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Are you struggling with your social media marketing? Are you overwhelmed with the number of resources you need to build your social media strategy? Our Social Media Manager, Manal Assaad, aka The Manalyst, have done the research for you as part of her MBA thesis and summed up the key finding to building your social media marketing strategy in these few slides. Let us know how we can help you take advantage of this knowledge!

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Research

  1. 1. Social P r e pa r e d Manal Assaad b y: “The Manalyst”M e d i aMarketingS t r a t e g yResearch&Case Studies Social Media manager A t
  2. 2. So, you’re already usingsocial media to market your brand?! … Good!
  3. 3. But are you sure that … Right? what you’re doing is
  4. 4. We’ve researched what brands are doing; We’ve analyzed whatWe’ve heard the audiencewhat experts wants are saying;
  5. 5. Researched:1- Success and failure factors of brands and campaigns2- Forming necessary insights of the audience3- Expert advice on customized social media solutions And this is what we … Found:
  6. 6. All three indicated that no brand willsucceed without a soundSocial Media Marketing Strategy
  7. 7. Brand   Assessment   Measurement   Brand  Goals   &  Evalua4on  Social MarketingMedia Tac4cal   Strategy   Target   Audience   Strategy Model
  8. 8. Where am Inow?
  9. 9. 1st  Step   Brand A s s e s s m e n t Researching Designing a Observing Conducting Secondary Listening Other Internal Resources! Program! Brands! Scan! Internet Keywords! Internal! Competitors! Stats! Survey! Tools! Social Similar Front-linersʼ! Media Stats! Timing! Brands! Insights!
  10. 10. 1st  Step   Brand A s s e s s m e n t Case Study
  11. 11. 1st  Step   Brand A s s e s s m e n t Case Study Positive Negative
  12. 12. Where do Iwant to Go?
  13. 13. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Building Meaningful Relationships Gathering a number of likes & followers
  14. 14. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Case Example: Munch Bakery building relationships.Social media makes a brand accessible and approachable to a mass audience. Other businesses and individuals will have the opportunity to get to “know” it.
  15. 15. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Raising Awareness and Managing Public Relations Bombarding with Sales Messages and Over-promoting
  16. 16. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Case Example: Goody raising awareness about its products.Spread news and important information about your brand, or product to a broad audience who are likely to share it to their own networks.
  17. 17. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Building Customer Loyalty Making Quick –Unsustainable– Wins
  18. 18. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Case Example: Toyota Service building customer loyalty.Give consumers a reason to interact with your brand by offering promotions, coupons, or information. Make your network feel valued and they will value you.
  19. 19. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Establishing Trust Embellishing the Reality
  20. 20. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Case Example: AlMarai building trust.Share valuable information with your network that shows you are knowledgeable in your field and people will seek more information from you.
  21. 21. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Managing Your Reputation Hiding and Burying the Negatives
  22. 22. 2nd  Step   B r a n d G o a l s Case Example: Mikyajy managing its reputation.Hear what people are saying about your brand, and most importantly, let people know that they’re being heard.
  23. 23. Who am Igoing to?
  24. 24. 3rd  Step   Target A u d i e n c e Gender! Age! Interests! Online User Type!
  25. 25. 3rd  Step   Target A u d i e n c e Case StudySaudi Population on Social Networks:!•  Predominantly male, mature adults between 18 and 34,!•  Spend at least one hour a day on the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.!•  Have an average of 270 friends on their main social network!•  More likely to “Like” a brandʼs Facebook Page (52%), and follow it on Twitter (39%) than to Subscribe to its Youtube channel (15%).!•  5% are power brand advocates (liked 10+ brands on Facebook, 300+ friends, and share feedback about brands on social networks) !•  Prefer Lucky Draw and Text submission contest, although most of them donʼt participate in competitions but over half of them have voted to a friend in a competition.!•  Find advertising on social media useful.!•  Prefer interacting with brands via website/blog, email and social networks than over phone, physical site or mobile app.!
  26. 26. How am I going There?
  27. 27. 4th  Step   Tactical S t r a t e g y Tactical Strategy! Technical Strategy! Communication Strategy! Community ManagementSocial Networks Setup! Social Media Tools! Content Strategy! Strategy!
  28. 28. 4th  Step   Tactical S t r a t e g y Technical Strategy Tailor your social networks’ presence to your target audience
  29. 29. 4th  Step   Tactical S t r a t e g y Technical Strategy Research and adopt the most convenientSocial MediaManagement Systems (SMMS)
  30. 30. 4th  Step   Tactical S t r a t e g y Communication Strategy Video! Decide on the purpose and the Photo! Apps! Content type of content Strategy! you will use to communicate Text! your messages.
  31. 31. 4th  Step   Tactical S t r a t e g y Communication Strategy Conversa4on   Calendar   Investing in greatVoice   Growth   community Community   management is Management   Strategy   the key to the entire strategy’s success. Ac4vi4es   Modera4on   and  Events  
  32. 32. Did I Get There?
  33. 33. 5th  Step   Measurement & Evaluation Communication StrategyKPI  Scorecard   Measurement   Ac4vity  Report   Strategy  • Quan4ta4ve  vs.   Dashboard  (Tool)   • Overview  of   (Progress)   Qualita4ve   • KPI/Benchmarks   ac4vi4es   Evalua4on  • Goal-­‐relevant   vs.  Current   • Quan4ta4ve   • Top-­‐Management  • SN-­‐specific   Tracking   snapshots   • Progress  tracking  • Benchmark   • Measurement  &   • Qualita4ve   over  ARs.   monitoring  tools.   analysis   • New   • Learnings   opportuni4es/ • Periodic   Threats.  
  34. 34. need moredetails on Contact Us on:the research @X10SionAgencyor help with /X10SionAgencyyour brand’ssocial media?
  35. 35. Who are we?We are experienced left brain thinkers who love what we do. We help clients get morecustomers using traditional and non- traditional methods, high impact and highly targetedalternative marketing solutions.Our services:Experiential Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Sonic Media Marketing | Events &Exhibition | Product PackagingOur Clients:
  36. 36. T e s t i m o n i a l s