Assignment one


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Assignment one

  1. 1. Last update: 2014.3.3 Zhao Wenbin Chen Cheng Wu Tianyi Xu Yihua Zhu Ruoyu Zuo Xingyuan
  2. 2. Target Market • Mainland students who will come to Hong Kong for undergraduate/postgraduate studies. 1
  3. 3. Problem definition Every year, lots of Mainland China students apply for the universities in Hong Kong. After receiving the admission, many of them are faced with the problem of finding roommates to share an apartment in Hong Kong as universities dormitories are quite limited and the cost of house rent in Hong Kong is pretty high. 2
  4. 4. Problem definition Small private room and limited public space can easily lead to strained relationship between roommates. If roommates don’t fit each other well, conflicts may happens. And it will greatly influence their life-quality and study conditions. 3
  5. 5. Project objective This project aims at helping Mainland China students find suitable roommates according to their personality, life style and other daily issues. We hope we can create a platform to facilitate the roommate-matching process and help these students prepare themselves well before going to Hong Kong. 4
  6. 6. User segmentation • After doing user research, we found that user behavior varies according to the starting time he/she decides to find a roommate/ house. So we concluded 5 typical user types by the starting time. 5 From Feb From May From Jun From Jul From Aug Deadline: Sep
  7. 7. 5 Types of Persona Wendy Eric Monica Mary Lenard 6
  8. 8. Wendy “I received my offer very early (January, 2013 ). So I have abundant of time to find a roommate. Since I’m not hurry, I can take my time to join different QQ groups and Douban groups to meet my future schoolmates or classmates. I also leave my personal information on so other students can contact me directly. I want to make friends first. Given a time I can find the one that fit me well. Then I can consider she to be my roommates.” 2014 CUHK MA in Art Starting time: Feb 7
  9. 9. I get connected to a CUHK student who is going to graduate this year, and I decided to take over her apartment. Since the apartment do not require full year payments, I paid 1 month rent first as earnest money in May, and decided to sign the apartment in July. Roommate relationship matters a lot to my life quality in Hong Kong. Since I already got the apartment, I have plenty of time to choose a good roommate. I post detailed information about the apartment and also my requirements of the roommates on I left my email and QQ to let people contact me. Monica 8 2014 CUHK MA in Communication Starting time: May
  10. 10. I start to find roommates in early June like many students else. My buddy in high school has already be my first roommate. Both of us are easy-going, we just want to find other two friendly guys. I love to plan. As there still plenty of time, we would like to go to Hong Kong in mid June to find an ideal flat ourselves. So we wish our future roommates can go with us together then we can make a quick decision. I post our plan on Gter and QQ groups hoping to get some one’s reply. Eric 9 2014 PolyU Master of Engineering Starting time: Jun
  11. 11. 10 2014 HKBU Master of Language Starting time: Jul I am lucky enough to find two roommates and a desired apartment through social media and forum in July. It seems that after viewing the house and paying the rental, everything will be settled. Unfortunately, one of my roommates stands me up and leave without any message. I try to connect but cannot reach her. I feel annoyed, sad and anxious. Considering the annual rental fee is a big deal of money, I need to find another roommate to sign the apartment ASAP. Mary
  12. 12. “I kind of have procrastination.I receive my offer very early (late December, 2012), but I did not look for roommates or apartment until August. I am now quite worried about that. Now my only wish is to find a place to live and several roommates that are OK to live with. ” Lenard 2014 HKUST Master of Material Science Starting time: Aug 11
  13. 13. Target user for Roomie v1.0 • Since this website will launch on Apr, we mainly focus on students who ready to find roommates before/ on Apr. • Early adopters: like Wendy and Monica 12 Wendy Monica
  14. 14. Customer journey of Lenard--before Early August Mid August Late August Before school attendance Control Realized it was time to look for roommates and apartment but have no idea where to find them. Mood: relaxed and happy Cannot find a roommate or an apartment himself online or offline due to the late timing. Mood: a litter anxious but still have slow moves. Ask for help from friends and relatives Mood: anxious Find three locals and have no other choices. Mood: happy
  15. 15. Customer journey of Lenard--after Early June Mid June Late June July Mid July When it is about the time to look for apartment, the app will push info. to remind him. He may have realized to look for roommates in the early June. Mood: happy and relaxed Find roommates on Roomie. Or ignore the info. Go to see the apartment found on Roomie together with roommates. Sign the contract. Or still do not take actions. Enjoy the summer holiday. Or find it is a little late to find a ideal roommate. Enjoy the summer holiday. Look for roommates on Roomie and join people who have already have the apartment. Have the choice of selecting roommates even it is very late.
  16. 16. Storyboard 15
  17. 17. Site map Homepage News Profile Search Message VIP Contact Edit Profile Fill in Requirement Search Results Contact Outbox Inbox Log in RecommendRegister Basic Information Agreement 16
  18. 18. Wireframe-home page 17
  19. 19. Wireframe-search results 18
  20. 20. Wireframe-personal page 19
  21. 21. 2×2 matrix: time spend VS. money spend 20
  22. 22. 2×2 matrix: informative VS. social 21
  23. 23. Free user Advertiser and marketer Pay user Same-side network effects Same-side network effects Website, App, Wechat Ads page Website, App, Wechat Fundamental service Display ADs Premium service Platform development Data center operations management Student Union University Agencies Data processor Content provider Roomie platform Website Product development General administration Web hosting cost Free AD revenue Payment revenue Business model
  24. 24. Thank you! 23