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Wulian smart home is the only one company in the world who can supply a whole set of ZigBee wireless smart home products and solutions. As participant of ZigBee Alliance and ZigBee Alliance China Regional Headquarter Company. We have promoted more than 70 series ZigBee smart home products and keep R&D with 3 new products per month to our end-user.

Wulian smart home already developed more than 7000 distributors in China domestic market and 35 countries's distributors on overseas market.

And Wulian is looking for partner distributor who possess good technical background, distribution power and capital ability globally.

Wulian Smart Home Automation Solutions

  1. 1. Bathroom/Laundry/Balc ony Practical, cozy, safe Study Room Kitchen and Dinning hall Wireless wiring, cozy lights. Ensure normal and safe application of all the appliances to create romantic dinner time. Bedroom Auto on/off curtain, auto play music, smart AC, friendly lighting brightness Living room Entrance and Hallway All you need to do is press mobile keypad to see not only door is open but also music, lights and AC get started. Garden With fresh atmosphere, lights, curtain, sound and imaging equipments can get started, closed or adjusted casually as our wish. Lighting devices, security devices are convenient and safe
  2. 2. Entrance and hallway of the residence > Entering house without keys Opening the lock remotely is not something new, so why not open the door like that? Keyless entry system of Wulian Smart home brings you a whole new experience. Do some simple operations in your phone to have the door opened and meanwhile trigger other functions to start such as music, lights, and air conditioning.
  3. 3. Entrance and hallway of the residence > Switch is “laid off” When you are back home, “Home” mode of the control terminal like smart phone could be launched, then electrical devices like light, air-condition, sound system controlled by smart control system can be turned on automatically with preset brightness, temperature, volume etc.. When you leave home, “Away” mode preset can be launched via terminal devices, then all the appliances can be turned off and security system is launched at the same time.
  4. 4. Entrance and hallway of the residence > Video Call Door bell rings and guest comes! What should you do if you are far away from the gate? It is simple! Pick up your mobile phone! It has already received the message from the system prompting the visitors. You can know the customer information completely via wireless video call and open the door for them by your smart phone.
  5. 5. Entrance and hallway of the residence > Safety guard for your home Wulian smart home builds the first line of defense in safety for your outdoor area. It can turn on the lights automatically for visitors and expel the intruders at night. And, combining with dimmer switch, it can adjust the light brightness, sensitivity and switching time.
  6. 6. Living Room > Smart Fire Fighting It is inevitable that someone may smoke in the party or at your home, Wulian smart fire fighting system can detect smoke concentration in the air at any time and send out alarm in time, which ensures the safety for your families and friends. Moreover, it has smoke collector built-in which prevents false alarm caused by dust frog. When air temperature exceeds 65 ℃, temperature sensor can send out alarm. Double insurance makes your life more safe and reassured.
  7. 7. Living Room > One-key Start Mode In the past, each electrical equipment has a controller, various controllers dazzled you and tidiness of your living room will be affected. With Wulian smart home system, you just need a remote controller, tablet or even a mobile phone, all the appliance can be easily controlled. Curtain closes slowly; TV, sound system and air-condition launches one by one… What you need to do is enjoying the leisure time!
  8. 8. Living Room > Enjoy Fresh Air Maybe you are an office worker, all the house windows and doors are almost locked during your office time. Air quality becomes a headache problem for lots of people. Now we can detect CO2 concentration in the air at any time for you. Using ZigBee technology, at the same time, connecting with air-condition and ventilator etc, you can enjoy a perfect air quality at any time.
  9. 9. Kitchen and Dining Hall > Make your life easier and faster Diversified electrical appliances in kitchen need different sockets. Now our products can load many electrical appliances. Meanwhile, its wireless technology makes the decoration elegant and beautiful at maximum.
  10. 10. Kitchen and Dining Hall > Different visual enjoyment At friends’ party, lovers’ date, family reunion, Wulian intelligent design can adjust light brightness of the dining hall and give you a different atmosphere!
  11. 11. Kitchen and Dining Hall > Guard you at any moment Making delicious food for your families is an enjoying process. Now, more and more families use natural gas to cook. It is known to all that natural gas may catch on fire easily once it meets naked flame. Let Wulian guard you when you’re cooking. Inflammable gas detector can detect natural gas density in kitchen in real time. Once the safety threshold value is 16 exceeded, detector can send out alarm signals.
  12. 12. Bedroom > Enjoy the fresh air at any moment Wulian smart home solution can detect indoor carbon dioxide concentration in real time and launch ventilation system automatically to purify indoor air quality. Human body is sensitive to indoor temperature and humidity, smart home system can automatically open or close air condition and humidifier according to the indoor temperature and humidity coefficient so as to bring a 17 good sleeping environment for you.
  13. 13. Bedroom > Intimate design, Control the atmosphere easily Even in the bedroom, you can still turn off all the lighting and electrical equipment in the house. Moreover, the switch with LED light is more suitable for confirming the direction at night. Wireless Dimmer Switch is suitable for adjusting bedroom atmosphere. The dimmer with IR remote control button can easily meet your demands on bedroom lights. Equipped with remote controller, you can turn off the light 18 by no need of leaving the bed after you read the books.
  14. 14. Bedroom > Practical and tidy Normal electrical connection at anytime and anywhere is guaranteed. Moreover, it can load various electrical appliances. And, wireless technology makes your bedroom refreshing and brings you a nice mood. 19
  15. 15. Bedroom > Smart curtain to ensure ultimate privacy You can control the electrical curtain easily with a swipe in your phone, giving you a space of your own. 20
  16. 16. Bedroom > Walk freely at night Wulian smart home system has intimate “good night” scene mode. It can turn off the lights in bedroom and adjust the lights in dark aisle or washroom when you go to bed. It can guide the road for you at night, moreover, it can save the energy for you greatly. 21
  17. 17. Study Room > Create perfect light effect It is a perfect choice for any study room as it can control the lights and create an excellent working environment at any moment for you. 22
  18. 18. Study Room > Stable electrical connection Wireless prewired technologies applied, it can be installed at a convenient place, all the things in your study room looks in a good order. 23
  19. 19. Bathroom/Laundry/Balcony > Make effective and convenient life In modern society, too many electrical equipments are required in bathroom and laundry room. Wulian smart home system ensure you sufficient power port. Meanwhile, built-in automatic power-off device makes you free from worrying about the dangers caused by moist circumstances of the bathroom and laundry. 24
  20. 20. Bathroom/Laundry/Balcony > Comfortable bathing environment Through setup, it can delay the closure of the exhaust fan and meet ventilating needs in moist space. Meanwhile, it can reduce the waste caused by your forgetting of turning off the electrical equipment. 25
  21. 21. Bathroom/Laundry/Balcony > Free your hand Hold the laundry basket by one hand, open the door and light by another hand, you still need to watch the road, it is really test your balancing ability. You don’t need to open the door like that in the future, because wireless IR motion detector can help you. It can perceive the infrared ray sent out from human body and turn on the light for you in an instant. 26
  22. 22. Bathroom/Laundry/Balcony > Humanized Design If there are old people and children in your family, you can install an emergency alarm device in the bathroom. If they fall suddenly and press the emergency button at the time, you will receive alarm signals and take corresponding safety precautions. 27
  23. 23. Garden > Meticulous care for plants Busy life leaves you no time to take care of the plants at home. Now, Wulian comes to help. Brandnew intelligentized design allows you to set watering time and quantity. Even you are thousands of miles away from home, the water valve on the lawn and balcony can also open automatically according to your preset value, super practical. 28
  24. 24. Garden > Intelligentized lighting control Combining with related sensors, light on/off will be under control automatically to light up your outdoor road. It can detect the brightness and turn on automatically to meet the practical needs. There is no need for you to re-program the procedure to adapt the change of the season. 29
  25. 25. 30