Cloud Valuations really Worth It? Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,


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Kapil Khandelwal
EquNev Capital

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Cloud Valuations really Worth It? Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,

  1. 1. cmyk cmyk PAGE 13 BENGALURUMONDAY 28 | NOVEMBER 2011 Tech upgrade Aakash to get more features, prices may go down: Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind Footballer Lionel Messi has been signed by EA Sports to be the poster boy for its 2012 release FIFA Street TECHNOMICS Internet is no child’s play: How Kapil KhandelwalMS TO STREAMLINEWINDOWS 8Upgrade and setup have to keep children safe from it? A dose of ITlong been hurdles forWindows OS owners, saidSteven Sinofsky, WindowsLive president. With the SANGEETHA CHENGAPPA BENGALURU, NOV. 27 Shruthi Muddaiah, mother of and Trend Micro have already launched a range of Internet security products for 2012 that provide a suite of features like In healthcare techupcoming Windows 8, hesaid, Microsoft wants tomake installation an all- two teenagers, is constantly on the edge trying to keep a track on her children’s online activities antivirus, anti-spyware, parental controls, remote file lock, social networking security, web threat protection, data theft prevention, cloud over the cloudaround simpler process. and spotting potential dangersSinosky said the company before they can inflict any dam- they are also working towards The healthcare cloud- ics cloud. Closer home, wewas looking into how best to ages on them. educating kids and families to /mobility venture invest- are still scratching the sur-streamline the process for “I have bought a licensed game, ensure their safety online. ment hype is out of the bag! face on how to implementthose updating from Grand Theft Auto, for my son “We have been running the Valuations in healthcare cloud/mobility solutions atWindows 7 and customers which includes cheats, but he ‘Internet Safety for Kids and cloud/mobility business- large. Do we need tostarting fresh with the new still ‘Googles’ for cheat codes Families’ programme, to gener- model driven companies encourage users to adoptOS.“Our aim in improving from different gaming sites thus ate awareness about social media have grown over 400 per- such practices? We are alsosetup is to reduce the time exposing his computer to various sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, cent in the last one year. If in the process of figuringfrom start to finish so that malware attacks,” she says. Twitter and promote internet these valuations continue out the rules for such inte-customers can get to Like Shruthi, another parent, security videos for kids online, in to grow at the same rate, we gration across the ecosys-Windows and use the full Vinay Kumar is worried that his India for the last two years,” said are quickly going to hit the tem.power of Windows to further tech-savvy, 9-year-old daughter Amit Nath, country manager, disillusionment zone of Third: Clearing the regu-customize and ultimately may access graphically violent Trend Micro, India and SAARC. this cloud/mobility, which latory cloud. The players inenjoy their new Windows videos or pornographic sites “With tips from our experts, will lead to another dot our healthcare ecosystemexperience,” he said. online. parents can frame timelines for com burst-like scenario. currently feel that the regu- The risks of growing up in the their kids to go online and stop Rather than playing these lation elephant is wearing Robot scan digital age are increasing every- day says cyber security experts. them from posting sensitive per- sonal information on social net- valuations games, I have a more pragmatic approach a blindfold. Pharma, devices, diagnostics and “Today, children are developing works, choose who they commu- in investing and looking other players are not sure if their online identity at an earlier nicate with, and predefine which into the inherent business the tablets or mobile age than before. They need par- games and websites they can models of such ventures devices provided by them ents, teachers and others to help access. A lost credit card can be that can be disruptive and to the doctors for data col- them figure out where to go, replaced, however, if your kid’s stand the acid test of their lection and closer integra- what to say, how to act, and per- identity and personal informa- valuation on five key fac- tion is deemed as a gift as haps most importantly how not tion gets compromised, it is very tors. per MCI norms. The ser- to act,” said Vanessa Van Petten, difficult to undo the damage,” First: The adoption of vice providers have no clar- youthologist and author of their parent’s credit card to shop added Amit. these technologies that dri- ity on the rules for revenue Radical Parenting. online for music, magazine sub- Negative situations Consumer awareness about ves the revenue models. recognition from the taxa- “Negative situations online can scriptions and event tickets with- online can have online security threats in India is There have been umpteen tion angle. Fourth: Intero- have repercussions in the real out the knowledge of their par- pretty much stagnating at a studies and surveys that perability and standardisa- world — from bullying to losing ents. While 26 per cent of kids repercussions in the decade-ago level says Altaf have thrown in figures of tion issues. While there are money on scams to giving admitted to visiting adult con- real world - from bul- Halde, MD, Kaspersky Lab, current adoption on mobili- several international stan- strangers personal information,” tent sites when their parents are South Asia. ty and cloud-based busi- dards that are well recog- she says. not around, 30 per cent had seen lying to losing money “To increase awareness, we ness models. The crux is nised and adopted by aA jail in Pohang, South The Norton Online Family violent images, games and videos have initiated a student project laptop and notebook PCs large majority of the play-Korea, will soon begin a one- Report 2011 reveals that 60 per online. on scams to giving this year where MBA and engi- are common in the medical ers, the issue is to bring allmonth trial of three new cent of kids in India have had “The statistics show the real strangers personal neering students from across the community but the next players on a single interop-robots, which will be there in serious negative experiences need for further educating par- country have been invited to pre- wave of mobile adoption is erable standard.a support capacity to moni- online, such as, receiving inap- ents and teachers, who play an information sent research papers on the well underway as health- Finally: Managing thetor for “abnormal behavior.” propriate pictures from enormous role in keeping their theme, ‘IT Security for the Next care workers turn to disruptive business modelThe robots, which stand strangers, being bullied or kids and themselves safe online” –– Vanessa Van Petten, Generation’ at the International tablets, smartphones and and the transition risks. Iabout five feet tall, were becoming the victims of cyber said Effendy Ibrahim, Internet youthologist Student Conference hosted by applications to increase have seen many innovativedeveloped by the Asian crime. It said that 84 per cent of Safety Advocate & Director, Kaspersky Lab. The most innova- productivity and improve business models in thisForum for Corrections. The kids on social networks often Consumer Business, Asia, kids in a safe environment like at tive IT security projects will be patient care in a bigger space. I prefer to steer clearrobots are wheeled, and find themselves in unpleasant Symantec. home or school can be much chosen by the conference com- way. Second: The scalabili- of most assumptive andequipped with cameras and situations online, compared to 58 “While 57 per cent of Indian more effective than secretly mon- mittee, comprising of our in- ty across the healthcare dream-like scenarios. Theother sensors to monitor the per cent who stay away from parents say they talk to their itoring. Parents should also arm house experts and IT security ecosystem that drives cloud/mobility venturesinmates. If the robot notices social networking. kids about online safety, 43 per their children with tools to stay professors, and the authors will growth. There is enough valuation expectations willwhat it is programmed to A further cause for alarm is cent still secretly check their safe online,” he said. be invited to present their papers hype on how cloud tran- turn sour as their cloudunderstand as “risky behav- that 20 per cent of the kids have children’s online activities. Although IT security firms like at the regional rounds early next scended D2C (doctor to con- bursts when the disruptiveior,” then they will immedi- admitted that they have used Having an open dialogue with Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee year.” sumer) to all the other business models meet theately alert the guards. stakeholders such as phar- harsh ground reality. ma and device companies, Tech plus TIPS TO KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE ONLINE insurance, lab and diagnos- tics and the government Kapil Khandelwal is a leading healthcare and ICTOVER 380 PHISHING ■ Work as a team to set bound- aries. Discuss with your chil- outward into the room so there is no secrecy. cyberspace for long periods of time. ■ Don’t let your children open attachments on emails from health workers to integrate a national health informat- expert. Kapil@KapilKh- andelwal.comINCIDENTS IN 2011 dren exactly what is fine and ■ Stress to your children that We also have Siri-like ■ Make it clear to your children friends or file-sharing services what is ‘out of bounds’ they need to tell you if they that people in chat rooms are without you being there to regarding the sites, chat receive any odd or upsetting approve and scan the content always strangers, no matter rooms they visit, and the kind technology: Microsoft messages while chatting, and how often they chat with for viruses. of conversation they can have that you will not be angry with there. Only let them use moni- them, and no matter how well ■ Install up-to-date security them or ban the Internet as a they think they know them. software on your PC. tored chat rooms. Avoid “.alt” result. chat rooms as they focus on ■ Make sure your child under- ■ Learn how to save chat sessi- Washington, Nov. 27: At through Bing or send texts alternative topics that may be ■ Set strict time limits for the Techonomy conference while using natural lan- Internet use and enforce them. stands that they are never to on logs, how to block users, inappropriate for children. reveal personally-identifiable and how to report problems. in Tuscon, Arizona, guage. In fact, Tellme does Software is available that Microsoft’s Chief Research things Siri does not as of ■ Position the computer in your enforces these limits. Ban late- information such as their real You can save sessions by cop- and Strategy Officer, Craig yet, such as transcribing main living space and make night use. Do not permit your name, gender, age, school, ying and pasting the message voicemails to text. Mundie, dismissed Apple’sOver 380 phishing incidents sure that the monitor faces children to be left alone in phone number, etc. text into a word document. new voice recognition tech- However, the Microsofthave been reported in the nology as something official conceded the com-January-October 2011 period Microsoft has had for over pany had a few things toand 508 in 2010 to the a year in Windows Phone 7. learn about marketing.Indian Computer EmergencyResponse Team (CERT-In),the government said Friday. “A total number of 508 and Is Facebook starting to lose its touch? In an interview with Forbes discussing user interfaces, Craig Mundie was asked about Apple’s Craig Mundie suggested, “maybe we need to pick a feature and hammer on it harder,” while explaining386 phishing incidents have New York, Nov.27: developers conference that tionless experiences” and that automatically opted theme: This time, the prob- personal voice assistant, that Apple had little choicebeen reported to CERT-In in Facebook is steamrolling it was upgrading its Open “real-time serendipity.” At all users into its sharing lem is that Facebook is get- Siri. Mundie replied, “as a but to push Siri hard. Histhe year 2010 and during forward. It now boasts 800 Graph technology. the time, only a few features. In time, ting the social web wrong. technological capability, reasoning is that many peo-January-October 2011 million active users. The Facebook CEO Mark observers found them to be Facebook learned to allow One of the key reasons for you could argue that ple were disappointed withrespectively,” Minister of company is reportedly Zuckerberg introduced scary. “They are seeking users to opt in. But more Facebook’s success is that Microsoft has had a similar the iPhone 4S. The disap-State for Communications preparting for an initial Open Graph in 2010 to let out information to report importantly, its site Zuckerberg didn’t try to capability in Windows pointment stemmed fromand IT Sachin Pilot said. The public offering. It’s laying web sites and apps share about you,” wrote develop- changed how its users tell its users how to use a Phones for more than a the lack of substantialminister also said a large plans to sell a Facebook information about users er and blogger Dave thought about privacy social network. He kept year, since Windows Phone changes to separate it fromnumber of phishing incidents phone, strengthening its with Facebook. The Winer. But suddenly, a online. Today, it’s a given things simple and made 7 was introduced”. the iPhone 4. As a result,leading to hacking of bank presence on the mobile revamped Open Graph critical mass of critics are that the web is evolving changes only when the Mundie went on to point Apple had to focus on theaccounts have also been web. But Facebook’s plans takes sharing to a new speaking up about the into a social landscape online behavior of users out that Tellme, the eventu- one thing that would turnreported. may be hampered by a new level, allowing apps that changes, how they affect where sharing personal dictated them. Zuckerberg al fruit of an acquisition in eyeballs: Siri. Voice recog- backlash against the com- automatically share what users and publishers alike. information online is believed that, in time, peo- 2007, does what Siri does. nition itself is actually far APPly yourself pany’s efforts to get its users to share more of articles users are reading or what music they’re lis- Facebook has had its share of controversies in increasingly common. You either learn to share, or ple would grow more com- fortable sharing personal Windows Phone 7 and even Xbox users are most likely from new but Apple would certainly suggest that they their lives online. tening to. the past. In 2007, it intro- you stay off Facebook. data on its site, even if they already familiar with the do it better, leveraging In September, Facebook Zuckerberg said the new duced Beacon, an early The latest round of com- found it creepy at first. product. You can ask it for decade-old technology from announced at its annual f8 feature would allow “fric- version of Open Graph plaints have a different —Reuters directions, search the web DARPA. —Techspot The technology of fun: Four things to keep you going through the week Rockstar announced a Special Edition of Max Payne 3, which includes exclusive multiplayer content. The popular Rage demo to be released soon on Xbox Live and PSN. GAMES WEBSITE BORED AT THE OFFICE? GIZMOS gOFOLLOW GPS goFollow is an extremely simple app which allows you to instantly view THERE I FIXED IT XPS 14Z Link: Developer: Dell your GPS coordinates, Price: From `48,900 to `67,900 and easily send directions In the case of, we are talking The Good: Pleasantly light and compact. to friends. about kludging to the tenth power! See some Excellent keyboard and touchpad Android outlandish examples of how to fix automobile The Bad: Needs more USB port. Could use steering, toilet problems, and home renova- slightly more pixels on screen COLOR MAIL tions. These are not photoshopped images... every submission here is a candid photo of DREAMr:ZOO The Verdict: Dell’s XPS 14z offers a balanced approach to thin-and-light, full featured lap- This web application real-life DIY nightmares. This safe-for-work Develope tops, but has only two USB ports. helps you to create a colour styled email tem- SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD site is guaranteed for good chuckles, and you could probably show this to your boss and Zynga Link: plate and then you can use it directly in your iOS Console: PS3/XBox 360/PC 8.5 have her/him laugh with you, too. Mail app to send a color- Game type: Single-player, multi- player 10 In Dream Zoo players create and expand their zoo by breeding animals only found in their ful email to your friends. Developer: Volition, Inc. wildest, most psychedelic dreams. Rainbow You can simply generate The Good: ● Great assortment of vehicles and giraffes, polka dot baboons, and colorful a colorful email from weapons with which to wreak explosive havoc zebras roam around animal kingdoms that plenty of templates. Just ● Outrageous story missions and fun activities players create and decorate. Players connect tap to choose a theme ● Wonderful variety of customization options and visit their friends’ zoos to discover differ- from all categories, then The bad: ● Visually unimpressive ● Occasional ent habitats and terrains for a truly social browse and choose your glitches. experience. Dream Zoo enables players to The verdict: Fantastic missions, outrageous watch their animals grow from babies to favorite template, you weapons, and awesome vehicles make the adults, building emotional connections with can then use it directly in open-world mayhem of Saints Row: The Third the breeds they created themselves — thou- Mail App. an absolute blast. sands of animal varieties possible. iPhone