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Work Experience Presentation


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Y10 presentation by a Driffield Student on working in a racing stables.

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Work Experience Presentation

  1. 1. P.T.Midgly's Racing yard and Racecourse. Jessica Wilkinson.
  2. 2. <ul><li>Many people think in racing all you have to do is ride the horses and its an easy job to do, but out of all the people I work with 89% of them say that this is the most tiring job they have do and its very hard work. </li></ul><ul><li>I have to be there at 6.45am and start mucking out, sorting out the racing colours and tack, getting the lorry ready, exercise the horses, ride about 13 horses a day round the gallops, feed, water, rug, triple check we have got everything for racing and load the horses. </li></ul>Working on the yard.
  3. 3. Set up of the barns, each barn hold up to 16 horses, and all together we have 9 barns! This is Cooper Man
  4. 4. When we have got back to the yard after racing or just riding on the yards gallops, we make sure every horse is bathed and clean ready for the next day to exercise them. It is really important the horses are not left with sweat still on them, as it can cause health problems for them.
  5. 5. Cooper Man Dr.Fong Sharpe Belline Sometimes when I go to muck out the horses, there laid down. Lazy if you ask me  Tired from racing 
  6. 6. Its really important to make sure the horses are in the lorry safely and ready to go in a calm mood. Many horses don’t like travelling but our horses are used to it and are great to load, unload and travel. Boshog just been racing at Thirsk, came in 2 nd  Heading for a bath now.
  7. 7. Everybody has there favourites! This is my favourite horse on the yard … Camatchio He is ALWAYS sticking his tongue out at people! He has a really cheeky attitude.
  8. 8. Also the horses can misbehave, rearing up and making holes in walls (top left), tipping up the barrows whilst your mucking out (bottom left) and opening the stable doors (right)!
  9. 9. When we turn the horses out into the field some of them like to go rather mad, like to buck, rear, spin, go mental. This is Warrior, he always drags you into the field when you lead him in, I’ve been dragged a few times! 
  10. 10. Unfortunately its not all good experiences at the yard, there are many accidents that happen, but a lot of them don’t involve racing. This in Senorita Lady, she kicked out in her stable and broke her Stifle (leg) .. This is showing how they x-ray a break or fracture on a horse, sadly she was put down, but it was the best thing for her.
  11. 11. The latest addition to the yard. PUPPIES!!
  12. 12. Paul Midgley's Racing yard