Online School Management System (OSMA) App


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Never worry about your website under construction again. Inform your users about updates and so much more with Online School Management System (OSMA)

Be interactive and ask us to build and customized your new school app, with Online School Management System (OSMA), please check out this presentation.

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Online School Management System (OSMA) App

  1. 1. WELCOME TO Presenting the “Revolution in Management”
  3. 3. Online Student Management System OSMA What is it ? • • • Minute observation of parents, students and teachers User friendly system Maintains security of data
  4. 4. Why Mobile? • FACT: Smartphone users are connecting with businesses in their local area, which means it influence purchase decision, it is use to search for information or to make certain actions. Source: Google The Mobile Movement "Understanding Smartphone Users," 2011
  5. 5. Why Mobile? • FACT: Great mobile experience would help market your business on the other hand, not having a mobile experience can lose you business. Source: Compuware, "What Users Want from Mobile,“ 2011
  6. 6. Mobile Industry There’s incredibly growing numbers and demand in mobile media. “When it comes to apps; the easy access, the help in planning and navigating tips and the ability to communicate in real time are what consumers want.” Source: Mobile Apps: What Consumers Really Need and Want A Global Study of Consumers’ Expectations and Experiences of Mobile It was pointed out by Gunther Ottendorfer, Optus Head of Networks; “it is apps and software -- not the device – that is defining consumer habits and behaviours on mobile phones.” Source: The mobile phone industry is growing at an incredible pace and is not slowing down By MITCHELL BINGEMANN Source:
  7. 7. Growing Numbers “Mobile is exploding. Everyday there are more smartphones activated than there are babies born in the world. This statistic was recorded in 2012 and the explosive growth of mobile has continued on a steady upward trajectory.” Source: Waracle. Article title: Mobile as megatrend and why desktop is dead Back in 2011 and in 2012, Android phones was at the top of the list. Followed by IPhone according to Nielsen.
  8. 8. Why use Online Student Management App (OSMA)?
  9. 9. Because it Focus on Teachers Management • • • • • • • • During Enrollment In Conducting Tests In Uploading Results In Monitoring Attendance Video Uploading Free themselves from records Faster awareness of child’s development Up-to date of Homework submission
  10. 10. STUDENTS BENEFIT: • Minute observation of parents to maintain the discipline among students • Helps students focus into their study • To see students’ growth • Track topics, and also possible to retrieve them back • For any competitive exam, students can get the link suggested by teachers and can take action
  11. 11. For Parents… • To Update with upcoming Tests • See Taught Chapters With Attendance • Evaluation And Growth Without any Mistakes • Hassle-free login • Can Go To galleries For Events And all Upcoming Events using Calendars. • Attendance alerts through SMS/Mails
  12. 12. Management Benefits • • • • • Updates of Daily Activities. Attendance Without the need to Register . Events Planning . Prompt Implementation Of Any Changes With Ease. Accessibility and Easy to Use (Mobile, Tablet, or Ipad)
  13. 13. Modules available in the system Modules
  14. 14. If we Don't Have Online School Management Application (OSMA)? • • • • We Will have to be Alert of Manual School Operation (Attendance , Events , Calculation of Evaluation ) Stuck with time Consuming Websites. The need Of pc. No updates Of child’s Attendance and academics to parents in real time.
  15. 15. What are Needed For operation? • • • We Provide –Tablet For Each Teachers. Wi-fi Connection Inside School Campus. We Provide Online Technical Support For System 24/7
  16. 16. We Provide Our Services Into The Following Technologies: • • Android IPhone • • • IPad Tablets Online Website
  17. 17. CONTACT US NOW Mail id : Phone number:+639088976423