Complere final


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Complere final

  1. 1. Ah, I awake to another day within the kingdom of true happiness. The Sun rises in the night sky to bask us all in its cold glow of happiness.
  2. 2. Oh but it appears that I have run out of happiness tokens for the magician. I must use my blade Oh no I can see happiness of the cheerful to draining from this world, as hunt down an angry a Crusader for Justice, I troll and bring it to must return to the magician happiness in order to obtain more happiness. to obtain happiness tokens.
  3. 3. It appears I have found a troll of anger pretending to be a normal citizen of this wonderful kingdom. Although I can see his true colours, his true nature, the way he is a threat to all that is happy and good, I must smite him.
  4. 4. Ah, excellent it appears this demon has noticed me and he best prepare for battle lest he flee like the coward all those who appose happi- ‘I am crusader for justice, I vow to abolish ness are forever condemned to be. all those of impure essence whether the cost for this be another's life or my own.’
  5. 5. The more he tried to hide The beast began to flee, yelling, his anger with an innocent ’please have mercy, I have done face, the more I began to nothing wrong.’ although I knew see the extent of his rage. this creature deserved no mercy from a true crusader.
  6. 6. The troll stumbled to the ground begging for mercy, I could see that he was at he was weakened as his anger had turned to fear. So I took the oppor- tunity as a blessing and rose my blade with the glory of the kingdom. I brought my blade down upon him with a magical flurry that would have made the magician proud to have such a crusader in his kingdom
  7. 7. My cheerful blade, while plunged into his torso, rid him of all his magical angry taint and replaced it with a glowing happi- ness to last as colour were shooting out of him. It even seemed as if he was couching up a red happiness from his mouth.
  8. 8. I knew the new citizen of this kingdom would be grateful to me from releasing him from his taints that I decided to retrieve the happiness tokens I had so perused from the dawn of this day. With tokens in hand I began my journey up to the magicians sanctuary to be rewarded some new happiness.
  9. 9. There the magician was waiting and upon my arrival called to me, ‘WELCOME.’ I felt honoured mealy to be in his presence as he stood atop this Kingdom as a divine ruler and a rival to anger and evil alike.
  10. 10. I handed him my happiness tokens as I could see a smile appearing on his face. These tokens must truly be of value to him and in turn, the kingdom to give him such a happy glow. In turn the magician handed me my dose of happiness for the day, so I can see the world in its true colours and defend this kingdom against the troll residing within the kingdom of anger.
  11. 11. With a dose of happiness now in my hands I decided continue with my duty and proceed with the ritual of happiness. As the happiness flowed through my arm and to my head I felt truly alive, I felt like nothing, not even a troll of greed could take these feelings away. Although I was beginning to feel a little to happy and could feel as if something was going wrong…..
  12. 12. Dreadfully wrong….. I didn't understand, at first I had happiness but now I have this object in my arm filling me with some kind of taint. I started to feel all sorts of emotions from happiness to sadness, pity to jealousy and It was be- ginning to make me feel sick.
  13. 13. I could see flashes of evil trolls trying to ma- nipulate the minds of others. I could see flashes of corpses lay there as if they were screaming just before the last of there life was taken from them. I didn't know what to do. I had to go see the magician, only he could save me.
  14. 14. Although for another visit to the magician I would need more tokens of happiness, I could feel my heart pounding viciously as I saw a troll and knew what I must do, be- fore anything offcourse I chanted the sa- cred vow. ‘I’M CRUSADER……… JUSTICE…. VOW TO ABOLISH… IMPURE ESSENCE…. COST FOR THIS… ANOTHERS LIFE.’ It was less than perfect but I believe it sure came close.
  16. 16. ‘But…..wait, huh? That feeling is ‘Although… She wasn't a troll, there fading, I can see clearly, what..? Its are no such thing as trolls.’ night time.’ ‘My head, it hurts and my…. ‘So that means these past few weeks My memories are all hazy…..’ I've been…………….’
  17. 17. ‘OH GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!’
  18. 18. ‘I've killed some of those closest to me…’
  19. 19. ‘This all started back then as just something new to try out.’ ‘And the man called the magician… was just some junkie.’
  20. 20. ‘Well there's only one thing left for me now.’ ‘To hope whatever's on the other side will accept me after what I've done.’
  21. 21. ‘I am crusader for justice, I vow to abolish all those of impure essence.’ ‘Whether the cost for this be another's life or my own….’
  22. 22. ‘Who would’ve thought, hell is nothing but a big drug addiction support group.’