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XCOM Media - Email and Social Media Integration


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Presentation given at iStrategy Sydney 2012 on integrating email and social media.

Presentation given at iStrategy Sydney 2012 on integrating email and social media.

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  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. Email and Social IntegrationEssential Considerations in the Digital Strategy MixRob Bell + Darren Sutton (XCOM Media)
  • 3. Today we will cover:1  Using Email and Social Media2  Strategies to create value3  Outcomes and Benefits4  Tourism Queensland case study5  A Strategic Survey
  • 4. A little bit about us •  Leading independent digital marketing and communications agency •  Work with some of Australia’s leading brands •  Offices in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne •  A team of over 20 specialist staff •  A passion for producing digital work that gets noticed and achieves results •  Exclusive APAC partner for StrongMail Systems!
  • 5. About StrongMail•  Industry-leading email and social media marketing technology platforms•  Founded in 2002 - Headquartered in Silicon Valley•  Over 550 customers, catering to mid-sized to Fortune 2000 brands•  Customers include some of the world’s largest brands in the retail, travel & hospitality, financial services, media/entertainment and technology industries
  • 6. h"p://    
  • 7. Poll time – a show of hands…1.  Who checks email before breakfast ?2.  Who checks Facebook before breakfast ?3.  What about Twitter ?4.  And LinkedIn ?5.  Who checks all ?
  • 8. Brands Plan to invest heavily in social media channel growth
  • 9. Is this how people really feel about email and social media ….. ?
  • 10. Technologies change, but the keythings are the same…1. Know your audience2. Understand their behaviours and desires3. Use the benefits of different mediums
  • 11. It’s about crafting messages thatconnect with people and provide realvalue in their life Do I care ? Why would I share ?
  • 12. Integration is like an orchestra… Multiple instruments + perfect timing = one amazing sound experience
  • 13. So how do you achieve this? Take your channel plans and content strategies and move to conversation strategies
  • 14. Push Pull
  • 15. CauseConversations and Traffic
  • 16. Be relevant andadd value
  • 17. Strategies to create value#1 > Make it easy to share and connect
  • 18. Strategies to create value#2 > Provide Incentives to share
  • 19. Strategies to create value#3 > Cross promote and capture data
  • 20. Strategies to create value h"p://­‐and-­‐win/    #4 > Competitions go viral
  • 21. Strategies to create value#5 > Mobile for servicing
  • 22. Strategies to create value#6 > Technology can make life easier
  • 23. Strategies to create value#7 > Drive traffic from the audience
  • 24. Strategies to create value#8 > Be local
  • 25. Strategies to create value#9 > Test, track and learn what works
  • 26. Strategies to create value#10 – Be passionate and entertaining
  • 27. Outcomes and Benefits#1 > Subscriber and social profile growth
  • 28. Outcomes and Benefits#2 > Extend reach through sharing
  • 29. Outcomes and Benefits#3 > Multiple platforms increases the chance of your messages being seen and acted on
  • 30. Outcomes and Benefits#4 > Provide options for connecting
  • 31. Outcomes and Benefits#5 > Identify key influencers and advocates h"p://    
  • 32. Case StudyTourism Queensland’s Passport to Shine
  • 33. Challenge•  Launch new global brand “Queensland, Where Australia Shines”•  Acquisition of Facebook ‘Likes’ and new email subscribersSolution•  Facebook application that encouraged repeat visitation•  Maximum ‘shareability’ – integrating email, Twitter and Facebook•  Supported by carefully crafted email marketing strategy•  Targeted Facebook media buy•  Geo-Targeting Key Markets with bonus prize opportunities
  • 34. Campaign Email Strategy•  Campaign Launch x 1•  New Experience/Phase Notification x 2•  Reminder to Share – Bonus Entries x 3•  Final Remarketing Campaign x 1Triggered Email Strategy•  StrongMail Integration with the Facebook application to maximize sharing potential•  Forward to Friend triggered emails•  Entry Confirmation triggered emails
  • 35. Social Strategy•  Highly shareable•  Twitter Integration•  Facebook SharingMedia StrategyFacebook Media Buy targeted tactics:•  Reach blocks – Malaysia and New Zealand•  Like Ads•  Key market targeting in bonus weeks
  • 36. h"p://facebook-­‐      
  • 37. And the results?•  797,000 entries from 137 countriesSharing•  Unique Email Shares – 641,842•  Facebook Shares – 82,656•  Twitter Shares – 4195Acquisition•  Facebook Likes increased from 35k to 258k in just 6 weeks!•  110,000 New Subscribers (unique)
  • 38. Audience Participation Time!What is your single highest priority email and social media integration tactic?
  • 39. AnyQuestions?
  • 40. Thank you!@xcommedia