Get Tim Out

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  • 1. GET TIM OUT Written by Tiago Lopes Address Phone Number
  • 2. INT. NURSING HOME - MAIN ROOM - DAY This Nursing Home could win the award for the most peaceful, boring place on Earth. Is one of those places where nothing barely exciting ever happens and the OLD PEOPLE seated at their tables, happily prepared to eat the soup previously served to them, don't seem to be looking for more than that. Wheeling a table trolley with a huge soup pot on top 2 MEN. The youngest is huge but looks badly beaten, he’s JEFF. Next to him is 85 year old TIM. He drags an oxygen machine behind him and and walks helped by a cane. They don't look like friends. JEFF We need to leave here fast. TIM Oh now you want to leave huh? JEFF Take a look around. The Old People prepare their napkins and spoons, make sure the soup is at a good temperature. It's an idyllic picture of happiness and simplicity. TIM How in the hell could this happen? INT. NURSING HOME - MAIN CORRIDOR - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) On the wall by the ROOM 66 is a sign that says "TIM'S ROOM". INT. NURSING HOME - ROOM 66 - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) The room is dark with nothing but the the moonlight coming from an open window. A MAN is seated by the bed crying. It’s Jeff. JEFF I can’t I’m sorry, I’m sorry dad. Tim is laid on the bed, furious. He grabs Jeff’s collar. TIM You listen to me you poor excuse of offspring I want out of here, I want out of here now. JEFF I can’t mum would whoop my ass if she even knew you’re alive.
  • 3. 2. TIM Alive? You call this alive? JEFF Well you’re half alive. TIM That’s the same as half dead you moron. Jeff calms down and stands up. JEFF That’s a pessimistic point of view dad, I have to leave. Tim grabs his crane and hits Jeff’s nose which immediately starts to bleed. JEFF (CONT’D) Arghh dad. TIM You were always the weak link I’m escaping this hell spy style. Tim sits on the bed and grabs the oxygen machine. Jeff watches as Tim very slowly walks to the window and seats on it’s ledge. JEFF I’m not paying for any broken bones old man. TIM Is this or the poison. JEFF What poison? Tim grabs a small bottle and holds it up. JEFF (CONT’D) Dad where did you get that? TIM Rats, the nurses ain’t getting them and they won’t get me neither. JEFF Give it to me. TIM That’s right boy Imma teach you how thing's were done when men had a believable pair of balls.
  • 4. 3. JEFF Get down or I’ll call someone. Tim opens the bottle and prepares to drink it. Jeff rushes to stop Tim, goes to grab him but before he can Tim hits him in the testicles with the cane, jumps inside and pushes Jeff out. Jeff’s bad landing from the second floor is heard. Tim locks the window and with a sneaky laugh walks very slowly out of the room. INT. NURSING HOME - MAIN CORRIDOR - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Tim walks towards the exit, he’s a very fragile man but his goals are clear. JEFF (O.S.) Dad! Tim looks to a dull window inside a near bathroom and sees Jeff’s figure walking towards the entrance. Tim goes back. INT. NURSING HOME - KITCHEN - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Tim walks towards a back door. He passes by the huge soup pot ready for the next day. He prepares to break the door down with the cane but the door opens from the outside. A big BLACK FIGURE, almost like a bear, is right in front of him. TIM Get away from me devil. The figure moves forward. It's a very mad and hurt Jeff. JEFF The first thing I’ll do when I get you inside is call mum and tell her you’re here. She’ll bring the gun herself and I’ll wait until she's pulling the trigger, until the very last moment, to save your old ass. If your heart doesn’t stop then, you’ll learn to appreciate me dad. Jeff grabs Tim and turns him to the corridor. They struggle, Tim hits Jeff with the cane and throws him against the soup pot. Jeff grabs Tim and tries to take the poison out of his hands. Tim breathes deeply and extends his arm so Jeff doesn’t reach him. Jeff is obviously trying not to hurt his fighting father. Tim makes a final effort but loses his strength and let’s the poison fall right inside the soup pot.
  • 5. 4. Tim and Jeff stop in shock and stare at it. JEFF (CONT’D) Jesus dad. TIM Do you know how to cook soup? JEFF Have I a damn idea. Tim looks at the clock. It’s 10 minutes to 5 a.m. TIM Well you’re screwed. INT. NURSING HOME - MAIN ROOM - DAY - PRESENT Jeff and Tim watch the old people getting ready for their last meal. Now it's obvious why they're worried. JEFF We’re doomed. TIM Oh yeah? Watch this. Tim puts a spoon in the pot, takes some soup to his mouth and spits it out. JEFF God damn it that no. Tim makes some disgusting noises and falls on his knees overdramatizing the situation. TIM I see the light, oh Lord I can feel you taking my spirit. The Old People stop what they're doing and look at him. TIM (CONT’D) It’s in the soup, the soup oh Lord all mighty. There's a moment of awkward silence, no reaction. Jeff looks at them apprehensive and nervous. Suddenly an OLD WOMAN claps. And more elders clap. And more.
  • 6. 5. Al the Old People clap and laugh impressed with the act. They nod and smile at Tim for that amazing performance and calmly get back to their meals. JEFF Oh shit. Tim and Jeff look at each other, they’re not screwed, everyone else is. And there’s nothing they can do. THE END