenged to deliver Rs 2 lakh to a designated President and Group Head- are considered breaches of Sangeeta Gupta, Senior cannot confirm the link ment, the International the scenarios panning out innovations that could bank account. On receipt of HR, Infosys. integrity. “As a result of our Vice President, Nasscom. with the Anonymous Monetary Fund became for 2011-12 and beyond spin off multi-billion dol- the money, the candidates While most of the IT firms integrity policy, MindTree Over 83 firms comprising group,” the spokesman the latest known target for healthcare IT services? lar intellectual properties are promised a call letter Deccan Chronicle spoke to has gained the reputation of 70 per cent of the IT/ITES said. of a major cyber attack My discussion with key including the embedded with salary and job profile said they received fake a company which has strin- workforce have registered The Spanish police on Saturday. healthcare CIOs, execu- IT solutions. The issue details along with their resumes and had heard of gent recruitment processes their employees with NSR arrested three suspected Jeff Moss, a self- tives and opinion makers here though is offshoring flight tickets from Wipro” instances of fake job offers in place, including back- which records personal members of the group described computer in US and Europe reveals to save off a few cents. said Priti Rajora, Global doing the rounds, HCL ground checks and verifica- information, academic qual- on Friday on charges of hacker and member of a different perception But how will the IT serv- Head-Talent Acquisition, Technologies has posted an tion. Therefore, we have iso- ifications, employment his- cyber attacks against the Department of though. The budgets there ices providers jointly Wipro Technologies. advisory warning against lated cases of fake resumes tory along with employee targets including the Homeland Security are expected to be around develop intellectual prop- “Now that the demand for fake job offers on its official coming in and no cases of biometrics. This permanent websites of Sony Corp, Advisory Committee, 3 percent to 5 percent of erty? By taking risks! talent is on the rise, fraudu- website. Informing people fake job offers in recent record of an individual pro- governments, business- said he believed that topline with higher and On pricing models, the lent companies promising that the company has never times, as compared to three file serves as another source es and banks — but not attack was conducted increased expectations traditional FTE (full-time lucrative jobs to unsuspect- charged money for recruit- years ago” said Babuji Abra- of information for prospec- the massive hacking of on behalf of a nation from IT to deliver to the equivalent) based body- ing candidates are mush- ing candidates nor does it ham, Senior Vice President tive employers to check out PlayStation gamers. state looking to either clinicians and healthcare shopping and fees for rooming and fake resumes have an authorised and Head — People Func- before hiring a candidate. Anonymous respond- steal sensitive informa- business. service models are history are also back in circulation. agency/firm for recruiting, tion, MindTree. “We have a “In two years we expect to ed by threatening to tion about key IMF Coming out of down- in most long-term deals. However, of the 3.8 lakh job the advisory cautions candi- list of companies that pro- get to a point when the NSR retaliate for the arrests: strategies or embarrass turn, has challenged the I remember negotiating applications we receive dates against trusting agen- vide fake experience certifi- becomes the first point of “We are Legion, so the organisation to CIOs to think hard about a contract with one of every year, just one per cent cies or individuals claiming cates and even salary slips to contact for employers” said EXPECT US,” the undermine its clout. their functions, partners world’s leading brand in is fake as against the indus- to be HCL’s representative. candidates and the minute Sangeeta. group said on its official —Reuters and outsourcing contract healthcare services where RIM shareholders want change restructuring, multi-ven- I had to push the leader- dors across offshoring ship at the Indian IT serv- locations and deal size ices to think beyond to reductions. The advent of risk sharing and profit cloud has created an sharing models. These June 12: BlackBerry maker opportunity to jump start sort of win-win pricing Research in Motion Ltd. is Canadian investment new healthcare IT deliv- models are now popular in already struggling to keep firm Northwest & Ethi- ery models and work outsourcing deals price up with rivals such as Apple cal Investments is call- around budgetary con- negotiations. Inc. Now it faces another ing for RIM to separate straints. Unfortunately, the feed- challenge: dissident share- the roles of CEO and India will have to com- back from some of the holders who are calling for pete with others for the CIOs is that Indian service changes in how the compa- chairman, saying that’s healthcare IT dollars as providers do not come ny is run. vital for the board to other emerging destina- prepared for this to the A Canadian investment be able to do its job. tions like Mexico, Cana- nego table! firm is calling for RIM to da, Chile, Brazil as well as One of the CIOs aptly separate the roles of CEO In March, RIM reported our Asian counterparts commented that, ‘We and chairman, saying that’s higher revenue and net like China, Malaysia, would like to see technol- vital for the board to be able income for the fiscal year Vietnam, Indonesia, Thai- ogy entrepreneurs who to do its job. Shareholder- ended Feb. 26. But in April, land and Philippines are can take a call between the rights groups often support it cut its predictions for financially attractive, with risk and rewards at the separating the two positions. Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis are currently co- future earnings and sales, better skill availability and lowest rugs of our IT serv- A board of directors is CEOs of RIM saying it’s selling fewer and business environment. ices partners’ organisa- tasked with overseeing the cheaper phones than it had Can India deliver for tion, on the other part of CEO, which can be difficult meeting July 12 in RIM’s the functions that a chair- expected. BlackBerrys are every healthcare IT dollar the globe, as they partici- if the CEO is also chairman hometown of Waterloo, man would. Balsillie and known for their security and spend given the increasing pate in collaborative ven- of the board. Ontario. Lazaridis have long histo- reliability as email devices, labour costs and availabil- tures (not projects) with The firm, Northwest & RIM has an unusual lead- ries at the company. but they haven’t kept pace ity issues! So the key us.’ Ethical Investments, is also ership structure, where two In 2009, they settled alle- with Apple’s iPhones or issues with Indian Health- I guess with this, I have asking that the company executives, Jim Balsillie and gations with the SEC and phones based on Google care IT Services leader- managed to sum up the require any future board Mike Lazaridis, serve as the Ontario Securities Com- Inc.’s Android software ship are factors like, mood for 2011-12, mov- chairmen to be independent both co-CEOs and co-chair- mission about stock options when it comes to running Chinese policemen escort a group of suspects (in where to hunt and who to ing forward. from the company, which men. The company is asking that had allegedly been third-party applications. black hoods) deported from Indonesia upon their essentially means that they shareholders to vote against backdated. As part of the Since the beginning of the arrival at the airport in Beijing on Saturday. Indone- cannot be RIM employees. NEI’s proposal, saying that settlement, Balsillie agreed year, RIM’s stock has fallen sia deported 76 Chinese nationals who were among Kapil Khandelwal is a leading healthcare and ICT Shareholders will vote on the board’s lead independ- to step down from the board 37 percent to $36.56. hundreds rounded up across Asia in connection with expert. NEI’s proposal at the annual ent director serves many of for about a year. —AP an alleged massive online fraud. PHOTO: AFP JUST PLAYMontana man builds 30 years of quadriplegic gamingJune 12: For Ruben Rios to controllers for 30 years the XBox and PlayStation people with high spinal cord are meaningful relation- and include a one-year war-throw a touchdown, it takes almost entirely by himself. platforms. He has no formal injuries,” Rios said. ships,” he said. ranty for repairs.a flick of his tongue. To The retired aerospace engi- relationship with any of the That meaning is what Barlet said Yankelevitz’s “If the bottom line is prof-break away from a tackle, neer hand makes the con- companies, saying they prompted Yankelevitz to controller is the only one it, there’s no way to make ahe puffs into a tube. trollers with custom parts in aren’t interested because embrace the challenge of like it out there, calling it profit on these,” Yankelevitz Rios is a quadriplegic with his Montana workshop, there isn’t a sufficient mar- his 30 year hobby, the “unique in terms of accessi- use of his body below his offering them at a price just ket. reward of helping others. bility.” Yankelevitz said largershoulders. For Rios to play enough to cover parts. Quadriplegic gamers now “As long as I’m making a But gaming by quadriple- companies and game manu-video games like “Madden Gamers and gaming advo- have around a dozen differ- controller that will work, gics is a tiny corner of the facturers have shown noNFL 11” he uses a con- cates say the Yankelevitz ent actions they can work then they are motivated,” market that Yankelevitz has interest in producing thetroller that combines lip controller’s functionality with their mouth. said Yankelevitz, a former sustained by himself for controllers because the mar-controls, puff and sip tubes and price is unrivaled for It’s a complicated system aerospace engineer. three decades and his output ket is so small. He’s soldand a head-operated joy- quadriplegics. that can be difficult to learn. Quadriplegics are a small is slowing. just over 800 of the devicesstick. Yankelevitz began his But for quadriplegics, who portion of a growing com- He doesn’t want to quit through 30 years. Factory That mouth controller is work on mouth-operated suffer paralysis of both arms munity of gamers with all now, but said that he won’t construction of the con-an innovation from Ken video game controllers in and both legs and who are types of disabilities who are be going on forever. troller would be cost pro-Yankelevitz, a Montana 1981 for the Atari game largely dependent on others, pushing for more accessible Recently he shut down hibitive, over $1000 each,engineer whose hobby is console to give quadriplegic the device gives them some- games and game con- operation of his shop for he said.hand-making unique con- people a chance to engage thing entirely their own. trollers, according to Mark half the year to spend time Other products don’t offertrollers to give quadriple- with one of the few activi- “After my injury there Barlet, 37, a disabled veter- in Southern California, near the same functionalitygics access to video games ties open to them. The really wasn’t anything that I an, gamer and president of where he used to work. and they come at a muchusually requiring two design was simple on the could do that I was actually the AbleGamers foundation. If someone wanted to fill higher price. There looks tohands. early models; users only in control of,” said Rios, His organisation works to his shoes, it wouldn’t be an be no comparable substitute But with the retired Boze- needed to be able to push a who lost control of his body something on the same level just a basic level of control, promote gaming access. easy task. available in the near engineer’s 70th birth- few buttons and move a joy- after a gunshot wound in as his friends. either. Quadriplegics have Barlet said gaming is an He puts each controller “If Ken (Yankelevitz )day approaching, disabled stick through their con- 1988. With video games and proven competitive against important connection to the together by hand, using his stops making these con-gamers say they fear there trollers. When Rios began using a online communities, quadri- and sometimes besting two- world for those with disabil- engineering skills to solder trollers we’re going to bewill be no one to replace Over time Yankelevitz Yankelevitz controller in plegics have access to handed gamers. ities. “People have relation- dozens of switches and cir- pretty much left out to dry,”Yankelevitz, who has sus- adapted the designs to more 1991 that changed. It was a friends and freedoms not “I can’t emphasise enough ships that are completely cuits. Controllers are Rios said.tained quadriplegic game complex consoles including relief, he said, to enjoy possible otherwise. It’s not how important this (is) to and totally digital, and they offered for just over $200 — AP