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X10 alex work out schedule

  1. 1. X10Alex WORK-OUT SCHEDULE<br />By Alex :D<br />
  2. 2. Rules<br />Always stretch bitch…VERY important. If you don’t stretch your performance will suck balls and you might get hurt.<br />Drink plenty of fucking water. If you don’t… you will most likely get raped by a big black man while you’re k.oed by lack of thirst.<br />If you’re doing heavy weights…Make sure you have a spotter watching you… If not lift weights you know you can lift! Cause you’re just gonna fuck up and disgrace your family.<br />
  3. 3. Rules<br />Eat! Healthy foods that gain weight! Don’t eat fucking chips! I see you eating fucking chips I will fucking beat your ass. You eat chips you’ll turn into a lazy fatass. Eat chips when you get the body OKAY? Fuck you.<br />Rest. Don’t overdue your workout. Take a 2-3 day rest. Then get back to it! So yeahh if you overdue it you’re just gonna look like a bitch and just disgrace your family. Okay let’s go to the routine.<br />
  4. 4. Monday<br />(Pro) 45 diamond push-ups. Beginners (Bitches)25 regular push-ups<br />(Pro) 80 Left2Right sit-ups. (Beginners) 40 sit-ups<br />(Pro) 20 pull-ups. (Beginners) 5-10 pull-ups<br />(Pro) 20 curls 30 pound dumbbells. (Beginners) Any dumbbell 20 curls.<br />Finish it off Push-ups and sit-ups as much as you can.<br />
  5. 5. Tuesday<br />Exact same thing push-ups and sit-ups<br />Jump rope as much as you possibly fucking can.<br />Shadow-boxing <br /> (When you’re pro)HandStandPush-ups Don’t GIVE UP! YOU DIRTY BITCH! GET SHIT DONE!<br />Dips as much weight as possible on your lap…<br />
  6. 6. Wednesday<br />Cardio day<br />Running help you get a 6-pack too believe it or not. So running like 1-2 miles is a must! Do no stop! I know that feeling when you haven’t ran in awhile and you feel that pain around your stomach but keep going! Only bitches stop… and you ain’t a bitch. RIGHT?!<br />Pushup and situps<br />
  7. 7. Thursday<br />If you don’t have these things at your house go to a local gym.<br /> (Pro) 200+ pound for bench. (Beginners) 120+ bench. (spotter is needed for benching). If you don’t have a spotter. Make sure you KNOW you can bench that weight!<br />(Pro) 200-300+ pound for squats. I personally hate squats. (Beginners) 100-200+ pounds for squats. Rep as much as you can for bench and squat.<br />
  8. 8. Friday<br />Crazy workout day<br />I personally look on Google and search for new exercises and try them out. If I like them I add them on my routine. Wednesday is for leg work-outs. So if you find a leg work-out you might want to try out look on Google and add it to your routine. This day is pretty much do any exercises you like day. Have fun. Bitch.<br />My favorite workout is fapping… works out the stamina… DO IT! FUCKER!!!<br />
  9. 9. Notes<br />Saturday and Sunday is rest days. Do whatever the fuck you want. If you feel like doing push-ups or sit-ups do it bitch. Watch T.V while doing push-ups. You may not see results right away. Patience is the key. Even though Alex is an impatient person and likes to get shit done. I know I’m wrong but hey FUCK YOU. I made working-out my passion. It was all for boxing. I just got bonuses from working-out like the body and sorts.<br />
  10. 10. Notes<br />Working-out takes dedication which most people lack. No matter what anyone says to you. Don’t mind them they’re asshoo’s! We live in a world of full of them. So don’t feel bad about your weight. You’re perfect the way you are! Then again… You can always upgrade :D and get that body haha :D. Don’t give up! Or else I will find you….. THANK YOU! For taking the time to read this ghetto ass Workout routine! Stay healthy!<br />
  11. 11. The end<br />The results of all this… Work hard…<br />Before After<br />Before<br />