Car Fuelled on Cooking Oil Makes Epic Journey


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Car Fuelled on Cooking Oil Makes Epic Journey

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Car Fuelled on Cooking Oil Makes Epic Journey

  1. 1. Car fuelled on cooking oil makes epic journeyA honeymooning couple travelling around Australia in a car fuelled by fish and chip oil say the pungent smell of theirvehicle has intrigued people, not repelled them.Gerard and Rachel Mimmo. who have driven nearly 2500km from Sydney to Emerald, Queensland on donatedvegetable oil from fish and chip shops, say people are "quite interested" in their cars smell."They wonder what it is at first, but once you explain the idea everyone is really interested," Mr Mimmo said."Weve been pulling by on the side of the road, people chat to you « where ever you stay, and people areinterested."The civil engineer, who moved back to Australia with his English wife, said their trip in the four-wheel drivenamed "Battered Fish" had gone smoothly so far."Havent had any problems with the car at all, it runs just as good on veg oil as it does on diesel," he said."We absolutely do intend to make it all around on veg oil."On a full tank of 180 litres of vegetable oil, the pair can travel up to 900km.The car is started on diesel on a cold engine and then switched over to oil once its up to running temperature.After 18 months of planning, the pair say sceptics have not prevented them getting donated vegetable oil tocontinue their journey."The challenge is collecting the oil, a lot of people say no, youve just got to keep going," he said."People just might be sceptical and not sure ² if someone off the street asked them for oil, theyre wonderingwhat are these people really filling?"Despite facing some initial rejections, the couple say getting oil is less arduous than the challenge of camping inthe bush."Surviving on Stockton beach during a massive thunder storm, that was pretty much our first day," Mr Mimmosaid."The whole camping experience has caught us off guard, youve got to be a lot more prepared and experiencedthan what we are. But were making the most of it."The pair are trying to minimise their impact on the environment as much as possible by using solar power andbiodegradable products.Were doing our own washing as we drive along," he said."Wed got a drum where we put our clothes, washing powder and water and just the movement of the car as youdrive along is an absolute washing mechanism."With skyrocketing petrol prices, Mr Mimmo said their trip could not have happened at a better time.
  2. 2. "The fuel prices are very disconcerting and wed love to stay away from the petrol pump as much as possible,"he said. "The more oil we can collect and filter the happier we are."The couple are headed west from Emerald to Sapphire to collect an HF radio so that they have a communicationsystem when they get to remote parts of Australia.They plan to make it back to Sydney before Christmas day for a family celebration.The couple has received widespread publicity after they were featured in environmental magazine Greenpages.Tales of their travels can be followed on their blog:www.ozonabatteredfish.blogspot.comSee Plant Drivehttp://plantdrive.comVEGETABLE OIL Cars and Converting Your Car to VEGETABLE OILhttp://plantdrive.comhttp://www.greasecar.comhttp://www.vegpoweredsystems.comhttp://www.goldenfuelsystems.comhttp://www.goodgrease.comhttp://www.vegpower.comhttp://www.elsbett.comhttp://biocar.dehttp://www.enviofuel.comhttp://www.frybrid.comhttp://www.vegiecars.comhttp://www.theorganicmechanic.orghttp://www.fattywagons.comhttp://greasebenz.comhttp://www.vtvegcar.comhttp://www.vegengine.blogspot.comhttp://www.greenconversion.nethttp://www.alaskavegoil.org
  3. 3. http://vegetablepowersystems.comhttp://danalinscott.netfirms.comhttp://www.bebioenergy.com LIQUID GOLD 2Learn the Do͛s and Don͛ts of Gathering and using Waste Vegetable oil as a fuel. Perfect for anyone who is currentlyusing, or planning on using SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) or Bio Diesel as a fuel!These questions and more are answered on this DVD:ͻ The legality of collecting waste vegetable oil and burning it as a fuel.ͻ Overview of how diesel engines burn waste vegetable oil as fuel.ͻ How to identify good waste vegetable oil.ͻ How to identify bad waste vegetable oil.ͻ How to ask a restaurant for their waste vegetable oil.ͻ How to fuel up on the fly with the automated One Shot Filtration Unit.ͻ How to setup your own waste vegetable oil accounts.ͻ How to collect large quantities of oil for later filtration at home.ͻ How to filter waste vegetable oil using filter bags.ͻ How does salt, sugar and animal fats affect waste vegetable oil for fuel?ͻ How to tell if there͛s water in the oil?ͻ How to filter the oil once it͛s been gathered.ͻ Cold Weather gathering techniques and tips.http://www.goldenfuelsystems.comDVD S.V.O. Seminar 2006Lately theres been a lot of talk about the effects of Global warming due to our love of gas guzzling vehicles and ourdependency on foreign oil. Scientists and entrepreneurs around the world are busy developing what they hope will beour answer to cleaner burning vehicles. What many people dont realize is that this technology already exists and itsbeen around for quite some time now.This DVD was Shot during a seminar on Straight Vegetable Oil at Ecoversity in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is packed with2.5 hours of valuable information. Listen along while many of the most frequently asked questions about this technologyare discussed and answered.These questions and more are answered on this DVD:
  4. 4. ͻ The History of Straight Vegetable Oilͻ Different Alternative Fuelsͻ Straight Vegetable vs. Biodieselͻ Straight Vegetable Oil Facts and Fictionͻ Diesel Engines vs. Gasoline Enginesͻ How a Straight Vegetable Oil System Worksͻ The Importance of a Vehicles Air Filterͻ Increase Power and Economy/Computer Modsͻ Oil Gathering 101ͻ Filtering on the Fly with the One Shotͻ Using Filter Bagsͻ What to do with leftover Nasty Oilͻ Diesels Available in the USAhttp://www.goldenfuelsystems.comDVD GREASY RIDERPicture a cross-country road trip powered by vegetable oil in a 1981 Mercedes-Benz. Greasy Rider follows the twofilmmakers, Joey Carey and JJ Beck, as they meet with fellow Greasecar drivers, friends, and critics. Traveling as far southas New Orleans and as far north as Seattle, the car is fueled by used cooking grease collected at restaurants along theway.Interviews include Morgan Freeman who is opening up a Biodiesel plant in Mississippi. Political analyst Noam Chomsky,͞Youre supposed to believe we would have liberated Iraq even if its main product was pickles,͟ appears along side YokoOno, ͞This whole world is now ruled by corporations and their greed,͟ and Tommy Chong, ͞You guys figured it out. Yougot your little bio-car, and there you go.͟ Additional interviews include the founders of the four major vegetable oilconversion kit companies, Greasecar, Greasel, Neoteric, and Frybrid, as they discuss the reality of vegetable oil as a fuel.The heat is felt in this political documentary as Americas energy consumption continues to grow. With gas prices on therise and the reality of global warming setting in, Greasy Rider points to vegetable oil as one part of the solution to ourenergy problems.http://www.goldenfuelsystems.comJOURNEY to FOREVERhttp://www.journeytoforever.orgThe Film: FUEL
  5. 5. FUEL is an insightful portrait of America͛s addiction to oil and an uplifting testament to the immediacy of new energysolutions. Director, Josh Tickell, a young activist, shuttles us on a whirlwind journey to track the rising domination of thepetrochemical industry Ͷ from Rockefeller͛s strategy to halt Ford͛s first ethanol cars to Vice President Cheneyspetrochemical company sponsored energy legislation Ͷ and reveals a gamut of available solutions to "repowerAmerica" Ͷ from vertical farms that occupy skyscrapers to algae facilities that turn wastewater into fuel.Tickell and a surprising array of environmentalists, policy makers, and entertainment notables take us through America͛scomplicated, often ignominious energy past and illuminate a hopeful, achievable future, where decentralized,sustainable living is not only possible, it͛s imperative.DVD : Biodiesel #2Filmed at the National Biodiesel Board Conference and Expo in Palm Springs, CA, this 45 minute video helps qualify theemissions benefits of biodiesel and illustrates how biodiesel can reduce cancerous diesel emissions.http://fryertofuel.comDVD: Biodiesel 101In this 45-minute presentation, biodiesel author Josh Tickell provides an economic, social and practical context forbiodiesel. "Biodiesel 101" goes deep into the technical world of the biodiesel production, showing how the fuel ischemically formed. This video also examines current data and trends within the biodiesel industry to illustrate growthpatterns and future potential.http://fryertofuel.comConvert GAS Cars to Plug-In ELECTRIC Autos http://www.evparts.com Convert It; by Michael Brown and Shari PrangeDVD: Convert It`Convert HYBRID Cars to Plug-In ELECTRIC Autos http://www.hybridconceptcars.com http://www.hybridconsortium.orghttp://www.energycs.comLOCAL Groups Supporting ELECTRIC AUTOmobiles http://www.greenvehicles.com
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